Recompense – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

February 3, 2019

Recompense. I say again recompense. Woe be unto America. I grow weary with warning an obstinate generation whom has rejected me. You know not what you have done. In my love, Grace and mercy I have warned. I have poured out my spirit and your sons and daughters have received dreams and visions. I have annointed my little ones in diapers to my souls in their latter years on earth whom I have risen up early and sent late to prophecy. I have grown weary with the sin. The defiance. There is much you do not know. I call all men to repent. I AM risen in my fury and in my justice. My rod of correction is drawn and with it I have struck the nations. Men have gone mad. Yet so few notice. My final generation has rejected me. You can not fathom my sorrow and anger. I wept and wept from the rejection I have received in America. Many walk on oblivious to all that has occurred, is occurring and what is soon to occur. The Battle rages in heaven and the earth has sipped but a drop from the cup of my fury. It is coming. Lo, is here, recompense. I AM not for America. I AM not for you oh nation of pride , deception, war, and bloodshed that has rejected me. You despise me. Oh yea you do. I desire mercy. I shed all my blood upon the tree, Yea the cross. What a price I paid. How then do you think I feel to be rejected again? I see sin so rampant in the earth. Defiance and ignorance roam and spread as an angry fire. My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. There are those who acknowledge me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. Repent I say unto you. You who live in sin and say ” Jesus, Jesus…The Lord is good.” Ye know me, the Holy one not. Do you know what is acceptable and pleasing in my sight? I know all. I see all. I look at the lives of many today and though they profess my name with their lips, their lives reflect the truth. They know me not. I the LORD do not change. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. Do not be decieved. What a man, a nation sows shall be reaped. I offer forgiveness, Grace and mercy. It is my will that is done and shall be accomplished in the earth alone as it is in heaven. So many are deceived. Yes I AM grieved. Many have no desire to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow me. The narrow way is found by only a few. In my mercy for humanity I have saved those whom are truly lost. I have answered the prayers of my faithful few for the salvation of their loved ones. I AM in severe pain in this last hour. My anger is fierce. My fire is scorching and shall melt away all that stands defiant of me in this hour. I have wept for America. America will weep for me. The nation will mourn for the atrocity committed upon the soil. All is not well. Far from well. It is well for those whom remain in me. Who are awake, looking, watching and waiting. For all who have blown the trumpet warning of the hour in which has come. With you I AM well pleased and the blood is not on your hands. Great are your rewards. I know many of you are in pain. I have heard your prayers. I have seen your tears and I will heal you. America grieves me to my core. I weep and am wrathful to the shedding of innocent blood yet to a nation that has rejected me it is my exposure and my judgement. All nations whom forget me ( God) are turned into hell. America has rejected God. Yet today many Americans will flock to watch the ” big game” and sit comfortably numb and unconcerned, unmoved that the soil you trod on has rejected me. I swear by myself America because you have rejected me, robbed me and denied me you will not like what is to befall you. Vengance is mine I will repay. I extended my mercy to you. I say until you accept me now or face my fury that will sweep through this abomination called America. The darkness increases yet my light shines on without hindrance. I increase the darkness upon your nation. It grows very dark. The dark night of betrayal has arrived, behold torches if fire, a friend turned for hungry for mammon has lifted his heel against there and thy blood shed shall be seen by all. Woe unto you America. I have vomited ye out. You grieve and repulse me. Blind, wretched, naked and exposed ye are. Woe unto the nation who rejected Jesus Christ. From the East to the west shall the fire rage. My glory shall be seen by all. Those who are against me in this final hour will suffer greatly. I will show mercy yet my justice is met. You can not reject and blaspheme me without dire consequences. Ye have shown me whom ye love. It is not me. I will show this horrid nation my end time revelation of it all. Weep and wail America as I have. I was with thee America. You wanted no parts with me as I truly AM . I change for no man. I AM that I AM. In my love, I hung in your place upon the cross, my life poured out my Holy blood flowing in rivers of mercy. Healing yet you reject me. So be it. Recompense. I AM come I AM coming. I AM in the midst of thee. Clouds. GLORY. A wedding banquet.

Jesus Christ

Hosea 4:6 King James Version (KJV)
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children


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