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Recipients of the Strong Delusion – LynL

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Recipients of the Strong Delusion

September 29, 2023 11:33 AM


What do you see? Are you able to see past the strong delusion? Are you able to ascertain what is truly happening around you, in the world and in the heavenlies? Did I Am give you a strong delusion because you wanted to believe the lies? Or are you able to comprehend the truth from the lies? Are you able to see what is actually occurring verses what you are being told? The strong delusion will be lifted, at some point, and the masses will wake-up to the true reality. Some will not be able to handle the abrupt truths, that have been hidden for such a long time. In some cases, sanity will barely hang on, to the weak.
Truth, when hidden, becomes a delusion. The belief in a lie, becomes a truth, to one who does not know better and cannot perceive.
I have given the truth to those children who wanted only truth. Those who went out of their way to find the truth, uncover the truth. Those who believed the media lies, heard the “truths” they wanted to hear, therefore became the recipient of the “strong delusion”.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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