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August 2, 2022 11:35 AM
Angela Lynne


*** Received during 5am prayer time May 4th, 2022 ~ Released May 5th ***

I have more pressing matters to speak to you on. (I had to pray in tongues a bit and worship ) Daughter, nukes are being prepared NOW. My messages are never to bring fear, but to prepare MY people. Yes the time is much later than people realize. This is a very important matter I want to share with you to share on your channel. WAR.. WAR is coming to your shores. the enemy is already within your gates. They have been for a long time and MY people know this. If they are not prepared with food, water & basic supplies they will suffer in this time. Them and their families. Yes I can and will multiple in this time, but very few have the faith to allow me to do this. Many will be in fear and panic. this is not MY will GREAT CATASTROPHES GREAT CALAMITIES GREAT FAMINE GREAT WAR BUT I WILL PROTECT MY OWN Ask My people this. Are you truly mine? Are you abiding in ME? Are you obeying My Word? Lay down your traditions of men. Come back to MY Ancient Paths. Seek ME and immerse yourself in MY WORD. Let me transform your mind. Why do so many fight me on this? 🙁 Wisdom.. Great Wisdom I have for you. Living waters that you thirst not and bread from Heaven. My daughter is fasting now from all food and drink but I AM sustaining her. Follow her example. Just give me 24 hours. Please do this during your 7 days you have dedicated at least 30 mins to ME each day at a set time. I want to pour out and into you. Overflowing to help strengthen you for the times ahead. The people of America will suffer just as much as other countries have. It is right around the corner. My word is truth and will be fulfilled. All will reap what they have sown. That is all for now. Tell MY people to seek ME NOW I’ve had MY prophets and watchman warning for a long time now. Over a decade. Many I have in resting now as I rise up the next batch of MY End Time Prophets. Heed My Words, warnings and instructions this is not Angela’s words They are mine The Great I AM Who was and is and is to come Ruler of the Universe YAHUSHUA Jesus the Messiah **Share Jim’s discernment’s with this word. Let people know you will do so at the end of MY word. Thank you daughter for your service Love Abba

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