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Ready the Way of The Lord

Dec 21, 2019 5:06 PM

I have been hearing this beautiful song ‘Ready The Way’ in my spirit. I believe this song (below) is pointing to this message received on 12.21.19.

I came to save the world so that all might know Me – and the Father through Me. So too will the world know who I am through you and through My children who hear My voice. You must walk in My ways. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life. Take up your cross – come follow Me! I call to My sheep to rise up! The world will undergo a transformation as will My sheep. There will be a GREAT Purging which will usher in a GREAT Harvest in those days.

Prepare for what is to come. Much persecution, much suffering such as the world has not seen. But I will lead the way if you open your hearts and minds to Me! I am the Good Shepherd who saves. I gather My sheep before Me for the great task at hand!

The harvest is here! The angels go forth to separate the wheat from the tare, the sheep from the goat . Be ready My children to work the harvest to bring the lost into My heavenly kingdom! Get filled with My Word, gird yourselves with My Father’s armor for you will need it in the dark days ahead. Be strong, be vigilant! Many are asleep but will awaken soon as the whole world will awaken whence the destruction and devastation of your world begins. This must needs be done swiftly for the day and the hour are at hand!

Rise up oh sheep! Rise up My church for we must be about My Father’s business! A transformation will begin soon among the elect. They will be given power on high to manifest to the world My presence. They will be My hands, they will be My feet. When they speak, an annointing will fall upon them for a season. It is harvest time! The hour is here! Feed My sheep!. Look to Me My children in the clouds of glory for I come!

Your heavenly King Jesus


Ruach HaKodesh

The One who Saves is coming, riding upon the clouds of glory!

Be ready to receive Him!
SEEK Me and you will FIND Me!

Ready The Way
by Curtis Stephan

Ready the way, ready the way
Ready the way of the Lord
Ready the way, ready the way
Ready the way of the Lord

Make straight the road
Raise the valleys, and mountains make low
Turning from sin, let the broken be whole
And ready the way of the Lord

As we wait for you
Give us the strength to walk in your truth
So we may love more like you
And ready the way for you, Lord

Let us see your face
In our hearts we prepare a place
Come bring this world
Your Mercy and Grace
As we ready the way for you, Lord.


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