Ready or Not Here it Comes. I Wait for No Man – Holy Spirit Wind

Ready or Not Here it Comes. I Wait for No Man – Holy Spirit Wind

Received 9-7 and 9-8-18

On the morning 0f 9-7-18 between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. in my prayer time, I was crying out to the Lord very intensly and without any reservation, because of the urgency that I feel in my spirit. He said to me “Ready or not here it comes.” Later that day He said to me “I wait for no man.” The Lord also told me that I needed to fast, starting after dinner time that night and that He will tell me when to stop. I want to say here, that I do normally fast and actually it has been September of 2015 since I can remember fasting for more than 1 day. That’s when He began to give me prophetic messages to share with the world. He also instructed me not to post anything on Whistleblower Jeff over the weekend unless He tells me specifically to do so.

On the morning of 9-8-18 the Lord instructed me to post one warning message from Bette Stevens and one dream from Marty Breeden ( I was sent this from Marty which he had never done before.) I then went into worship and prayer time and the Lord gave me an interpretation for Marty’s dream which does not normally happen. (You can read the interpretation in the comment section of the link posted above.) During this time I cried out fervently to the Lord, on my face with tears for about 2 hours. Then He instructed me to get up and ready some of my “preps” that I have been gathering and got 2 back-packs ready and filled with survival necessities with the help of my wife. The Lord then directed me to post a word from Him given to Godshealer7, A warning about hurricane Florence and Breaking news about Idlib, Syria by Steven BenNun. Then the Lord had me spend more time with Him in prayer and worship, once again on my face and in tears.

The Lord then instructed me to write out what He has led me do the last 2 days so that His people can understand exactly what He is trying to convey to them. I asked Him if He would have me write a message to His people and He said “Yes”, so here is what the Holy Spirit is saying.

“Ready or not here it comes. I wait for no man. I have given My prophets, watchmen, seers and dreamers millions of warnings to this generation and the warning time is all but over. Some have been awakened by these warnings but most are either too caught up in the world around them to even listen or they listen and reject the warnings. Many scoff and mock saying the things you warn about will never happen or that it will happen in the distant future, not now. But I YHVH Elohim, says to you this day that the time is NOW! THIS IS IT!

The calamities and destruction that I have warned you about are beginning to come to pass and will continue to come to pass with ever increasing force and velocity until the end. I have foretold of these things so that you will not be fear, but be prepared. The kick-off event will awaken many of those who were watching for Me but had fallen asleep when it becomes reality in the physical realm. Many were seduced by the lying spirits of the false prophets, who speak of peace and safety but do not warn of the sudden destruction that follows. The oil in your lamps must be lit to be able to find your way along the narrow path that leads to Me, I AM the door. You must be on fire for Me! Although I am loving, merciful, long-suffering and understanding, the time will come when no more will enter in to Me. If you know Me intimately, you will obey Me and keep My commandments.

Yes, the things warned about are now becoming your physical reality but I long for you to have a different spiritual reality with Me. You must overcome and put your fleshly ways to death! Come into the secret place of the Most High, behind the veil, in My throne room, worshipping and listening at My feet. The enemy cannot enter here! This is where you will receive your final instructions during the end of days. For your devices, phones, computers and the internet will soon cease to function as they do today. When these things are taken away My children will seek Me more than they do today, they are a stumbling block to most. I say to you My people, seek My voice until you hear it and don’t give up. Many of you still have not learned how to hear My voice, even though I speak to you constantly. I speak most often to your spirit, in a still small voice but to hear you must be in the Spirit, which is where the secret place of the Most High is. Sometimes I speak to the soul which is louder and easier to hear. Very few are the times that I speak so a physical hear can hear Me but it does happen and will happen when I choose it to.

Remember, without faith it is impossible to please Me and it takes no faith to hear an audible voice. When your faith is used more faith is given. At the very end, when the veil between the physical and the spiritual realms is completely gone, men will hear My audible voice and they will curse Me because of the judgments that I have brought onto the earth. I bring the judgments upon them so that they repent but most will not and they will harden their hearts even more towards Me and shake their fists and wail cries of bitter hatred toward Me. Some will repent and cry out with all of their hearts for mercy and their spirit will be saved, even though their earthly lives are taken.

My children, I love you all and I want you all to be with Me here where I AM. I want you to behold Me in all of My glory and splendor. This is the revealing, the apocalypse. My remnant/bride will be like Me when they see Me as I AM. My revealing is only horrible and dreadful to those who are of their father Satan, for they will burn in My intense light, for ALL darkness will be eradicated. There must be no darkness found in you, get rid of all sin now! I alone can make you holy as I am holy. Apply My blood to cleanse and purify you. Put on My robe of righteousness and do not defile it. Put on the full armor of God that you may be able to stand and fight in the evil day the enemy with the sword, which is the rhema, living word of God.



Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach”

Jeff Byerly on September 8, 2018


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