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Read My Word! Know My Word! – Cherrie Archer

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Read My Word! Know My Word!

FEBRUARY, 2024, 12:01 PM
Cherrie Archer

2-21-24 8:25am


How many truly know My word?

How many actually read My word?

Does man possess discernment? Does he know My word well enough to know when My word has been changed, tampered with, distorted, twisted into a new religion, sold to man by the enemy of mans soul.

Dropping words from My word will surely bring judgement to all who participate.

My word was locked in a vault and read by only a few in the beginning.

Men died to get My word out to others so that man would know the truth and it would set him free, from the twisting of My word, that caused man to be in a word prison. As man was told what My Holy Word said but common man was not allowed to read it for himself.

Man got rich off the backs of the poor as the poor were made to pay physical money they did not have to buy their loved one a place in heaven.

My word tells to repent of sin. Turn from mans wicked ways and man will be saved.

The evil one always adds to My word or takes away from My word.

I tell you this, there comes a time man will not be able to find My word. My word MUST be buried in the hearts of man.

I send man this warning. The time comes swiftly that the technology of the day will replace My Holy word.

Even now man reaches for his I pad or phone to read My word or listen to it. Never thinking that technology is ruining mans eyes. There is always an ulterior motive around those things the evil one gives man.

Children given phones to occupy them become uncontrollable when this demon box is taken from them. Only focusing on those things close up. They can not ‘see’ those wishing to attack.

The destruction of man continues in his arrogance, believing nothing can hurt him. While all along the evil one has crept in with enticing gifts to destroy.

Mans need for power drives him into the evil ones hands corrupting the soul of man. It has always been that way, even from the garden.

Mans enemy the Devil knows this and promises power to those who follow him. Look around and see the truth, it is all around you.

Those in power positions at churches twist My word to suit their need.

Those seeking power fall under the spell of drugs, the promise of a fabulous career, only to find themselves in a spiderweb of deceit.

Man wrestles not with flesh and blood but with darkness that wishes to destroy him.

Read My Word! Know My Word!

This is mans sword in the coming days. Learn My Word! Use My Word! The battle is on for souls who do not heed My word.



Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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