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Re: Questions for my flock – Warning from above – Roxanne Need books? God’s got books!

June 12, 2024 10:50 AM

God’s USB Stick: https://k00.fr/s0jlgrv9

Greetings All,

In regards to sister servant Roxanne’s prophetic message “Questions for my flock – Warning from above”, you have a family of equipped believers, and stern studiers of All of God’s Word with you now standing hand in hand. If you want to look at, peruse, read or download any of the hidden gospels, forgotten gospels, lost books of the Bible, apocryphal books, targumims and ancient manuscripts, you can find them at your disposal within the kiosk of God’s USB Stick.
I urge you to sincerely pray for spiritual wisdom, insight, and truth as you read these hidden mysteries of His Word. It would be best to read them along side the KJV, or along side one of the different translations of which ever manuscript your choose to read, for detail and significant truths have been lost in translation. Pray for discernment as you are now starting to attend college. As indicated in one manuscript, you are about to go to the school of Shem (Melchizedek). He was born pre-flood and had an extremely long life span in comparison to anyone born post flood. Do not go straight to Calculus 5, start with simple math.

Some will say “stick with only this version of X, or that version of Y, or only this book of Yada Yada. If you do so, you are limiting what the Holy Spirit can identify within them as truth. If I told you that Jesus had dealings with many of his disciples, healing them when they were children and babes, even Judas, while He was yet a child or a babe, you may not believe me unless you were given the prompting from the message given by sister servant Roxanne. There are Greek, Latin, Syriac, Ethiopic, and Slavonic version of many ancient manuscripts of which you will need to compare/read them side by side to see what gems and hidden treasures are found inside His Word. Proverbs 25:2.

Many of the translated manuscripts and writings have footnotes and commentaries from the theologian translating them referencing other manuscripts and historical books expounding upon the validity of the document presented. I advise you refer to them amidst the readings. Some of the referenced books will be in another language, and unless you can read that language, stick with the English versions that have been provided. There are currently 903 pdf files within The Legend of the Jews – Manuscripts folder. Many of these books are huge like The Grand Bible, which is 7,555 pages of almost all of the known canon, non-canonical, and religious texts in the world, that the queen of England had made to read from (know your enemy). Much is still missing. Many are duplicates varying in translation… read all… while you can. You can download the complete folder as all is available for your benefit.

Servant brother William Brooks also received messages from our Lord regarding the reading of the hidden scriptures, and that the truth is now being brought out in these last days in his prophetic message “To The 144.000 Repudiate Their Lies!(6 2 24)”. Be attentive to praying for wisdom as satan has tried hard to keep these truths from you, and he is the sole reason for scriptural understanding lost in translation, mistranslations, or deleted and missing books altogether. Everything the Lord said to Bro. Brooks is found within these books and manuscripts.

Try “Spirits towards men” in the opening page of the kiosk, and “The book of the secrets of Enoch commentary & footnotes” in The Legend of the Jews folder to start.
Be diligent, be steadfast, be a good Berean, pray for discernment to know the truth.

The Legend of the Jews – Manuscripts https://k00.fr/dd928tx3


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