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Rats in the Church

Jun 21, 2019, 11:08 PM
Prosperous Pamela

This is not a vision or dream I have been praying for the church, the body of Christ and I see how far we have gone from the first church as outlined in Acts, we are so far as a church from where we started, churches today and people today are nothing(my own personal experience) like the church in the days of Acts, we have strayed so far. I’m looking for a church to attend but for now I can’t find any that is even close to the church outlined in the book of Acts, so I pray, I pray I pray I pray for the body of Christ. Mercy Lord, Mercy! On your church and on your people world wide.

So the parts about the rats, when I was a child my mum who is from Uganda told me a story about the poor (ie deep poverty that we cannot even begin to understand) she said that’s rats would come into the houses and begin to eat people she said for instance if they are eating your toes they would begin eating you when your asleep, first they would lik the area where they want to eat because their saliva has pain killing (anaesthetic, same as dogs since I was a child I always knew that if you have an open wound let a dog lick it because their saliva has an anaesthetic and healing properties, if a dog licks your wounds that wound will 100/ heal it’s a fact a learnt from a young age and it works)any way back to the rats. So before the rat begins eating you body part ie your toe it will first lik it to anaesthetise so you don’t feel pain and then it will start eating you, the moment you start feeling pain and are about to wake up the rat will blow on that part and lik it again, so half awake you will go back to sleep, the rat will continue to do this; eating your body part, blowing and liking until the sun comes up or it’s had it’s full. This story reminds me of the church. Satan and His demons are the rat and the church is the part the rat is eating. Whenever we get a message or prophesy that makes us wake up so we can start to fight Satan and the sins in our lives, Satan like the rat blows on that area and like it so that our pain is soothed; through deceptive teaching ie the once saved always saved message, he blows and liks on the wound he has created to anaesthetist us so that we can go back to sleep and not wake up because if we woke up we would be so alarmed at what is happening to us and chase him away, Satan wants to keep us asleep so he can finish eating us until finally we wake up and realise it’s too late. My mum said people in her village would wake up with missing toes and fingers, they slept not realising a rat had been eating a part of their body, it’s only upon waking up that they would see the evidence of what had happened when they were asleep. I pray to God that no one reading this including myself, my son and everyone one my prayer list will ever sleep in this life to wake up in hell, which is permanent and final.
Gods mercy and grace on us all. Amen


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