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Rapture Dream – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Rapture Dream

JUN 16, 2019, 8:25 AM


My name is Whitney Eslick Manuel.
(10/26/16) I went to bed and prayed that the Lord would give me a dream about the timing of the Rapture, how close it is, as I was in need of spiritual strength and some encouragement. He answered me and gave me one literally right before I woke up this morning.

The dream was very quick, maybe only a minute long or less, but very detailed. I was in a field in what appeared to be middle America, as I saw no trees or hills or buildings; just flat grassy land and a huge, open sky. It was evening time, just after sunset, from the look of the sky. Somehow in the dream I knew it was 6pm. We were in an open field having what almost looked like a party. My oldest son and I were walking through this scene. He was on my right hand side; we never stopped, but continued walking and observing this scene.

The atmosphere was similar to a parade or county festival (but far less in scale), with some red, white/ silver, and blue decorations here and there and all the people walking about trying to have a good time. It was a patriotic scene and even had a couple of medium sized starburst fireworks that went off in the distance. I looked to my left and saw an old flag pole that was dull steel. It appeared strong and well secure, but had no cloth flag attached to it. Instead, there were about 3 stars and 3 or 4 stripes to the right of it all made out of smoke. These grey smokey stars and stripes were positioned similar to an American flag, but they quickly blew away as they were only smoke.

I wondered at this sight, but still moved on. In the dream I knew that the US was in a bad shape spiritually and also in a more natural sense, but thought how it was kind of good, I guessed, that these people were trying to be happy and patriotic, even in our present condition.

After this, I was in a car, a red convertible, with my oldest son, John. I was in the left front seat and he was to my right. We were driving away from all the activity, away and to the right (like NE). It was now quite dark outside; it seemed to be around 9pm. The road we were on was lonely, a narrow dirt road and I didn’t see any other cars in front of us. There may have been some behind, but I didn’t look.

Suddenly, I noticed 3 white triangular shaped jets or airplanes high in the sky in the upper left hand corner. I assumed they were just regular planes practicing flying maneuvers like we see everyday. But I know from my brother, being a pilot, that planes practice solo in a square mile area of the air. I did find it slightly odd that they were right next to each other and in a linear formation, but then I saw a few other planes, in the same line peek through the wispy clouds in the distance.

Now I could see about 7 planes, all in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder almost, and I thought this very strange. I still wondered that maybe they were doing some type of practice for an aerial show performance or such. The next change of scenery proved me wrong. As the planes were getting closer, I could see many more (about 30 in each row, perfectly aligned) and wave after wave followed this linear formation pattern, flying high and straight towards where John and I had just left, to where all the people were. I then saw missiles or bombs coming from the same direction. These were traveling just a little bit faster than the jets and they looked like a starburst at the front and a fiery tail at the end as they came nearer and began to descend. I knew we had but seconds and that WWIII had just begun.

At the time, I recalled the many dreams and visions that I have read over the years from other believers where they were shown that “as the bombs come down, we go up”. Just then, I saw what I thought were hundreds, no, thousands more white planes appearing from the distance. But these were not in line as the triangular shaped planes, they were randomly scattered in the sky it appeared. These objects also moved incredibly fast, just a little faster than the bombs or missiles. . My eyes had been glued to the skies since the appearance of the 1st 3 planes and now they were glued to these other objects that were coming in a more random fashion, not all in line, like the jets.

Finally, some were just close enough for me to be able to tell what they were: angels! Thousands of angels were swiftly coming down from the sky and I grabbed John’s hand/ wrist with my right hand and yelled out, “It’s the Rapture!!!” These were the only words spoken or heard in the entire dream. I knew there wouldn’t be time for talk or even a proper prayer, but in wondering if I was ready, if he was ready, I quickly cried out the best prayer I could muster, “Please God! Please God! Please God”. This cry was saying, “I want to go with You, I don’t want to be left behind, please account me worthy and take me!”.

As soon as I cried out to God, one of the angels stopped and paused in mid-air. He was still far away, but close enough where I could just make out some detail and see that he was facing in my direction. As the other angels continued to descend, I could see this angel perhaps 500 feet from me and see his outline. I saw no wings, but his robe was a beautiful patterned ivory white and gold. It had puffy sleeves and a rounded bell-like bottom. The shape reminded me of a Christmas cookie or a Christmas ornament. I know that sounds funny, but it did. I have seen angels in other dreams and they looked vastly different. This one looked like a cut-out Christmas cookie, the round face with no hair or features, no hand, no feet, just the round circular face and the cookie shaped robe. This was odd because the intricate detail of the patterned robe was made so clear to me. I immediately awoke and could feel a very very strong electric joyful thrill sensation in my whole body in the natural, especially in my heart and chest area.

I have had Rapture dreams in the past where I awoke so disappointed and sad that it wasn’t real, that it wasn’t time yet. I even went so far as to pray that God would never give me another Rapture dream because it was too heartbreaking to wake up from (I later took that back), but this time was not like those. I felt so encouraged, so strengthened in my spirit, and very, very thankful. After I had this dream, I recounted it to my father, who is ex-military. When I told him about the planes I saw way far in the distance looking like tiny white triangles, he told me they were fighter jets. He said that is how they appear when far away. When I told him that the bombs or missiles travelled a little faster than the fighter jets, he told me that was true in real life (something I didn’t know), because fighter jets travel around 7,000 mph while missiles travel and average of about 7,500 mph.

The month after I had this dream, Donald Trump won the presidential election. That day, my husband and I watched the news all day, as we do every election, to see the outcome. When Trump was announced the winner, my normally quiet and reserved husband clapped his hands together once loudly and exclaimed in a loud voice, “There’s hope for America again!” Now I had voted for Trump and was hoping he would win, but even so a cold chill rushed through my body at my husband’s sudden proclamation. Immediately, I felt I was back in the dream at that patriotic type scene. Now after the dream, one part made me wonder. I wondered at the car my son John and I were driving away in, because it was a sporty red convertible with the top down and in real life I drive a grandpa-looking beige Mercury Grand Marquis and my son, at the time, drove a plain beige sedan.

About 4 months after the dream, my husband came home all excited and told me he had bout John a car. I was very surprised because my husband is quite frugal regularly. We have a driving school and he used to buy cars at auction and sell them for a slight profit to some of our international students who were looking for cars. This particular day, he came home very eager for me to see a car he had bought John. He explained that no one else bid on this car and he hadn’t planned on buying it, but when no one else bid the whole time, he finally did and got it for the bottom of the barrel starting bid of just $500. He took me to our front room and told me to look out the bay window. I saw it there parked in the middle of our lawn, a blood red sporty convertible with the top down. My jaw dropped to the floor! My husband was very surprised at my reaction and said, “What’s wrong” I said, “Do you remember the dream I told you about?” He said, “What dream?” I said, “You never listen to my dreams!” and I began to retell it again to him. A little surprised, he said, “Does this car look like the car from the dream?” I said, “No, it doesn’t LOOK like the car…it IS the car!” My son, who also tired of hearing of my dreams from the Lord and who was himself in a bad place in his Christian walk at that time, came home. His dad showed him the car and a look of horror flashed over his face. It was the fear of the Lord. I guess he had listened just enough all those months before for him to remember the car I described to him in detail. His life started to change at that moment, slowly but surely, and he is now a very different man. I don’t want to add any interpretation to the dream, just that I give it as I saw it and give some background and updates as to what happened after it. I had prayed before I had the dream that God would give me a dream that told something of the “timing” of the Rapture, how close we were.

Pray and seek the Lord’s discernment. May we be found ready in heart and spirit, whenever that day comes. And now these 3 remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is LOVE. Walk in love. May the Name of Jesus/ Yeshua be praised~


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