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Rapture Dream – Bella Orsi


Rapture Dream

June 19, 2020
Bella Orsi

Auto Generated Transcript

I felt like Jesus is coming okay and a
lot of things out there right now
probably feel the same way if you’re
really really connected you haven’t
figured out the rapture and we still
don’t believe it
do some research I don’t know this is a
more of a spiritual thing for me because
I had a rapture dream that was so not
like a dream and it’s so clear in my
head I mean I had this dream about
probably 25 years ago and it woke me up
I want to tell you something the Lord
used that dream to wake me up oh I’m so
glad couldn’t save my life it really did
I was thought stayed before but this
dream I had when I had it I wasn’t saved
but it was like it was like Jesus gave
me CPR with this dream you know it’s
just like acts 2:17 it means a lot to me
because it saved my life pretty much and
I am just so glad to tell you about this
that Jesus is coming and you need to get
on the ark okay this is just really
really important you’re ignoring your
please research them because that’s what
made me research Jesus after that
because I knew the Dreamettes them so
that made me go look and research and
then I found
Jesus while I did that that’s how I got
into really deep relationship with Jesus
once I found him and he found me I
remember him coming to my house and
knocking on the door cuz I would hear
like something knocking on my door and I
have a screened-in patio our patio door
you know for security so it’s like how
is did somebody get in my patio no you
need to have keys and everything you
know would hear someone knocking on my
door and I would go look in the peephole
there’s nobody there and I realized
Jesus look another door and finally I
opened the door let him in you know what
I mean I did say I want to tell you
what’s coming is there’s so many signs
in the sky you guys June 21st the ring
you got July 4th as another sign major
sign in the sky that’s coming on our
Independence Day on 2020 all this that’s
coming up soon very soon you know it’s
June 17 2020 as I make this video at
2:03 p.m. and I am so glad to tell you
this I had told you these things in my
dreams and videos in the past I just
wanted to document it all and everybody
thought I was crazy and they would laugh
at me and tell me I was a fearmonger but
those were years ago and now a lot of
this is coming to pass I told you
everything was gonna start off with a
civil unrest civil war because of race
it’s a race war but there are so many
diabolical things behind it I told you
Obama is the Antichrist he’s the one
creating chaos
I had three dreams of Obama in 2014 he
was holding a white baby in like
witchcraft he had the baby in his hand
he got black vines like in witchcraft he
was binding they had a bind around the
mouth of the white baby
speech she’s trying to steal our speech
away then he had the black bind around
our body into the hands of the baby so
we couldn’t move see the Lord was
showing me that that man is practicing
you know Kenya you got a lot of witch
doctors out there sarcomas I’m sure he
learned all that stuff he is into
witchcraft you guys don’t be naive and
food of this man he’s a very evil man
and I saw his heart and it was black as
black as stone okay he didn’t have no
heart because he God is not in him okay
the devil is in him not God don’t let
this man fool you and I’m telling you
it’s a domino effect okay after this
everything is gonna come down like crazy
and I told you I heard yellow stone I
heard a whisper yellow stone we were
trapped in our house I remember and I’ve
said that you can you go check on the
videos okay if you don’t believe me but
I said we were wearing masks and goggles
because it was Ash it was red skies and
it was brimstone and ash raining down on
us okay like I had dreams about a
meteorite storm and flooding so maybe
this is all related to that I remember
looking at this out my bedroom window
and seeing red skies it was dark at
first and then I remember it being red
bleep then I saw a tree raining blood I
think it had to do with the red dust or
nubu because it kept getting closer and
closer you know with just healthiness
and the water mingling with the the dust
and the brimstone and everything it was
like blood it was seen like raining
blood and I heard Jesus calling us he
was yelling for us to I heard him
I remember hearing his trumpet and it
was so scary you guys this trumpet and I
was like really long and I can’t
remember holding my ears going stop that
trumpet because it was so scary was like
a it was like a very gothic kind of
money close encounter of the Third Kind
kind of whole vibe okay but really long
she’s like a
real spooky creepy like like it was like
a warning and you know and you know if
you were stuck oh god it was just
horrible like I just didn’t want to hear
it anymore and then it stopped and then
it just felt like somebody grabbed me by
the collar and pulled me up like you
know harp on so rough tore up rapture
but it just felt like something grabbed
me pulled me up I go through the ceiling
then I go I remember this gold light
surrounding me and it was like go
glitter just like dad it was this light
just on me and like like kind of this
feeling like don’t be afraid and I just
remember going in this to like light
going upwards seeing everybody there
going up I see the Saints going up
whoever was near me there was only very
very few people I saw it was not very
many people up there you guys and I
truly believe it was probably the 144 I
before I just thought it was all a
skinny raptured I don’t know and I still
not sure why would there was not very
many people up there I just remember
meaning geez
and these clouds in the sky and it was
so cool you guys it was like crystal
glass like a plateau it was made out of
glass and it was all clear like glass
like regular crystal glass and it was
like stairs on that plateau where we
were and it we just that’s where we were
put right on a plateau right there in
the clouds and then we could just see
Jesus was there to greet us with the
army the angelic army was there and then
the next thing I know we were translated
somewhere else really quickly and I
always thought it was New Jerusalem
because when we arrived it was right
there it was next to the moon and it was
right next to the earth so cuz I could
see the moon and and I could see the
earth and the the walls were made out of
gold but it was crystal glass so it was
like this gold and crystal glass I kid
you not
I remember looking through the walls and
seeing space like it’s the weight that
effect made it like you were floating in
heaven that’s how it was – and I just
remember we all met when we got there we
were at the hall and then we were crying
and then I just remember crying to fall
on my knees and I didn’t know why I
thought it was because I was expecting
to see more people there that’s what I
always felt in my in my heart why I was
crying I was crying for the people that
weren’t there and I saw people crying –
that fell on their knees like me and
that Jesus comes in from the because I’m
standing and in from my right
he comes in and then he comes down and
we were like in lines or something it
seemed like we were in two lines from
what I could tell and I was still on my
knees crying and I remember him coming
up to me taking this row but he caught
the corner and he’s just like wiping on
the tears out of my eyes next thing I
know he pulls me up then he touches me
and as soon as he touched me Mike hit my
head it’s like he took all my sadness
away and granted me peace and then I
wasn’t sad anymore and I stopped crying
and every
and he went to he did the same thing
okay and then she touched her head and
then it was like they’d stop crying
automatically and he just did it until
everybody stopped crying and then I
remember him speaking to us but God had
blocked all that what he said to me and
only certain things I remember see like
I saw this Marvel alter in where they
had the incense it was like a Hall of
incense because I’ve never seen all this
incense dust in there and then there was
a throne and it was like it over in mind
me like kind of like a Rome kind of
Roman because I was everything was like
marble and then there was gold floors
and then in certain areas like when I
was walking around their floors were
made out of in the dream it was made out
of green emerald stone but it had that
rainwater looked to it like in the
shower glass then I turned I think
that’s the sea of glass that’s what I
was seeing
that’s what it seemed like anyways
people are telling me and it was we’re
all dressed in white because our clothes
came off when we were raptured and we
were all dressed in a white white gown
and we all glowed okay I saw this
glowing like when I first saw Jesus in
my dreams I’ve talked about it where
when I saw him his face looked all white
because it’s like when I was staring at
I mean it looked like the Sun and I
couldn’t focus on him until I became a
child and soon as I did I could see him
and it was like it went but he still
glowed but he wasn’t like the Sun
anymore I could actually look at him and
his eyes would look like water that’s
how it seemed to me like water who’s
wearing a white robe so he glowed like
all the saints now and then I remember
her like doing some kind of training up
there but before all the training stuff
I did go through the 30 minutes of
silence and I just knew cuz it was the
seventh seal that was automatic and then
I did see an angel come to the altar and
it was like round and flat kind of like
an and it had a I guess like you know
this looked like
sooo kind of to hold all the dust and
all I know is that um he came over there
and I remember him feeling something up
I’m feeling it I thought it was his hand
he was cupping it in the ball and the
next thing I know he hurled it at the
earth because we were all watching and
then I saw this this ball the small tiny
ball that he made out of dust out of the
incense altar turn into this mountain
like slowly just kept big getting bigger
bigger was like manifesting itself until
it hit the earth and then when it did I
saw it it was on the top it was like the
right side of it which I thought was
east and then we’re landed I just saw
like this in the embers and the fire
have just kept spreading and we were
just watching and then after that my
mind was blocked and I think we went
sometime to training and then I remember
coming back on earth with a bunch of
people but I can’t I don’t know who I
was with me because I can’t identify
that that was up locked in my mind
because I do remember seeing some people
I knew there was only one time I
recognized one person and some of the
dreams but we come back on earth and I’m
Eric going like FEMA camps and I
remember going ask a tooth there was a
bunch of Christians there that were in
the FEMA camps I think it was in the
Washington area or Oregon area and I
remember going there because my daughter
I I thought was in one of those FEMA
camps in a dream it seemed like it was
my daughter I just remember going but I
never in the dream I didn’t see her but
that was somewhat it kinda was implied
and I was there to help others that were
in that FEMA camp but it was so bizarre
because in the dream I don’t know why
they were there maybe because of the
flooding that came on the earth because
there was from the meteorite storms I
saw because there’s some kind of
meteorite storm and I think it came from
the tail of the planets the seven
planets that Jesus took me up in heaven
just show me I think one of them had a
tail I like huge tail with a bunch of
asteroids our meteorite so when it was
coming by because right now it’s above
us right now I don’t know how no one
this but this new route is right above
us that’s why they got all the stuff
going on with the chaos you know because
it’s gonna defer us from what is really
going on and and it’s hiding the fact
that the the signs are up in the sky
like it says in Luke above us it’s I
don’t know to me maybe it’s because I
have a spirit of discernment but I could
see this there’s this huge huge planet
above us right now and it’s coming back
it’s like passing by us but right now
it’s like in the middle and I saw a
really good picture of it in New Mexico
and I don’t even know it makes me
realize that that’s why the skies are
off voice being sprayed it’s like and
we’re keeping busy being like fighting
among ourselves that we’re not even
paying attention was really going on
above and and God had warned us in the
Bible these things are gonna come to
pass what the I mean it’s in Revelations
and Jeremiah the destroyer that’s what’s
above us is the destroyer okay but we’re
so busy and I see the same Christian is
to fighting and they’re always peeking
about race and that’s how I saw in my
dream it starts off with race is a race
war we’re gonna break yourselves up with
stupid stuff and but this is being like
orchestrated there’s so many behind it
it’s the Antichrist yes he is he is
behind us he’s campaigning and working
all these angles and making us fight but
we don’t even pay attention what’s
really going on above us


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