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Rampant Mutations and No End In sight.
(Omicron variant BA-2 Immerged)

February 2, 2022 10:38 PM

February 2, 2022

Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Even though all of us are following the changes, I have been giving updates and summaries of data for some times. When many think it is over, it keeps coming, changing and evading the “protective immunity” provided by the authorities.
It was around December 11, 2021 since attention was given to Omicron variant. We were being told, compared to Delta variant, Omicron is more infectious and less sever. What they mean to say was it is not as dangerous as the Delta variant. We suggested, without tangeable data, it is to early to speculate. Evidently, even if Delta variant is more deadly, the Omicron variant with the large number of infection, the death rate has surmounted the Delta variant(see data below). By now, in these short days of one month and half, in the US, over 55,000 people have died from Omicron. At some point, the daily infection was over 800,000.

It was very easy to predict, from these high infections, the rate of mutations will be high. Seeing from the nature of the virus, mutations can be one of the followings:-

A.highly infective, more deadly.
like Delta variant

B. Highly infective, less deadly.
Like Omicron?(this was what was speculated)

C. Less infective, highly deadly.
Not much know(many undetected and not studied)

D. Less infective, less deadly.
This kind can have a chance to make an end to it(presumably)

Much earlier, at the early stages of the rise of Corona, we predicted there will be rampant mutations. Considering only the Delta variant, from what has been studied, there are over 200 variants. See this “As viruses mutate into new variants, they sometimes split or branch off into sub-lineages. The Delta variant, for example, comprises 200 different sub-variants.”

“The same happened with Omicron, which includes the lineages BA.1, BA.2, BA.3 and B.1.1.529.
BA.1 accounts for most of the cases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 99% of viral DNA submitted to the global GISAID database as of 25 January were identified as this sub-variant.”

From the follow up of new mutations, Omicron variant BA.2, has spread further, “The sub-variant of Omicron(BA-2) has been detected in 57 countries now, the WHO says. In some countries, BA.2 accounts for more than half of sequenced Omicron cases, it adds.”—-”India is another country where BA.2 is rapidly replacing the Delta and Omicron BA.1 variant, according to molecular biologist Bijaya Dhakal.”(see the news at the end).

It shouldn’t be surprising to see a news like this “A study of 8,500 households and 18,000 individuals conducted by Denmark’s SSI found that BA.2 was “substantially” more transmissible than BA.1. The study also showed evidence to suggest that the BA.2 sub-variant is better able to evade vaccines.”

Let us see some data of Omicron which has taken ove of Delat. Data of January, summary from ( )

January Cases/Day Total Deaths Death/Day
4 +577,425 851,401 +1,825
6 +710,679 855,808 +2,108
7 +848,502 858,346 +2,025
11 +672,083 863,895 +2,172
12 +800,807 866,872 +2,263
14 +708,644 871,382 +1,992
19 +653,709 880,519 +2,144
20 +682,938 883,870 +2,667
21 +779,036 887,643 +2,777
25 +436,209 894,853 +2,584
26 +533,313 898,680 +3,143
27 +497,351 902,140 +2,689
28 +518,668 905,622 +2,693
February Cases/Day Total Deaths Death/Day
1 +264,693 913,924 +2,780
2 +300,316 917,575 +2,965

Delta variant evaded the “protective immunity” from the vaccine, the Vaxxed were equally infected and the assertion was the effect will be less sever, the death continued. Omicron came, more evasion of the “protective immunity,” many deaths. Now another variant of Omicron with high infection rate, unknown effect so far, India shows, and move evasion of the presumed “protective immunity.” Vaxz-1, Vaxx-2, Booster-1, Booster-2, what next. The effect of the boosters will be seen in the coming few months but before that comes a new variant. The truth is, unless God Almighty says enough is enough, more deadly mutations are still highly possible. Are the Vaxxed left with regrets? We ask the question.

Since the way of life of every virus is mutation, with higher rate of infectious, more mutant variants, few of them with deadly effect are highly likely.
The message still is, trust the Lord, take basic protective measures, prepare for the worst and pray for better and be ready for the inevitable 2nd killer pandemic. We have seen misleading speculation. Now it is time to rust the Lord in all aspects of our life.

Vaxxed, Unvaxxed-Repent! Repent! Repent.

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