Rainbow Dragon Dream – AJ

Rainbow Dragon Dream

January 5, 2022 1:03 AM

Today is 5/1/2023. I had a dream about a rainbow in the sky that had a head of a snake or a dragon at the end of it. The head of the snake looked white and transparent almost invisible to see, I could see it’s bone structure and it’s long fangs. This rainbow was moving very quickly from far and it came near. And I saw it moving through the clouds like an object moves through smoke. So when I saw this weird looking rainbow with a head of a snake I pointed at it showing someone to look up and see and the rainbow dragon was furious and it made gliding movements in the air like a snake when it’s getting ready to attack someone. So I hid myself under the shelter of a house away from the sight of the rainbow dragon. I tried to show someone two times but it would see me everytime and would try to attack me.

Similar to a head of a snake I saw in a dream maybe a year ago. It was also in the sky but more clearer. It had many eyes like 5 on each side and it looked down at me very angry because there were angels descending and ascending while I raised my hands up towards them.



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