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Rachel Weeps – Vicki Goforth Parnell

Massacre of the Innocents Painting by Luca Giordano (1635-1705)
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Rachel Weeps

June 14, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

6-14-22 @ 3:30am

Jeremiah 31:15

Thus saith the Lord; a voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not.

In the beginning was the Word. I am the Word, Daughter; I am the Word made into flesh. I am God and he is me, we are the same yet separate. I and my Father are indeed one. It’s by me Daughter and my sacrifice that salvation is made possible for all people everywhere. Your world has fallen deep into sin. Filth and wickedness……. evil hearts, abominable lifestyles as man lays with man and woman kind with woman, pride and rebellion have led to the moral decay of not only your once great nation, but your world also.

I have cried out to man to repent. Repent before it’s too late. Come to me! Come to me! Come to me! Renounce your erroring ways, because if you didn’t my right hand of justice would hit hard upon your world. Man has refused! Man as a whole has laughed and scoffed at the existence of Father God and me. I’ve sent disasters, famine, destruction chaos to draw you back to me. Some have come. Some have returned. Some have come and then returned back into the refuse and filth of your sin corrupted world while the majority has made a mockery of my words, my love, as I patiently waited as I cried out “Repent, Come,” because if not, I will bring down judgment decreed from the Father from the courts of Heaven after repeated warnings.

So now judgment has come and here is where your world and once great nation finds itself at. Evil wicked ungodly rulers reign allowed by Father and I because when the people are oppressed, when the poor are oppressed, those who know me begin crying out for deliverance. They repent. This is done and allowed by us in our great love for mankind. Everything that is done, decreed or allowed is done out of love and for one purpose alone. To bring souls to me Jesus the Savior of your world, for I am the only way a man, a woman, a child can be saved… the ONLY way. I will never override man’s free will, his freedom to choose. It is a gift from Father and me to you that sets you above all creation in addition to your mind’s ability to think, respond and interact with us, with the Father, with your Creator in love and by choice.

It’s all about the soul of man. The soul was created to be eternal. It is part of us for God, for Father breathed into man and he became a living soul. Mankind as a whole majority has failed to repent. Their hearts grow wickeder with each passing moment as Satan, their master leads them down the road of depravity and debauchery. Man’s stench, the stench of his sins has again reached into the heavens. Man’s sins have been weighed in the scales of justice, the balance and has been found guilty and wanting. You were warned. You were warned multiple times over the course of your years. Then when judgment was passed in the courts of heaven, I interceded on your behalf and grace was given. Grace was extended and evil men and women squandered this time with lavish living and indulgences in satisfying flesh’s appetite for sinning over my call to live a life of purity and holiness. This rejection has cost you much O’ world, people of this world.

The ten plagues of Egypt have been called forth and their time of return is now here. I have sent warning of this coming also. Many scoffed. Many said in their secret chambers, “This is not as bad as what’s coming,” and faced it with little concern. You did greatly err O’ foolish man, foolish woman. Each plague as with the people of Egypt, is meant to draw you to repentance from the first to the last. You forgot O’ foolish people the full extent of the last plague, the death of the firstborn of the Egyptians, the wicked. The destroyer has come and is ready to strike at my command into the heart of your world and nation. The time of Rachel’s sorrow is upon you. Attire yourself in sackcloth and ashes. Weep and wail for lamenting shall be in your streets! Cry for your children! Cry for the children of age and the children of innocence. I strike, I move, I speak, the destroyer responds. The destroyer moves in response to each of my actions as I deliver the sentence, the judgment upon your world.

Daughter, it’s time now, it’s time. Heed my words. Pay attention you evil wicked world and repent, for this is what awaits your world for all who has not my blood applied to their hearts and not those who are faithfully serving me with their whole heart and not half-heartedly. The ten plagues of Egypt from nation to nation across your world. They come quickly from the turning of the water to blood, the frogs, the lice, the swarming flies, the death of beasts, boils upon man’s flesh, fire and hail, locust and darkness, darkness so thick and heavy it is not only seen but felt by the wicked and then death. Death of a child. Death of a first born. Death comes no matter the age for all are children first before they are adults.

Hear me now O’ people of the earth when the last plague hits, my aim shall be true! I strike, I move, then so does the destroyer mimic my movements. I have patiently waited for man to return to me their holy God and Savior. I shall wait no longer. I’m done with waiting. Times up O’ foolish men and women of this world. I send the destroyer to each home, to each parent whose first born is still alive, whose heart is not applied and covering it. I have covenant with those whose hearts have my blood applied who are living a godly and pleasing life in me and their seeds of promise, their children. I send the destroyer the last of the ten plagues. He shall come. I will not stay his hand. The time of sorrow, the weeping and wailing for your children, the time of Rachel’s sorrow is here. Lamenting in the streets with weeping and wailing shall be heard in your once great nation and evil world.

Cry aloud. Cry out now. Weep for your lost I say. Weep for the children when the destroyer comes, he shall come for the first born from the least to the greatest, the youngest to the oldest in one swift sweep for all who are not covered by my blood. I have made a covenant with those who are mine and their seeds. For those not understanding my words yet, I bring you clarity now.

If my blood is not applied to your hearts, then your first born shall die and their first born shall die until the last generation of those not covered by my blood. But if someone in their generation line has received me in their hearts and are still fully covered meaning they are living by my righteous standards and not theirs’ and not found in a back slidden state, then they shall be passed over by the destroyer and that person seeds of promise, their children.

If you have accepted me into your heart but are found in a back slidden state, a lukewarm or cold state then you and your seed are not covered under the blood covenant I have made with all my true children who are chasing after me with all their hearts. When the destroyer comes the first born shall die of all. The only exception of this would be if you have a parent who is faithfully serving me then you are covered by the blood covenant, I have with them. But if there is no godly parent alive then if living in sin, any sin not repented of, the first born shall die as well as the seed of the child of each generation until that line ends.

Why am I taking such time to explain this? Daughter of Faith, of Grace, and of Mercy, of Understanding and of Wisdom, it’s so there is no chance of even the simplest of minds to miss-understand. I am God. I am love. This is a last great call for repentance. Rachel shall weep. The time of her sorrow is here. Not tomorrow, not today as the future day. The time of her sorrow is now. I am the fist of justice. I do my Father’s will. Judgement has come to your world and nation my Daughter. This will not be stopped.

Get the sin out of your lives. Repent. Repent now. Sin is the cause. Sin is the cause. Sin is the cause. You have not long until the reaching of the last and final plague so get on your knees, get on your faces before me and cry out for the lost souls. Eternity awaits and so many are not ready. When the destroyer comes the cry will go out and for your nation O’ Daughter of mine before the dew hits the morning ground death shall come to the first born of your once great nation. Death comes for all, the first born not covered by my blood covenant.

Have I not told you repeatedly judgement has come? Have not I told you also I shall protect that which is mine. Men and beast shall both die this night this day. For some it shall be night for others is shall be day. I strike Daughter, I strike and all will feel this blow, because all have someone not covered by my blood, by my covenant. Repent I say, repent now. Get the sin out now, because if you don’t for some it shall cost you your life and the life of your first-born child and their first born for all not covered by my blood. If you are my true child with my blood applied fully over your heart, then even if your first born is found in an unsaved condition they shall be passed over because of my promises to your seed, your children. This promise I have given to you my beloved children down until your last generation. The time is now. It’s now as Rachel weeps and mourns for her beloved children both young and old. Rachel weeps. Rachel weeps for her children.

Refuse: garbage, trash

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Jeremiah 31:15

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