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Putin’s First Steps Toward World Dominance – Barbara Francis

Putin’s First Steps Toward World Dominance

February 25, 2022
Barbara Francis

MENE , MENE, MENE I raise leaders up. I use them to fulfill my purpose. Mans days are numbered. The hourglass empties. See the nations leaders scramble as “The terror of nations” stretches his legs . A conqueror that is preparing t o take control of weakness. A shrewd warrior with a plan. He doesn’t sleep he spends the night calculating his next move. His army will move over the nations of earth one by one. He will use every weapon in his arsenal on them to be the victor . He will crush anyone trying to stop him from gaining worldwide power. America he has set his sights on you .Your weak leadership makes you the prize. A proud nation that continues in wickedness , murder of children and sexual perversion will be brought low. I will humble your people and allow the destruction and burning of every idol you have raised. The wicked will be as stumble and you will be brought into captivity .

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