Put On Your Garments of Praise and Enter In – Janice Sharp

Janice Sharp

Put On Your Garments of Praise and Enter In

June 7, 2017

Some will come to the banquet without their proper attire; they will then see that I AM the Lord their God, who only allows those who have entered in through the sheep fold, after the Shepherd, shod in the garments of His praise. He is worthy to receive all worship from mankind. Come to Him, all who are heavy laden and in need of rest. Take no thought of when these events will take place and do not store up for yourself treasures on earth. Yes there are those who have only followed after their own desires and wants, giving heed to My Son only when they allotted the time and then going right back to their own endeavours.

When it is time to call My children home, you will see an uptake in the number of people who are listening to the many lies of your world. They let their masters have complete control over all the aspects of their lives. They are slaves that will live and die in bondage, never knowing the freedom that was theirs for the taking in Yeshua. If they had only listened to Him, they would have eternal life. Do you know what this really means? The height and depth of what I have for those who love Me is immeasurable in scope and price. Timeless priceless blessings of peace.

When you see the time beginning to show signs of slowing down, you will know the time of harvest draws nigh. You have already started to notice this. The traps have all been set with the wicked ones lying in wait for all their pray. The world is asleep, a deep trance because of the sorceries of men using the technology of the fallen. Yes daughter, the Destroyer is from Me and it is here. When the cobwebs clear you will be able to see it. The tarps of chemical have obfuscated it from the view of the populations but their sorceries are failing. I will reveal all when it is time. Don’t worry about when. Get to work. Seek out those who you can share the truth.

Note from me: I had been asking God what this “planet” or second sun was that I have seen with my own eyes quite a few times now. It is a heavenly body and there are more than one. I had a dream three years ago where I was looking up at the bright clear blue daytime sky (which is almost unheard of now where I live). I saw our sun and also I saw that we had a full moon (which you can now see all day for some reason). There was also a greyish black planet, a green planet and a red planet. It was quite alarming and so clear. I ran around telling people to look up……and not one person did. This is a short video I did a few weeks ago

Here I received some personal instruction on where and how to go and share but it is just like those people from the Last Reformation – just go and do the works as the Disciples did in the book of Acts with sharing the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, making disciples and baptising in water, all in the name of Jesus.

Now rest and remember: I AM with you always even until the end of the age.

Your Loving Saviour and King – Papa Yeshua


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