Purim word 3.19.2019 – Charity Ariola

Write this down:

The heaviness you feel in the atmosphere is the rise and implication of the antichrist to his place of power.
Just as there are no coincidences, only divine appointments, so is this time.
The hour of testing is quickly upon the world – one might even say – HERE IT IS!

NO FEAR to those of you who belong to me – those that are seeking, knocking, looking for my soon return. My perfect love frees you from all that the enemy could come against you with!

For the world – those that do not know me – and for those that are in direct disobedience to me and my Waze – may you take this last moment to hear my words and repent -have a change of mind now! What will save you when I pour out my wrath onto this world?

ONLY-the blood of my innocent son -Jesus can save you!
The warm, living, precious blood of my beloved!
Why do you reject me?
Why do you push me away?
Why do you harden your hearts to me?
If you would only take a moment to ponder the love I have for you – if you would just look at my heart you would know I have waited as long as I can, given chance after chance, waited and waited, and I can no longer wait.
Manny will perish and there is no repentance when you are dead.

Allow my love to watch you clean today. Allow my words to penetrate your heart today.
Lay down your pride.
Lay down your hate.
Lay down your burdens and take my yoke, it is easy, and in it you will have eternal rest!

Call out to my son Jesus while you still can and Come home to me!
Your loving Father

The definition of the word implication means something that is suggested without being said directly – Something that is implied- fact or state of being involved in connected to.

Exodus 34:6
Numbers 14:18
Revelation 9:11

Charity Ariola

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