Psalms 2 Dream – Sarah

Psalm 2 Dream

May 6, 2020 12:55 PM

I think I should share a dream I had maybe a couple months back. I wish I could give you a date, but I didn’t record it when it was given. I can only say it was recently, so the year: 2020.

In my dream, I was at a gathering with world leaders and VIPs. I didn’t recognise any individuals. I was not really focused on them, because there was someone else there in the midst. He was a dragon. I knew he was a dragon, but he didn’t look like one. He was very pleasant to the eyes, he had a very agreeable and pleasing demeanor. There was nothing ugly or animalistic about him. He certainly didn’t look anything close to those goathead devil-statues. He was very attractive. Everyone was taken in by him. He was the center of attention. Beyond his appearance and demeanor, his voice was smooth. I don’t mean the sound of his voice, but his way of speaking. There was a charm to it. He made people feel like he had their best interest at heart. He lulled them and seduced them and soothed them, as if what he was suggesting was the most logical, sensible, positive thing you could hear. He made them feel safe and secure in the endeavour he was promoting.

And this is the endeavour. These are the words that all these leaders “should” listen to.

And I am sorry. I wish I had the exact words. I just don’t. I did in the dream. I failed to write it down. I just think I should note that the words were very proud and boastful. Arrogant. Puffed up. Rebellion. But here was the message.

It said that God is only interested in having everyone do His will. That God has kept back so much from these people due to His rules and His wishes, but that he – this entity – can give them everything they could ever want just because they want it. The entity said that they shouldn’t worry that they are fighting God because it will help them. The entity said that it served and worshipped God for thousands of years at His throne and that it also knows all about God’s family, too. It gave off airs of self assuredness and confidence and the leaders believed it.

I remember very much that he used the term “family” and I understood it to mean the hosts in Heaven who are loyal to God. He was very contemptuous of them.

I woke up.

I didn’t even think that this was a dream I should even mind when I first woke up. I knew it was a “weird one”, but just that. I was forgetting about it until I went into my prayer time later and I was reminded of it then.

I don’t know whether I can express or explain to anyone enough how alluring this entity was, the power it seemed to have to evoke feelings of safety, as if everything was fine and going to be ok, and that indeed all was going to be well. It was..like how music can make you feel things, or how the deadly flytrap can make itself seem so inviting to its prey. It was like an enchantment. I should have been wise enough to know to pray after *every* dream like that – but I felt upon awaking that it was no big deal, a big nothingburger. It was only after I prayed that this came back as “no, it is not nothing”.

I believe it is something I am supposed to share. I have no idea where we are in the timeline. I know that this is connected with Psalm 2.

Please take this to prayer. It is very serious.


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