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protected when destruction and chaos erupts on earth – Victoria Ang

protected when destruction and chaos erupts on earth

April 9, 2020
Victoria Ang


In the first dream I was in a house and opened the door. When I open the door to go outside I saw the most beautiful white snow EVERYWHERE. In front of the door was a narrow path with a small bridge to walk over and on the other side was an entrance way that had a gate. I was made known that behind the gate was the most beautiful place to be .The entrance to this area was magnificent . And I could hardly wait to enter. The distance was very close from the house I was in to the other entrance way.I proceeded to start walking to the bridge to cross over and the dream ended.

Second dream:

I was sitting above the earth on a ledge like a rafter on a house but there were no walls. As I looked down on the earth there was much destruction on earth and buildings were falling in on one another with much chaos all around.

I knew I was safe and out of harms way in the dream. The dream ended.

Interpretation :

First dream is the closeness of the transformation (not for all)and the beauty of being in the presence of the Holy Spirit and heavenly realm .Those that have stayed on the narrow path and followed after the Lord.And the crossing over from an earthly life to heavenly ,eternal life.💕

Second dream: Gods Encouragement of being protected from harm when much destruction and chaos erupts on earth.

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