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Protect Your Heart – Paul Campos


Protect Your Heart

October 21, 2022 11:56 AM
Paul Campos

A Word From The Lord Our God

‘Protect your heart,
Tell them to “protect your heart,”
Tell them, tell them protect their heart, tell them, For their is a spirit of adultery trying to apprehend the church,
Don’t let them,
Don’t let them fall into wickedness and doubt of their spouse, tell them’ – The Lord

“shake them with your power o God,” – Myself

‘Tell them, they’re slipping, they’re slipping, tell them be careful,
There Paul is an attack on the agenda of my church, Lust is the problem’
‘Lust Paul, lust is the problem’ – The Lord

‘Remember Paul the harvest workers, they’re going to get them anyway they can, anyway they can, there is a sin they want to keep exposing in the church and that is lust,
There is a train Paul, there is a train to hell, John Ramirez is right; there is a train and you will all be on it if this is not dealt with; leave it all behind, leave it all behind. There is a sword that has been hung and it is time to pick it up, please tell them, for the time is near they are coming, they are coming, Paul they are coming; the prodigals are coming home , they are coming by the thousands, tell them, by the thousands they come. Tell them forever more I love them, forever more I remember them, no more will I remember their plans they need me and no one else,’ – The Lord

(I believe God says the want to keep exposing this sin ‘lust’ (the enemy needs to expose this sin, it makes anyone from church look bad, instant shame, it brings churches to a not great place. Yes the Lord knows this must be exposed but by his doing, we must be careful speaking on leaders and anyone in the body of Christ, gossip is sin, this is what I feel in my spirit The Lord was saying – myself

Stay prayerful over this, The Lord will heal and Protect us, Shalom.


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