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Prophetic words for Texas – Paul Campos

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Prophetic words for Texas

July 24, 2022 6:26 PM

June 14th 917 pm

Word for Texas

Texas is Cunning,
Texas is Pure,
Texas is Not running
From the Fuhrer,
Texas raise your banner high
Enough is Enough
Leave Texans Alone
Listen to the fire
Listen to the homes burn
Listen The barns burn
Listen to The farms burn
Listen…Listen to the Shofar of Texas
Listen to the Shofar Burn Out the enemy of Texas
Listen, there needs to be a burning in Texas
Not just natural
But spiritual,
The Red Coats Are Coming,
There Needs To Be A Paul Revere In Texas
To Alert Texas
“We need to destroy them” Listen to the chatter of the enemy’s camp
They don’t have a lamp to their feet
Only fire in their eyes,
They will not stop till they see Texas Burning in Flames
“Then Stop them from being Born. That’s what Jezebel thought would work, that’s what molech thought would work” that’s what they thought would work Paul
They will stop them from being born
Not just naturally…but spiritually
Spiritually they are dead now,
They are dead
But not forever.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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