Prophetic Word: The Lord Weeps – Monique Bizet

Monique Bizet

October 11, 2018

Here is a prophetic word that I received Oct 5, 2018 for these last days.

The Lord is weeping and gives us a word of warning in love for His remnant to stand in the faith and endure until the end.

Seek Me, seek Me with all your heart

Inquire of the Lord and wait on the Lord. Do not move without seeking God’s counsel.

Be humble, very humble

Persecution is coming

War within is coming. Civil war and bloody devastating riots are coming to streets of America

A rude awakening is coming to the US

Great spiritual warfare and deception

Rewriting of the bible

New World Order

Mark of the Beast

The enemy will move many hearts to be deceived by doctrines of devils, hatred, envy and many more things that the Lord warned us about in His word.


Matt 25

Rev 13:13-18

Rev 14:9-12

Rev 16:12-14

2 Thes 2+

Dan 11:32-35, Dan 12:1-3

Dan 3:16-18

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