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Prophetic Word: October Surge – A Heart of Prayers

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Prophetic Word: October Surge

October 2, 2022 9:43 PM
A Heart of Prayers

Auto Generated Transcript

I hope you all are doing well
um I have a word
from the Lord about the month of October
but before I go into prayer
before I go into the word I want to um
say a quick prayer let me close this out
real quick
all right cool so father that I thank
you I glorify you Lord I honor you no I
do the King of Kings or the lord of the
Lord you are alpha you are a mega you
are beginning and the end Lord God there
is none like you so father God we thank
you that you are a God that speak and
you’re not a mute god father God I pray
that this word that you have given me to
release unto your people regarding this
month October that we’re now in Father
God I pray that it will fall in the air
the ears that needs to hear it I pray
that you you will bring Clarity to you
bring confirmation you will bring
understanding and Revelation with this
word father God in Jesus name I pray
so in the time of prayer I asked the
Lord to tell me about October because I
know that you know October is a month
we’re like you know the Witchcraft
activity increases and there’s a lot of
stuff that goes on in October so in my
time I was just sitting in my college in
my time of of just having a conversation
with god I said God tell me about
immediately he said October surge the
s-u-r-g-e Surge and then he said Look up
the meaning for the word search so I
began to look up the meaning for the
word search and I found a pie a sudden
powerful forward or upward movement
especially by a crowd or by a natural
force such as waves or tides
I hear the Lord say you know October is
going to be the month of a sudden force
a sudden movement
it’s a month of sudden leaves I I hate a
lot so there’s going to be a so a a
um movement and a sudden force a certain
movement among men
um so that means like a crowd and a
sudden movement in nature itself I I the
loss of the Waves will speak
sudden so then I continue to like you
know look at more definition for the
word Surge and it’s a strong wave-like
forward movement rush or sweep
the onward surge of an angry mob a
strong swelling wave like volume or body
of something a bellowing um a bellowing
up off surge or smoke so this is just
different immersion ra surge of emotions
as I was going through these um
definition right these were the words or
the phrases that God had me highlighted
sudden powerful movement wave like sweep
Southern surge of emotion these are the
things that we’re gonna see in in the
month of October sudden stuff just
Southern News Southern sudden happening
sudden movements
um um waves is going to be in like waves
it’s just like back to back something
after something it’s gonna be a wave
like month where things will come in as
waves and I hear the law said look at
nature because natural force will speak
look at nature the waves will speak week
the waves will Roar said the Lord and
then I continue to look into the
definition of um and when I said waves
he’s talking about the Nash the natural
waves ocean
and as I go further I’m going to break
this down in detail about specific
things that there will be a surge to I’m
just going to the definition of surge
because this word is called October
search I want to give you guys a concept
and an idea of what searched me just as
how God walked me through the process so
we can have a better understanding of
what we’ll see or what’s to come in the
month of October so um that I was saying
that the word that he had me highlighted
was Southern powerful
movement and then wave like and then a
there’s gonna be a sweep I see God
sweeping there’s going to be a sweep
up on the earth like a sweep I just see
a sweep where the hand of the Lord is
a sweep of weariness upon the wicked
that there’s a there’s a sweep of
awareness so even though that the wicked
are gonna be active in this month
they’re going to be doing a lot the Lord
is going to bring weariness today doing
so though it’s way so even though things
are coming in wave like the Lord is
giving a cushion in a sense the waves
will still come when but when the Lord
has weary the wicked weary the enemy
things won’t hit as hard as that
intended it to hit so even though it
will look hard and things it will seem
so harsh they had a harsher intention
another thing that I saw in the
definition for the word surge was to
rise or fall to rise off when the law
began to spoke to speak speak to me
about the body of Christ I see a rising
and a falling in the body of Christ and
you know the Lord was also I’m gonna put
this word in here as opposed to doing it
separately the Lord as it ties this rise
and fall in the body of Christ the lord
was talking to me
um the other day about
individuals in the body of Christ
dropping like flies like those who have
misrepresented Christ or those who have
not repented the Lord is about to bring
a they’re going to drop like fly like
that there’s a fall there’s a sitting
down that’s happening and the rising are
coming up and this reminded me of um the
word I gave a couple months back where
the Lord is
um is replacing the souls with the David
and I think we’ll see a lot of that
happening in the month of October where
the body of Christ will there will be a
shift in the body of Christ I see a
what’s this scale that where somebody
can sit on the other and then the other
person can see on the other end I think
it’s called like a seesaw a scale but I
see like that’s going on the body of
Christ and the Lord is is is is
how what’s the best way to to wear this
the Lord is navigating through the body
of Christ to find a balance
so there will be a fall in a rise and
that’s what that’s what that’s what will
come with the surge
and then also the final definition that
that’s that the Lord wanted me to point
out in the surge for surge is that the
crowd surge back and forth the crowd
surge back and forth I see a back and
and I think this has to do with
politician uh they I see it back and
of indecisiveness among
the people
about who they want in power there’s a
real back and forth tussle that’s gonna
come in this place it will be a real
tussle for this um
thank you Lord
it will be a real tussle you guys just
showed me something but I don’t I don’t
believe I’m able to say that right now
regarding the tussle and the month and
politics there’s a back and forth
there’s a delay I see a political delay
wow I can say this I see a political
DeLay So something whatever will stir
the Surge and things that will stir in
October is leading to some sort of cause
a political delay
so that’s what I was just that’s what I
got from the definition the word Surge
and some of the prophetic inside of the
lord gave allowed me to pull from the
definition of the word search but these
are the specific things that the Lord
told me that that we should keep an eye
out for
in the month of October and it all said
to me for fear mongering there will be a
lot of fear-mongering about
the virus
um and everyone you also know what I’m
talking about already
um as I’m learning this YouTube channel
thing you can’t say certain things
because I don’t really want that but
yeah there will be a lot of fear
mongering I see a rising of fear coming
up but it’s a strategic rise of Fear
coming up I see what I felt when the
Lord was talking to me was fear stirring
up in the people a sense of um um
indecisiveness I also saw a Health
crisis and thing and and hospitals not
um and hospitals struggling
I saw a Health crisis and I also saw a
hospital struggling
and even now what I hear the Lord is
saying is just that uh
it’s a line with fear mongering
it’s a line refrigerant when I hear the
Lord said stay in the spirit seek me
seek the word of the Lord seek my
Prophet but not everything we see in the
media we should believe is true it is a
time of fear mongering and immediate it
will be done through Airwaves that was
another thing
um um
that was in the definition of surge it
had surge has to do with like wave like
and when you think about wave you think
about airwave how information is carried
how news is carried and that’s why it’s
also lost and even though we’ll see this
Health crisis even though we’ll see this
thing about the hospital and and and and
and what’s taking place that’s what I
see hospitals being highlighted in the
trying to see what the Lord is saying to
me about this I see turnover rates but
I’m trying to see why they’re being
highlighted in the news this is this is
new information other than what I have
written here so I spoke about the I see
a Health crisis that’s aligned with the
fear-mongering but there’s also a thing
that will be said about hospitals
shortage of something ah thank you Jesus
the hospital and resources
in the news but the Lord said when you
hear these things take it to me in
prayer because there’s an agenda behind
what they’re doing in October
another thing that the Lord showed me in
October was that the frustration of
people that there will be a frustration
of people I just saw frustration
people’s frustration increasing
increasing people indecisiveness
indecisiveness increasing people yearn
for more clarity increasing there’s just
a great cloud of frustration that the
enemy is stirring to bring up on the
people in this month I saw price price
surging up like price for food price for
item and even price for gas I saw it
surging up I even see the surge of
emotion people’s emotions so again that
the frustration thing but this won’t be
a when I saw this other the second part
of this surge of emotion separately from
The Surge of frustration The Surge of
emotion I saw was local and
international that there is going to be
a fee a mutual feeling that that that
that that will come up on um you man
um human Humanity or human humankind and
it will be a mutual feeling across the
said the Lord
emotion so this could be fear
so this could be the fear monger and
spreading globally
or it can also be an Awakening where
people are becoming to understand hey
something is not right here with the
media something is not right here with
information that they’re giving unto us
I see this going two ways
it is and it’s in the hand of the people
inside which way are you going to take
this are you gonna go the way of the
carry the fear that’s being put onto you
or are you going to bring it bring this
thing to prayer or even question what’s
being said and that’s what I see the
people need to make a decision
then I also saw a surge of homelessness
specifically in New York City Chicago
and Philadelphia
they will report High homeless statistic
I saw an increase in homelessness
finally I saw the word the phrase Donald
Trump and October and the Lord said he
will be effective in this month he will
make a speech at an event that will that
will be the onset of many things that
that I see Donald Donald Trump making a
speech in October and this speech is
going to be the onset of many things
many discussion many
is going to require responses
is going to require clarification from
other people
like I said it’s going to be the onset
of many things but I had lost that this
will be an effective month for Donald
Trump I don’t know what he’s doing this
month I don’t know what he’s planning
guys I don’t watch the news maybe that’s
a bad thing uh so some of the times when
the lawyer showed me stuff that has to
relate to like Newsradio stuff or
apologies and stuff I really am not
aware of it because I really don’t watch
the news
yes but I think I’m gonna start plugging
it in the month of October to to come on
the way you store the perfect the
perfect decorative kind of God is saying
to me Donald Trump in October wonder
where I store this word is is keep an
eye open for Donald Trump in the month
of October
so all this guy said to me right
and I I said God okay so like where is
the window of hope I said this sounds
very tense thank you for the Revelation
thank you for letting me know what’s
going on God but this sound very intense
um and heavy what is it what is where is
the window of Hope as you know when I
give a prophetic word I always travail I
always see God for like prophetic
instruction for a window of Hope for the
um and the Lord this one this is the
first time the Lord responded to me was
a poem he spoke back to me poetically
and he and this was his response when I
when I asked him about everything that
he just shared to me with me about
the month of October I asked him and his
the poem reads maybe now they will
tides are turning and prophecies
nature groans out of constipation a
result of man’s poor diet
the tides are turning and waves are
prophecies are unfolding but who is
listening these things are only drum
roll before I roar again
maybe now they will listen

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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