Prophetic Word: Marching Orders – Charity Ariola

Charity Ariola

I received this word on March 7, 2019 after a 3 day fast. I have put it on my youtube channel Modern Day Hosea

I the Lord God, Jehovah, say unto this lane:

Call out to me – NOW

Repent- if you only knew how short the time really was would you continue on the same path you are now? Just as the highway has exits every few miles so do I provide exits off the broad path that leads to destruction.

EXIT Now! Take the way of escape – take the exit I have provided for narrow is the way that leads to me – Broad is the way that leads to destruction –

You have covered you ears like little children who do not want to hear what their parent is saying – You have covered your eyes in fear and you are blind

You believe more in the supernatural of evil than you do of me

Who do you think created all those angels?

Those angels were my original creation – I loved them- they, being deceived by Lucifer went their own way and sinned against the Most High –

Your horror movies cannot even touch the evil that that these fallen angels will bring-

The hour of testing is upon the world, and many will be deceived by the antichrist-

Just as a horse is bridled with a bit to lead him in the right direction, so, my children be bridled with my bit of correction and instruction-

For if it were possible even my elect could be deceived – just as I have ramped up my spirit and stoked the fire so has you enemy ramped up his tactics

For your weapons truly are praise and thanksgiving in this final hour

Every moment – Everyday – in your sleep and when awake-

Praise my name, my Holy name, it is your saving grace

Like a race horse chomping at the bit – so many of yo are – just a bit longer and I will release you ALL to do my work.



I long to see you ALL, to hold you ALL – I am so proud of my faithful ones who have persevered through all the traps- who never gave up – knocked down, they got back up – Look no longer at the past, your slate is clean – Look no more at the moves of my spirit in the past for I am doing a new thing-

The ones I am raising up in this hour are NOT the ones you would deem as “the right candidates” but they have been qualified because I search the hearts of man – I know the heart of man

Yes, these are my special enforcers – BOLD, Reliant, loyal to me, says the Lord

They have even ask LORD ow can you use me when I have done such vile things –

But I say:

Show me one without sin?

My Son- Oh yes, My son Jesus- Yeshua- He is all I see in you!

It is time to arise my Mighty Army

I am commissioning you his day- soldiers in my might battalion – Warriors – that’s what I see

Each with a special gift- A Special job – A Special part

No, not one is more special than the other-

You are all my FAVORITES

ARISE – Do you hear the Trumpet?

Suit up – grab your sword, your shield, and await your marching orders!


Of the Angel Armies


God bless you all and all you do!

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