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Prophetic Word: Beware of Propaganda – A Heart Of Prayers

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Prophetic Word: Beware of Propaganda

January 4, 2023 7:46 AM
A Heart Of Prayers
The Lord is warning His people to beware of propaganda, to not obey propaganda.
Prophetic Word: Beware of Propaganda

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hey guys so I hope you all are doing so I have a prophetic word
and the law spoke spoke this into my spirit
on December 6th but it wasn’t for me to release
until now because the word is for now the word is for the year 2023
um before I go any further let’s just say a quick prayer now that I thank you again for the
opportunity to be your mouthpiece to your people I thank you God that you trust me time and time again with your
voice with your word with your message for your people now that I pray that in this moment I will speak thus saves the
Lord and only thus says the Lord let no form of my soul
um be involved in this world Lord God let the ears of those who are listening be able to receive it Lord God and give
them the grace and and the the instruction to go ahead and tarry with
this word for confirmation and for the other part Lord God not God we think that you’re a God that speaks and
announce things to your people so we are not caught off guard that those who have an heir to hear Let Them hear in Jesus
name I pray amen so on December 6 right the Lord I saw
this phrase came in front of me obey propaganda and then the Lord brought me back to
when I was in high school and there was a clothing line I think there’s a clothing I think it’s still out now
there’s a clothing line that I used to love wearing their their jeans pants because of the waist it fit it was very
fitted it was very nice and the name of the clothing line was obey propaganda and at the time at 16 and 15 at that
time 16 15 17. I didn’t really know what the word propaganda meant
but I like I have a thing with words where like how they pronounce how they spell I can have I can like a word
without even knowing the meaning just because of how it looked and how it’s spelled and propaganda has always been
one of those words that I just like just the way it sound you know propaganda I’m
able to say it and put my accent in a propaganda so well one of that just came out when I
do something else I’ll see what I’m saying um so I said all that to say how God
speak to us sometimes like like I did a video recently which that God will speak to us based on the level of our
understanding that the capacity of our mind so in order for God to get my
attention he brought me back um it was very nostalgic he brought me back to a time where I enjoy wearing
that clothing and then when he brought that to me I said to him I said to him God that’s crazy that you
bring me back to that clothing line because I’ve been bought from them and I
just stopped wearing their stuff not because of anything that happened or not because I learned what they were
propaganda meant I just guess I grew out of that liking for that clothing line so
I said God I’m like wow that I’m like that’s very funny that you brought this up to me and I was like where are you
going with this I’m like oh babe propaganda and he said to me he said
that’s exactly what I want to warn my people about not to obey propaganda so
the name of the clothing line is obey propaganda but Irene I want you to tell
my people to not obey propaganda to be aware of propaganda and that’s like okay
God I hear you and he said to me in the in 2023 there’s going to be an increase of propaganda
there’s going to be a lot of propagandering I hope that’s the word gandering going on we’re and it’s gonna
take form in the news and in politicians and what people in power are going to be
saying and the rich and the wealthy they’re going to be a lot of propaganda that is coming
um to us through the media and the loss that you know will have to this is a time where we need to begin to tap into
the spirit of God so we can discern the things of God and the dawn of God the seasons of God
and the time of God because this is gonna I feel like what love began to show me was that it’s like they’re
preparing us for something I’ve always said this but I I haven’t come out and
say fully the things I’ve saw but because I’m not giving the um the approval by God to do it but I’ve always
said it said this I’ve always said that you know if we thought the pandemic that we experienced in 29
2020 was the the worst thing we have ever saw where ever we ever saw or seen
that we’re not ready for what is to come even in 2020 and 2021 I was saying to
people in my circle that there’s something that is greater than the pandemic that is coming there’s
something more shocking than the pandemic that’s coming and it’s going to be another another Global thing
something big something humongous something gigantic something huge is
coming and it’s going to have a global impact as has how the the the the parent
the 2020 pandemic had a global impact is going to be something that hits the board across the world it’s going to
impact those going to affect the world at the same time similar to the the 2020
pandemic however this thing is going to be more
what’s the word I’m looking for I want to say it without saying it because I’m still not released to speak on this
thing and sometimes I’ll give you something that’s for you to Tire with in prayer but what is coming is bigger than
the the pandemic it would feel it would feel like another pandemic and it could
be another pandemic but there’s something more Sinister that’s what I’m
looking for there’s something more Sinister behind this next thing that is coming and what I saw in the realm of
the spirit that the media is the media will be feeding us a lot of propaganda
to to to to get us into a place of fear and together it’s like uh what’s the
word I’m looking for it’s coming to me you know oxidate
sedate that’s where this came to me is that like they’re gonna feed us a lot it’s like I’m seeing propaganda being
fed to you know like when they when when you’re laying in the hospital bed and they put the IV in you and and they they
inject this thing in the IV anesthesia thank you Holy Spirit um they innate they inject the
anesthesia into the IV it goes into them before you know it you’re out I see
propaganda going through um what do you call that thing that they injects
the word is slipping me anyway that injection tool there’s a
name for it syringe yes they’re so good to me you
know the way the Holy Spirit has been giving me the words and reminding me like oh my God he’s my best friend so I
see propaganda in syringe and the syringe is sticking into the vein of
people but it was the vein on the forehead of the forehead of people in a template of people and they and they’re
injecting the propaganda in people and what the Lord said to me is just that they’re used they will be using
propaganda as a sedation as an anesthesia to put people mind to sleep
to put people um Readiness to sleep what they’re trying to to put to sleep is your
Readiness is your capability to be ready and that’s why I recently released a word that that that prophetic were
talking about mind management that what is going to come we need to be able to manage our mind manage our thinking we
have to be able to think critically for OSF and not think based on the opinion that’s been injected in US and not to
think based on the propaganda that’s been injected to us we have to get to a place of critical and analytical
thinking so we’re not conformed by the propaganda that’s coming so we’re not obeying propaganda but we are being
aware of propaganda and how you have to be able to see propaganda to be aware of it so I saw that you know there will be
a lot of influx of propaganda that is coming into um coming to the people and it will
sedate the mind of people it will put the mind of people in anesthesia as is like it’s preparing them to just receive
the next big thing that comes it’s like since it’s like what I saw just like it’s like they will be said you know you
can’t say we didn’t tell you this is coming it’s like ah it’s like they’re trying to to script our our acceptance
of what is to come thank you holy spirit so the purple because the reason why someone go under anesthesia is to is to
be receptive for a surgery or for a procedure that’s going to take place so the propaganda that that will be
released is to sedate our mind to this to sedate our spirit and put it under a
deep Slumber a deep anesthesia and then that way our mind will be susceptible to
receive whatever it is that they’re going to do so the Lord said you know I
will tell my people to be aware of propaganda not to obey propaganda I see
propaganda coming to us about health there’s going to be a propaganda about
health about you know things going on in people’s Health but I hear the law so that you know
um how can I say this without releasing it because I’m not released to say this
particular thing about a particular thing about health but I saw a major
propaganda coming up about health and people health condition and that you
know um how can I say this what I can say is that how you how you’ll be able to
navigate this propaganda the law so that you know don’t fall for the propaganda don’t obey so that there’s going to be
some health stuff that comes up right Health crisis and I think I’ve been I prophesied this in October when in one
of my video called October surge where there’s going to be a fear mongering that is coming about a new Health crisis
and the fear-mongering has already been set in motion and set in place since
October when I gave that word about October surge of surge but it’s going to
start to Manifest this year they already put this fear mongering in this thing about health
um in in October since the month of October but now is going to be manifesting in this year and and they’re
gonna um they’re gonna um do this fear mongering when it comes to health to so
they can so they can um introduce something else to you um they so they may say you know we may
have to we may have to uh
what I just saw and I can say this without going to I just saw a herd of
cows saw cattles um right and I’ll leave it as that
that’s all I can say as it pertains to health situation I saw a herd of cows and and I saw cattles I saw meat red
meat food um um so it’s just like whatever they’re gonna
the propaganda they’re gonna be releasing about health is so that your mind could be sedated to feel like oh I
need this this new um um in um vaccine that is coming up or whatever
is is pretty much fear-mongering and the law said how you navigate this fear of
Monger on this propaganda when it comes to health is by being healthy you won’t need what they’re introducing to you if
you begin to stay healthy one of the things that God has been talking to me about is us that we need to begin to
stay healthy not healthy only in the sense of the things that we’re eating but exercising I see a crisis coming up
as it pertains to lungs and the respiratory system where where there’s going to be a crisis and a propaganda as
it pertains to lungs and the respiratory system but the law said how do you combat this without obeying their
propaganda by exercise amazing I see that there’s going to be in just as how there’s an increase in propaganda coming
there’s going to be a need to exercise God’s like begin to exercise now begin
to be mindful of your health now begin to jog begin to run begin to exercise if
you cannot get a gym membership because I know that for most people you cannot afford a gym membership if you cannot
relate your membership you can exercise within your home you know exercising your room
um exercising your living room um finding space in your home to exercise go for long walks like you may
not have any reason to go outside and walk but just go for long walks and walk fast I hear the laws that begin to do
exercise and cardio that that strengthen your lungs it needs to be a strengthening of the lungs in people you
need to strengthen your lungs you need to develop and strengthen your respiratory system because the next thing that there will be a propaganda
about and the next health issue to the next Health crisis will have to do with
the respiratory system will have to do with the lungs but it also you will not need what they’re trying to introduce to
you what you will need to do is to exercise and strengthen your lungs and
to strengthen your respiratory system so begin to be mindful of of of of the
things that are that you’re heating that you’re eating that may cause your lungs to not be healthy begin to walk I just
see that there’s an increase in exercise that’s needed we need to become a people of that exercise a lot of times people
don’t understand that your physical um endurance has a lot to do with your spiritual endurance you know when you’re
doing deliverance and when you’re prophesying when you’re interceding it takes a toll on you physically as well a
lot of times people don’t understand that your emotional well-being and your physical um well-being has a lot to do with how
you function in your spiritual well-being so for someone who’s prophesying for someone who who praying
an intercessor you need your lungs to have endurance to do these things so you need to begin to exercise what I’m
trying to say is just that your physical health has a lot to do with your your
spiritual performance deliverance and those things they will wear you out so I see that you need to be intentional
about exercising and specifically exercise in the room in the area of cardio and and your lungs another thing
that you need to be um you need to start doing is also being intentional about getting enough sleep
or getting enough sleep lots of when you begin to exercise and exercise your lungs and then begin to get enough sleep
then your body will have the strength it needs to fight off this thing or this
new Health crisis so you won’t need what they’re in that what they’re offering you a lot of people are gonna obey
propaganda and receive what is being offered to them to address this Health crisis because they will not be fit you
need to be able to be fit and you need to be able to develop your endurance I hear the law says develop your physical
Endurance by doing cardio by working out by by I don’t know how to explain this
but by eating meals and food that don’t make you heavy I don’t I when I say
heavy I’m not talking about you know being obese or being um like fat but I’m talking about I
don’t know is this what I’m seeing in the spiritual realm is there’s certain food that would absolutely as soon after
you eat those food you just feel happy like you just feel very heavy like in in
I don’t know if they say this in other culture but in the Black Culture we said that you know you have the iris when you
eat when you eat and you they they call it niggeritis so you have the itis when you eat you immediately want
to sleep you become sluggish that’s what I’m looking for stay away from food and things that cause you to feel sluggish
that cause you to feel heavy and weighty I don’t know what that that is going to
make your diet look like but I hear that this is the time to begin to seek the
Holy Spirit and have the Holy Spirit begin to pick out your diet for you you could no longer eat what you just want
to eat and I’m saying this because it’s crazy because as God has given me
this prophetic word I didn’t realize how it was playing out in my life where there’s certain things I just say I
don’t want to eat that no more I don’t like how this made me feel and a lot of times we go to the holy spirit for like
for Spiritual stuff but the holy spirit is a helper it helps in different areas not just physical stuff but the holy
spirit will help you to choose what you eat there are times when the Holy Spirit will say to me where this clothes today
and I won’t even know why he’s telling me to wear that specific color um um
like for example he told me that we’re green when given this prophetic video and I don’t know what green has to do
with what I’m saying maybe somebody here has that interpretation of that
Revelation but I’m just being obedient um um so he there’s a lot of things that
is coming propaganda wise as it pertains to Health crisis but you can navigate this thing and come out strong if you
prepare and how you prepare is you want to make sure you’re not eating food that is making you sluggish you want to eat
that I just hit this you want to eat like live food brain food it’s so funny
because the Lord led me to there’s so much thing that’s happening right that I didn’t really take notice to
until just now like one of the book that one of the book that God told me that
had me that he had me reading and I mentioned it in my video about mind management that he had me reading
this book by Karen and leaf called on um your mental mess but there’s another
book that he had me put on my um my my wish list that I’m going to start
reading when I finish mental mess and then one of the book is called think eat yourself smart and I guess it’s about
like brain food and um and then there’s another yet so that I’ll talk whatever cannot really talk about the other so
that I guess that that fool is talking about live food food that he would eat that will be nourishing to your brain so
we’re moving in a time where we need to be very strategic by the leading of the Holy Spirit to even to begin to exercise
and to even begin to pick the food that we eat like I found myself just doing like a lot of juice and a lot of
smoothie and I’m like why and then I’d be really younger and I’d be really want that curry chicken not be really wanting
that rice and peas and that Oxford like even yesterday I was thinking I was like oh my God I can’t wait till I get some accident guys so you’re not gonna get
oxtail I was going back and forth I’m like can I just eat it one more time before I before they take this thing and
I’m trying to like please with him but um that’s just me and God’s relationship but you want to be able to take some of
these minute things these things that you think that God wouldn’t care about you want to begin to take it to him in
prayer like God what should I eat what should my diet look like I found myself drinking a certain kind of tea and
drinking more tea throughout the day um and and you know like just a whole
bunch of different stuff I don’t want to go to this details about what he’s having me eating because I don’t want to plant into your mind what to eat I want
you to be able to go to him and ask him what is it that your diet should look like there’s a changing of diets that
taking place there’s a there’s a call to be more healthy in body and in brain I’m
not talking about in mind I’m talking about in brain because the mind and the brain is two different things yes there’s a call to be healthy in your
mind and that’s why I did a whole one and a half hour prophetic word video on mind management but this is specifically
talking about being healthy in your body and in the brain there’s a certain food that you eat that has impact on your
brain what a negative are or positive impact and you need to begin to ask the Lord what is it that you need to eat and
the when you begin to this is how you prepare for what the propaganda from what because it’s going to be propaganda
that’s coming right and the propaganda is going to try to tell you what you should do and what you shouldn’t eat is going to
create all this kind of fear and scarce like I’m even seeing certain food going
scarce because the propaganda certain food won’t even need to go scarce
nothing is wrong with the production of this food but they’re going to I don’t know how it works I’m telling you I’m
not only could talk about what God showed me I’m seeing that there’s certain food where nothing is wrong with their production but they they had to
recall there’s somebody in power that’s that that’s pulling the string that’s making this food have a recall and when
this food have a recall it will then be aligned with their propaganda I’m not saying that they won’t be a family
that’s coming I can’t speak on that because I see other people’s professional about famine and stuff like
that I’m I can’t speak on that because God haven’t given me anything specific about
um um famine and water contamination but what he’s saying to me is just that
there’s going to be scarce some scarcity in food and some of the scariest some of
the skin scares business and food won’t be because there’s truly in a production issue in a food it’s going to be a man a
man a man um what sort of I’m looking for
a plan a planned scarcity in food I plan scarce like it’s going to be planned
it’s going to be a gender base um to carry out their their propaganda and whatever it is that they’re trying
to push in that syringe for us to believe
um thank you Lord thank you Lord
thank you Lord thank you Lord we need to be very we
need to go to God about just the simplest things when should I exercise when should I
fast your fasting shouldn’t just be when your church going to fast he wants
people to have more consistent fast even when the church is not fasting like it
should be a lifestyle so it may be one day out of every week or two days out of every week for your whole life this
should it shouldn’t just be this random 21 day fast and then when that’s over then you go back to just eating whatever
like it’s supposed to be at this routine the holy there’s a there’s a there’s a
desire in the Lord’s heart for his people to allow the Holy Spirit to give
them a routine even how you sleep the Lord wants to be very he wants you
to be very routine and strategic about when you’re going to sleep and when you’re waking up to get your full eight
hours of sleep your body need that physical arrest there’s a lot of things that if you allow your body to get that
physical arrest and you allow your body to get that exercise then you won’t be plagued by The Plight that is coming you
won’t be paid this is his word you won’t be plagued by The Plight that is coming
there’s a plight there’s a plight let’s look at the definition for the word polite
apply p l i g h t um the word plight means a dangerous
difficult otherwise unfortunate situation synonyms for the
word plight is extremity um condition trouble difficulty mess Jam
dilemma um circumstances um um tight corner or tight spot
um sorry condition predicament so there is a plight that is coming there’s a
plight that is coming in the Lord wants to prepare you for the plight so that the propaganda doesn’t prepare you for
the plight they will use propaganda to try to prepare you for the plight that is coming
um um and the plight that they haven’t they have a hand in um um on the plight that is a part of
their agenda but the laws that allow me to give you the agenda to deal with
their agenda plight allow the Holy Spirit to give you a an agenda to deal with the The Plight the
the plight of men the plight of men um what else Lord so there’s an increase in
propaganda that’s coming and you want to be very discerned and you want to be
very steadfast this if you have never Incorporated this scripture in your life
this is a time to incorporate a scripture that say watch and
prayers as they become an increase in propaganda
let there be an increase in prayer in the body of Christ you know what the
Lord has been doing uh so and not only we should get to a place where we’re allowing the Lord to tell us what to eat
and when to exercise and how to sleep we need to get to a place where we are allowing the Holy Spirit to tell us what
to pray we have been going into prayer for too long with our own agenda as of lately I
have not been able to pray my own prayer list like I have things written down that I want to pray and I know that I I
ought to print them because these are things that God tell me to intercede about but for the last couple of days
I can’t help but to be praying for Mercy because you know there were the guys that he will give Mercy to who he wants
to give Mercy to so a lot of times we get up and we think that we are entitled to Mercy you’re not entitled to Mercy
um um so I found myself praying for Mercy praying for favor praying for
grace a lot of times we want to pray for like oh God bless my job I’ll bless my neighborhood and that’s good to pray but
if you could only get Mercy Mercy will cover everything else if you could only get Grace Grace will cover everything
else if you could only get favor favor will cover everything else so I found myself praying well being led by the
Holy Spirit um to pray for grace to pray for favor to pray for mercy so begin to allow
begin to get into this is a time where you ought to be surrendered in prayer where we ought to have the Holy Spirit
telling us what to pray when to pray and how to pray as David as their but as
there comes an increase in proper Uganda there needs to be an increase in prayer
and increasing for an increase in worship got other things that guys but essentially that people need to live in
the realm of prayer and live in the realm unfortunately I’m telling you without saying it because I’m not
allowed to say what is to come if you think covid-19 pandemic and I was trying
not even to say that word but if if you think that pandemic what was the worst
thing that you have seen for the last couple of years there’s something greater there’s something bigger there’s
something scarier that’s coming and I’m not here it’s not that glooming doing prophecy clearly it’s not grooming doing
prophecy because I’m giving instruction I’m giving hope um whether God is giving instruction that he’s given hope so this is a gloom
and doom prophecy but it’s a warning as well there’s a warning in this prophecy that something scary is coming and we
have to live in the realm of of prayer and the realm of worship I’ve been
finding my spirit going into worship and don’t want to come out I’ve been finding my experience waking up at 2 A.M and
just finding the worship at 3 am just finding worship I just find my spirit even when I’m halfway in sleep going in
another sleep I just find my spirit praise and and I find my spirit worship and I find my spirit praying um that
means that my spirit is living in a realm of prayer and a realm of worship even when my physical body is sleeping
so so um allow the Holy Spirit to take you in
that Realm Of Worship in that realm there are times when I want to watch something else on TV I want to come out
of the heavenlies and really just feel like a human being and watch a comedy or watch a show and laugh and I’m talking
because I know that you guys experience this too but I but my spirit won’t allow it my spirit just keep taking me back
into worship keep taking me back into prayer I find myself finding new worship
songs and new worship team to focus on and find myself downloading new worship song in my phone there’s a need for
increase in worship and they need to increase in prayer because there is
going to be an increase in propaganda and this is how the Lord is preparing us not to obey propaganda but to be aware
of propaganda the Lord is calling us to come hither to come higher to no longer
be on the Earthly realm but to be in the realm of the spirit so we can see and we
can discern sometimes you have to come out of the crowd to be able to see what’s in the crowd and the Lord is
calling us to come out of the crowd of propaganda to come out of the loud voices of of the crowd
um um um and and be ascended that’s what the word I’m looking for God is calling
us to ascend in prayer to ascend in worship so he can reveal a thing so he
can show a thing so he can explain a thing the Lord is calling us to ascend
above propaganda
thank you thank you Lord
thank you Lord I think he told me to just stop to stop
right here somewhere and stop I don’t know I feel like there will be a part two to this video
because I feel some things being downloaded in my spirit I tends to everything that I just said to you and
propaganda but the Lord is calling me to to dwell in prayer and worship on these
and this before I even release it so God bless you God keep you God I love his
face to shine upon you to give you his peace and Jesus named amen

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