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PROPHETIC WARNINGS: 3 Visions of JESUS // Antichrist; Portals to Hell; Things to Come – Elizabeth Marie

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PROPHETIC WARNINGS: 3 Visions of JESUS // Antichrist; Portals to Hell; Things to Come

September 21, 2023 12:15 PM
Elizabeth Marie



Many years ago, I had this wonderful vision of JESUS, and since then, the LORD has brought it back to me over, and over again:

I saw JESUS on a very large ROCK, out in the middle of an ocean with turbulent waves. In the waves, I could see many people’s head bobbing up, and down, as they struggled to stay a float. Around the ROCK, I saw people in the sea with their hands extended upwards for help. I then saw JESUS kneel down to lift them up upon the ROCK,, one by one, to safety.


2) A month ago, I had another similar vision while worshiping the LORD. I was standing with a multitude of people….as far as the eye could see, and we were ALL worshiping the LORD with their hands extended upward to the sky. Up above them, was JESUS….very large, in the sky. I don’t know if HE was standing on a cloud or just floating.

HE then reached down HIS hand to me, and pulled me up above to where HE was…..and then HE embraced, and gave me a wonderful, big hug. Then I stepped to to side, and HE then pulled up another person from the multitudes….and then another, and another. Soon, it seemed as if we were all standing up there with HIM!


On 9/17/23, I had another vision that was very disturbing, and unsettled me greatly: Once again, I saw JESUS on the same ROCK as the first vision. However, my view enlarged, and I saw that there was a sea of fiery, red and black lava all around HIM. There were NO people…..just HIM alone on the ROCK, surrounded with a sea of volcanic lava.


The first 2 visions are almost self-explanatory. JESUS is the ROCK that rescues those who are asking to be rescued….and then HE sets them free from the tumultuous waves of life. One by one, HE pulls us up to a HIGHER LEVEL with HIM…..but only those who have their hands extended towards HIM. HE hears the cries of HIS people, and is with them always.

“He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps.” Psalms 40:2

“For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock.” Psalms 27:5

“And the LORD said, “Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock.” Exodus 33:21

The 3rd vision, is a chilling reminder of those who reject or don’t encounter JESUS. Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire, along with his followers. It then will be too late for the LORD JESUS to rescue those people.

“And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.Revelation 20:15

MESSAGE: (received while praying on 8/30/23)

“Tell MY people that the enemy has come, and is now taking full stage here on earth. He is going for the ‘gusto’…..full throttle ahead!

There has been an increase of evil, and wickedness, as the PORTALS OF HELL have been opened! The war wages in heaven with the angels, and soon many will be down upon the earth. (Revelation 12:7-9) Satan himself will come, and occupy, here on earth, in the form of a man. He will be MY counterfeit, and will deceive many with is lies, half truths, and miracles. Many will follow him, and even many who call themselves by MY name, will be deceived, because they have not studied MY WORD concerning the antichrist.

The deceptions will be great. the delusion will be in the form of brainwashing. There will be only a small remnant left that will know the difference, and will preach the truth. During this time, the persecutions will be great, and many will be martyred, when their job is done, and they have witnessed for ME. (Matthew 24:9) I will send out MY 3 angels, and they will then proclaim MY truth, MY message, and MY gospel! Then there will be none without excuse! (Revelation 14:6-10) I will then come, and end the schemes of the devil. He will be stopped, and conquered, along with all his faithless followers! For now, life will continue, as it goes deeper, and deeper…..step by step into the darkness. For the enemy has indeed to come to kill, steal and destroy! (John 10:10) For those who have not walked close enough to ME to learn spiritual warfare, they will be overcome.

For My remnant ones, who heed MY calls, I call on you,(once again) to be a STRONG WALL….a STRONG TOWER in the midst of the floods that are coming! Together, using MY NAME, you will stand STRONG… will stand FIRM on the ROCK that you have been hewn from. Nothing will move you, because your feet are planted mightily on MY WORD!”

And I will make you to this people a fortified bronze wall; And they will fight against you, But they shall not prevail against you; For I am with you to save you And deliver you,” says the LORD.” Jeremiah 15:20

 Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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