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Prophetic Warning: Race War Satan’s Plan – MJ


Prophetic Warning: Race War Satan’s Plan

March 29, 2021 1:34 PM

My Children, have nothing to do with the coming race riots! The Satanic media is brewing the storm of hatred. Do NOT fall for it! There is an agenda being pushed forth. It is plain to see. The evil ones are bringing the attention of everyone to a court case. The world will watch every minute of this court case. But you must NOT pay any attention to it. It is meant to divide.

One of Satan’s tactics is to divide and conquer. Satan finds pleasure in watching others do his dirty work for him. He delights in causing my children to hate each other and fight each other. Satan’s agenda has always been to cause hate between humans of different skin tones.

When this court case is over their will be mass riots the likes of which has not yet been seen. Cities will be in turmoil. Their plan has already been set. The trial and everything involved with it is scripted.

The New World Order is banking on the George Floyd trial to be the catalyst which brings America into a civil war.

Pray for My Love and protection to flow around your families and loved ones at this time.


Your Loving Heavenly Father

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