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Prophetic Warning:


urgent call for prayer

the hammer is about to fall

June 23, 2019
Elizabeth Marie

On June 23rd, 2019 I received a ‘word’ while sleeping and then a message from the LORD. After receiving the message, I felt a VERY URGENT CALL FOR PRAYER for our country!

The ‘word’ that I received was


This is a warning for Philadelphia, just like the many warnings that I have received for other parts of the country…..the last warning being for Oregon, which we might be seeing the fulfillment of that now with what is going on with the government.

After a few years of receiving different locations, I know now that the LORD gives these places to me so we can pray for these areas and push back the darkness. They are also places where the LORD allows judgments to fall in order to wake up and shake up the people

Many of the places HE has given me have already had disasters come to pass: France (Paris), N.C., Miami, East Texas. The ones that have not been fulfilled that the LORD has showed me are Arizona, Nevada, NYC, California, and Florida. I know that the LORD has shared with other watchmen, not only these places, but others.

Recently there were over 200 tornadoes in the mid-west in 12 days…..I believe that this a fulfillment of dream I had of 5 black tornadoes back in early 2018.



“All is not well in the State of the Union. Much deception and lies are setting the land on fire. These fires are breaking out in different locations until they grow so large that they will soon join with one another and it will be as one. ( I don’t think these are literal ‘fires,’ but different incidents happening).
Prayers can squelch, hinder and even put out these’ fires.’ It is the instrument of warfare that I give MY children to use. Let the warnings go forth so MY people can hold back the utter chaos and decay that is planned. The enemy comes in like a flood, but I will chase him away with the prayers of MY saints!
Fall on your knees today for your country….for the hammer is about to fall!
Remember that with prayer, things change!
It is never too late to pray! It is never too late to hope! I AM a GOD OF HOPE for all those that call upon ME!
I cry but no one hears
My tears fall, but no one sees (I believe that this is concerning the things that are coming if HIS people DO NOT PRAY!!!)
Let those who care RISE UP on MY behalf and STAND UP for MY KINGDOM!
Do not become lazy and think that you do not have to do anything. Do not let others do your bidding and praying! If MY people who are called by MY name humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven! I listen to the repentant heart.
Confess you sins daily and put on garments of good works for MY kingdom. These are the white linen clothes that you will be married in! (Revelation 19:8)
Now is the time of salvation
Now is the time to pray
Now is the time to consecrate yourself before me
Now is the time to serve with your whole being.
I am not with those who turn back, cower in fear or deny MY name publicly. Those who are for ME will 8march forward to their destiny with ME by their side. They will not wait to serve ME, but will start today! For some, they have been serving ME continually and will be richly blessed.
Remember that faith without works is dead. But works without faith is meaningless. The two work together and make beautiful music to MY ears. (James 2:17)
You have been born for such a time as this….REJOICE!
You are not here by chance and your life is not random, but is a precious gem made by the FATHER
You are loved with such exquisite passion that is only realized in heaven.
Remember love is the answer to all questions because I AM love
I come back to bring MY love to MY own, but to those who have rejected the truth, I come back as a ferocious lion with MY wrath in MY hands.
Bring many into the KINGDOM
Do not miss any opportunities that I give you!


“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

” praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints” Ephesians 6:18









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  1. Peggy Bronson

    I believe that you are right we must stand up for Jesus and be faithful doing his work
    Plus this is a very critical time 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. TrinidadWarrior777

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We come to you today in prayer for the states of the US targeted closests for destruction. Lord we pray for the people of Philadelphia, New York city, California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and any other locations targeted by the enemy. We pray for your voice to come through to believers as as well as unbelievers alike to receive guidance into places of safety directed by you only. We also pray for the homeless and displaced to be lead away from Fema camps and into sanctuaries that offer them true provisions and hope. Lord we Beseech you to intercede for those who refuse to pray that you continue to lead them according to your will. Let your voice be heard louder than ever and draw your people closer to you. In jesus name we thank you for your protection Amen

  3. Bob R.

    Yesterday afternoon 6-21-19 I received an email by a brother named David Jones Sr.. To the best of my knowledge I have never talked with or chatted with him online before. I receive quite a few emails because of my online ministry but this one was different from any other that I have ever received, as you will see when you read it. I took this email before the Lord and asked Him about it and He confirmed it was from Him. I also sent it to a few trusted friends, who I know hear the Lord, and they confirmed it as well. I urge YOU to take this before the Lord Jesus, Yahshua ha Mashiach, for YOURSELF and see what He would have you do about it.
    This is the exact email that I received on the afternoon of June 21, 2019:
    “Jeff this is URGENT! my name is David Jones Sr. I’m a child of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am of the first fruits remnant. On Aug. 8, 2018 I was taken into all night dreams & visions. I was shown of the remnant & the lost & lukewarm. That a dividing was coming. Those still on the fence would be swept away into the evil of this world. Then I was shown a black box, then within this black box red letters began to appear. It said “FALSE FLAG ALERT”. I then came back & opened my eyes. I grabbed my phone thinking a false flag event had happened & all that was on my phone was a notification from YouTube for a video from Mike 444 titled false flag event!! The picture for this video was a black background with black letters saying “false flag alert”! I watched the video & it was a word from our Lord given to YOU about the kick-off event. Fast forward to Nov. 18, 2018. While I was in prayer in the spirit I asked the Lord when would this false flag event occur & I was immediately taken into a vision. I was up in the sky looking down upon a large city at night & I heard the WORD Philadelphia & the words Philadelphia appeared over this city, then i was right back in my prayer. I write ALL my dreams, visions, scriptures & audibles given to me down in my notebooks. Ok, last night around 9pm I came outta prayer & I was TOLD to read through these notebooks! I opened & the page I opened to was the vision of Philadelphia & the kick-off event. A sister in Christ THEN sent me a msg asking what i was doing, & i told her that the Lord led me to my notebooks & right to the vision of Philadelphia & I told her that this is what i was given as to what to look for BEFORE the kick-off event would occur. This morning I wake up to ANOTHER msg from this sister & she’s saying that she’s losing it because of what I told her last night. She said she turned on her tv this morning & all she’s seeing is explosions in Philadelphia!! The largest gas refinery in the USA exploded at 4am eastern time. The kick off event that you were told about is about to occur Jeff!! I have no platform but Facebook to share this with. I’ve been crying ALL morning because the Lord is telling me that the lost & lukewarm will be lost. PLEASE take ALL this to the Lord & share if he confirms this to you!! I will post on Facebook & reach out to others to share as well. God bless you and yours.This is a picture from the explosions in Philadelphia this morning”
    Jeff Byerly Post. Holy Spirit Wind

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