Prophetic Warning Dream 2X: Gainesville, Florida. USA – Michelle Katherine Orts

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Prophetic Warning Dream 2X: Gainesville, Florida, USA

September 21, 2022 7:13 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

7:08PM Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

I received a prophetic warning dream about Gainesville, Florida, two days/nights in a row. I am submitting this to you for your prayerful review and publishing.

God Bless you and all whom surround you in service to Our Mighty King Jesus,

In King Jesus’ Holy and Agape Love and in King Jesus’ Service,

Prophetic Warning Dream2X: Gainesville, Florida. USA
Received two times from Jesus’ Holy Spirit the early hours of September 20th and late evening of September 20th into the 21st of September, 2022

Dear Fellow Warrior Saints of Yeshus Ha Mashiach, Jesus The Lamb of God made flesh, The Sinless Word of God slain for our transgressions before the Foundation of the earth,

Two nights in a row I dreamed of “Gainesville, Florida.” In my second dream, I consciously noted within my dream, that I was dreaming a second time of this specific geographic location. I have never been to Gainesville, Florida as far as I know. I have been to Florida many times on vacation and visiting relatives but not to Gainesville, Florida.

In my recurring dream, both times I was hurriedly driving to reach Gainesville, Florida for an unknown reason, except that I knew that my goal was to reach safety. I was driving in a car and was being followed by another car which was being driven by a significant person in my real life past.

There was zero communication between this person and myself. I was concerned that this person was lost so I temporarily diverted my travels so they could catch up to me pulling off to a side street off ramp only to immediately resume driving again back onto the freeway or highway.

I was aware of my thoughts in this dream. I knew that it was unsafe for me to stop my car for any reason whatsoever until I reached my destination. I could only pray for the person who had been following me to also find their own way, I had to fully surrender my concerns for them and give my worries to the Lord and focus on my own immediate safety. I prayed also for myself entrusting my security to Father God in Jesus’ Name.

I was traveling at night the entire duration of my dream. Both dreams on both nights were identical. There were no working street lights on the highways or on any side streets. When I arrived to my perceived destination of Gainesville, Florida, after following all the posted highway and byway signs, I felt no safer.

Everything I saw was dirty, disheveled and everyone and everything was blackened as if by a very close smoky and sooty fire. There were countless young persons, mostly men wandering and lurking about in the shadows of even deeper darkness clustered in large groups. There was no physical light seen yet I could see clearly enough as if I had a spiritual sort of “night vision” capability.

I tentatively left my vehicle in hopes that I would find the person that I knew who had previously been following me or hoped to find at least someone trustworthy enough to assist me in finding help of what I should do or where I should go next. As soon as I left the safety of my vehicle, I knew that I was immediately in danger. I was straight away targeted by malcontent individuals who clearly intended to physically and to sexually molest and to rape me.

Now separated from my only source of physical security, my personal and secure vehicle, I was very vulnerable. The dark and dank surroundings and the strong stench of ammonia and human waste reminded me of my only thankfully brief physiological, real world memories of the NY Subway system and even portions of the platforms and publicly accessible portions of tunnels to board the trains leaving Grand Central Station for commuters to go back and forth from Connecticut and New York City.

In real life, both of my parents had commuted back and forth daily for many years. I had also traveled that train route for various chaperoned school and family visits to museums and other events into New York City several times in my life as a child, teenager and then as an adult visiting alone for work audition reasons. It was much safer then than it is now.

In my warning dreams Gainesville, Florida had become the worst of New York City’s hidden underground tunnels and I was allowed to physically experience within my dream the very real threats that the enemy of God intends to inflict upon the Children of God, particularly women. I am very shaken by the experience even though it occurred in my dream state.

I plead The Holy Blood of Jesus upon myself, all my family members and upon ALL CHILDREN, ALL WOMEN, ALL MEN upon ALL SAINTS of God everywhere in the Holy and Mighty Name of Jesus, The Word, God made flesh. I pray for souls to be eternally saved. I pray for hearts, minds and bodies to be healed, delivered and restored, filled, renewed and overflowing with The Holy Healing Presence of The Living God Jesus by The Holy Fire and Holy Baptism of Jesus Holy Spirit.

This was a very tough dream, and to have the same dream twice, well, I believe that God wants us ALL to PAY ATTENTION! Be wise. We must, all of us, always submit our plans to Jesus and not trust our own thoughts or reasoning. We must always yield to Jesus before making any plans, doing anything or going anywhere, especially alone!

God’s Word promises us that Creator God only allows us to experience what He knows we can endure. God never allows us to be given more than we can endure. Pray for us all to remain strong, courageous and faithful to Jesus even to the point of death. For some of us may have to endure things we would never have thought would occur. I pray against all the plans of the enemy and I plead the MIGHTY, HOLY AND PERFECT, SINLESS BLOOD OF JESUS UPON EVERYONE AND UPON YOUR LOVED ONES who are reading this right now.

Call to action led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Pray for Gainesville, Florida. And pray for the safety of all women and children including all boys and girls globally. Pray for the safety of Godly men of all ages too! Pray for Godly men and for Godly women to be willing and ready to be used by God to raise up a Standard by The Power of the Holy Spirit.

I just shared this dream with my husband David. He said Gainesville, Florida is in the news today. I have not yet looked at the news.

Be safe. Remain firm in Jesus always in all ways. Love you all in Jesus’ Agape and Holy Love and Mighty is Our Lord God and King! Yeshua Creator God of Everything!

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic Ordained Minister David Orts

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