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PROPHETIC WARNING: Crop Failure – Elizabeth Maire

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June 14, 2024 10:13 PM
Elizabeth Maire

For years now, the LORD has been warning me over and over again about 4 things that are coming, unless the PRAYER OF THE SAINTS hold them back. These 4 things also correlate to the 4 HORSES OF THE APOCALYPSE in Revelation 6. Not only are these 4 horses all inter-related, and connected, but they are the same judgments that the LORD brought upon Ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

Those 4 things are :


  • WAR




A few days ago, I saw an X clip  about what is happening in South East Idaho concerning the farmers and water issues.  Apparently there is a ‘water containment order,’ from Water Resources, that is stopping the watering of the crops, so they can keep them from growing.  Here is that clip:

While watching the video, immediately, the HOLY SPIRIT reminded me of all the dreams and visions that I received concerning a FAMINE in America. Many of those dreams were about POTATOES, which pointed to a famine…..much like the ‘forced’ Irish Potato Famine. It has been years since I received them….. and they seemed so ‘far fetched,’ and unlikely to happen…….until now!

Here are a few of those dream/visions:

More recently, the LORD has started giving me some other warnings concerning the FOOD SHORTAGES:


On 3/21/24, I woke up to this ‘word:’


I believe this is in reference to a drought (either natural or forced), in the heart of the bread basketMidwest.  This goes along with what is happening with no water to the Idaho farmers right now!


On 6/14/24, I had a dream where I was outside of a store…. like a ‘big box’ store that carried a little of everything, including food.  All of a sudden, I heard that the store was closing in the middle of the day…..at 2:40 pm!  I panicked, and knew that I better run inside quickly to grab whatever they closed the doors.

However, when I got to the door, there was a metal, pull down gate that was half-way closed…..similar to a garage door.  I crouched down, and went under, in order to get in the store before it closed completely.  I then heard someone yell at me, ‘hey, you can’t do that!’  Then I woke up!


This is another dream about businesses closing (I have had many of those just this year!).  The mesh gate being only HALF OPEN, means that there is still time to get prepared, but soon the door will be closing.

The ‘2:40’ pm in the afternoon, I looked up in STRONG CONCORDANCE what the ‘24’ means….which applys to how people will feel when the stores are no longer providing for our needs: 

“indignation, irritation, vexation”


This is another call for GOD’s people to prepare both physically, and spiritually.

ALSO, let the SAINTS flood the Gates of Heaven with PETITIONS & PRAYERS! The enemy has a terrible agenda for the U.S, as well for many other parts of the world……however, the GOOD NEWS is that underestimates the POWER that has been given to the true believers in CHRIST JESUS!!!

Photos courtesy Pixabay



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