Prophetic Proclamation – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Prophetic Proclamation

February 20, 2023 12:20 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

This message was given to me, Whitney Eslick Manuel, over the course of a week, from Sunday (February 5, 2023) to Sunday (February 12, 2023).


I heard these 3 descriptions of GOD in the Spirit while at church during worship on Sunday (February 12, 2023). I did not know at the time that lightning had struck the famous CHRIST the REDEEMER statue, the largest depiction of JESUS in the entire world just 2 days earlier on Friday (February 10, 2023).

It was interesting because the previous Sunday (February 5, 2023), also during worship, the LORD kept telling me to sing about “The GOD of Wonder”. I often sing different lyrics than the songs being sung by the worship team and congregation, especially when led by the HOLY SPIRIT. So here I was, hearing the FATHER instructing me over and over to sing about His wonders and about the GOD of Wonders; it must have lasted around 10-15 minutes. Then, after all this, the worship team started to sing a song that had this exact phrase in it’s introduction, “GOD of Wonders”!!

I literally laughed out loud in joy and amazement and said, “Of course!” I was in awe and in tears. Awe especially because I knew it was confirming what I was feeling in my spirit— that the LORD is about to show up once again in a BIG way, a never before seen way, as the GOD OF WONDERS!!!

I meditated on this message throughout the week and even thought to do a post about it, about His prophetic proclamation that the earth will once again see His wonders and know Him as the GOD OF WONDERS, but I never put it to type. Then, fast forward to the next Sunday (February 12, 2023) and this is what I heard while in worship:


It was that very day, when I got home from church, that I heard the news report about this massive lightning strike hitting (and being captured on camera) the famous CHRIST THE REDEEMER statue. I believe the LORD has given us a clear message, church— The earth is getting ready to see the GOD OF GLORY, the GOD OF THUNDER, the GOD OF WONDER!!!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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