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Prophetic Message for France – Pierrick from France

Prophetic message for France

September 6, 2021 4:51 AM
Pierrick from France 🇫🇷

Hi 444,

I hope you are fine and you find peace in the Lord during these weird times…

I received a message for my country 🇫🇷France, on the 28th of june 2021. Here is the youtube link https://youtu.be/e2WenyMq3hc and the translation (via deepl).

May the Lord give you strength


Oh leaders of France, of this great prostitute who prostitutes herself in the eyes of the world for her pimp Lucifer, listen to the words of the one who once guided you, embraced you and died for you and for the sins of your people. A people with a heart as cold as ice, a stiff-necked people who have forgotten the great things I have done for them. The names of his children are engraved in the palm of my hands. It is the signature of a God for all. A God who condescends to stoop even to the mire to save his children from the clutches of the adversary who leads them down the gentle slope that leads to hell, to the captivity of the spirit.

Oh leaders of France, speak to Me of your children as I have just spoken to you of Mine. These children whom I brought to me in order to bless them, these children whom I have so loved and protected during my ministry on this earth. These children for whom I bled with every pore of my skin. These children who thanks to my atonement, alone at the winepress, are holy and pure and without stain before me. How dare you, proud France abuse my children, rape them, touch them, manipulate them and murder them en masse!

Know oh leaders of this fallen nation, that soon the scavengers of your master Lucifer will come and devour you and for all these things you will be held accountable before the throne of God Almighty. Each and every one of you will be judged for your sins and also for all the atrocities you have done to my children. I am angry with you France! The day of my vengeance is at the door and you will be left with nothing but your eyes to cry for I am tired of hearing the cry of blood coming up to me night and day. I am tired of seeing your iniquities before my face! And on top of all this, you increase your crimes by making other nations drink the cup of my indignation, which you will intoxicate, which you will contaminate with your poisonous words, your wars, your policies and your Luciferian values.
The one who once claimed the title of my daughter and now the daughter of another, I no longer want her. Your father Lucifer will abandon you to his destructive hordes as you, leaders of France, abandon my children to their sad fate.

Oh France, Oh inhabitants of this beautiful country, repent so that your soul does not perish because of your leaders mired in sin. Turn your heart to God, come to Me so that your soul does not reside eternally in the torments of hell. As for you, leaders of France, persevere in your sins, add shame to your ignominy. Soon the end is coming. The hour of judgment is near and cannot be delayed. Unlike your corrupt judges, the Father will judge your cases in all holiness and His word is terrible, eternal and just. Woe, woe, woe to you who have in your hands the power to change the course of events but whose hands are stained with the blood of the Righteous. Soon I will not hear your cries. Soon my eyes will no longer see you writhing in pain. Soon my hand will no longer be extended to help you. A few more minutes and your judgment will be pronounced from above.

May God bless the faithful and those who are faithful to His Holy name.


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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