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Prophetic Dream: The Mark of the Beast … A Celebrated Choice – Joanie Stahl

Prophetic Dream – The Mark of the Beast … A Celebrated Choice

By Joanie Stahl (June 2018)

Conclusion by Tony K. and Brook A.

Dream – June 20, 2018

In my dream, I was outside somewhere and it was a nice day. I was doing mundane things, which I cannot readily recall. Next thing I knew, the scene immediately changed and I was in a very large indoor. I was suddenly in the midst of very many people like a huge celebration. Something notable to celebrate was going on, as if something big had happened.

It was not like any other celebration. It was had the feeling of an earthly or worldly celebration, more so than New Years. It felt like Mardi Gras. (I am trying to capture the feel, look, and the energy of it). People were all partying, laughing, and talking very loudly, as to be expected at a huge party.

I noticed everyone was dressed in clothing worn to a party. It was not elegant, nice clothing, but a bit on the trashy side if you get the picture. I saw everyone but no one saw me.

Suddenly, it was revealed to me that I was in Canada. In fact, when that knowledge came to me I was shocked and said to myself, “How am I in Canada! How did I get here”! I felt great alarm and fear.

Then, I noticed that every person had what looked like a tiny metallic piece embedded within their skin and upon their heads. I was very tiny, yet big enough for me to see it clearly. I took interest as to why it was embedded in their skin and yet remained visible on the outside. It was a tiny silvery square with small lines in it.

I first noticed it on a wild looking woman who wore red and black, having black hair and tattoos. She was holding a drink in her hands and her loud, gaping, obnoxious mouth was blaring out raunchy laughter.

Her body moved in a very seductive manner. This disgusted me. Actually, I saw everyone in this same way – vulgar, tasteless, and empty. It seemed humanity was completely lost and void of Jesus. Everyone had the appearance of being dirty, like greasy and filthy. They all behaved identically, and each possessed a hollow blackness with a deep darkness in their eyes. There was a Satanic wildness to everyone, as if all were soulless.

I was seated in the very center of them, while everyone was acting wildly out of control. It was a rowdy, heathenistic celebration. I keep repeating this because it was completely evident that something enormous had just happened in Canada, and all the citizens were more than elated over it. They displayed an over-the-top euphoria due to whatever change had taken place.

I really feel to emphasize that whatever it was that happened in that country evoked a type of celebratory hysteria. I also knew that the celebrating I was watching was throughout the entire country of Canada.

Everyone was standing, walking, and running around in wild animal-like fervor. I looked up at every persons head to try to see if it was only a few that had the metallic piece embedded in their heads, but it was everyone. I said to myself, “Is this the mark of the Beast”?

I did not have the “chip” in my head, but everyone else did. I also knew that I was in Canada by some strange act of God just to witness this. I still felt increasingly afraid. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. There was such a feeling of great fear, and I felt like I had to get away from those people! As soon as I felt that, I woke up.

Joanie’s Interpretation

In this particular dream, it went from a common, normal day to a radical location change. This signifies to me that what is coming will happen suddenly and when least expected, take us by surprise. The odd thing is that I found myself instantly and literally in Canada of all places. I say this because though we are neighboring countries, it is a rarity to give it any thought.

Canada is one of those nations that are mostly quiet on the global and journalism front. I see very little reported on it, which made this particular dream even more provocative. I experienced a rather intense alarm mixed with shock and fear as soon as I realized I was there.

This also raised questions to me even within the dream because I felt that I was in some type of serious danger. It felt as though I was watching something that was escalating to my demise, even though it was a wild party and no one seemed to see me. Nevertheless, I was still afraid.

What I know I was witnessing was that there was an event that had just happened that affected their entire nation. It was a national game changer. It was something that wouldnowbring about a new order to things and a type of newfreedom.

I had a powerful direct knowledge that there was a New World Order of things. The celebrating was greater than anything previously celebrated on earth. It eclipsed what I tried to explain as it being greater than New Year’s Day mixed with Mardi Gras. I saw heavy drinking and gross drunkenness, and lasciviousness.

The obvious central point of this wild celebration was that everyone had a tiny metallic piece embedded in their foreheads, which I knew was the mark of the Beast. I was certain of it. Though I marveled at it, I knew it could be nothing else but that, which only increased the rising terror in me when upon this realization.

The reason it was partially embedded and partially stuck out was to show me two things at once.

The verses below show both things. First, the location is the forehead, and secondly that the mark is embedded in it. In my dream, I saw both. The reason I could see it was because the Holy Spirit had to show it to me this way or I would not have been able to see it at all. Meaning, if it was totally underneath the skin, it would not have been visible and gone unnoticed.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.” ~ Revelation 13:16-18, KJV.

What I want to say that I did not include in the dream is that more than anything, I strongly knew that this meant a new way of life for them and that their previous way of life was gone forever. That is why all the people were rejoicing.

The wild, seductive woman dressed in black and red represented witchcraft. She was the focal point of it all. She was captivating and took center stage among all the people. She wreaked of what the woman who rides the beast symbolizes. You can read about her in Revelation 17:1-5.

This account in scripture reveals that she “rides the beast” because the Antichrist and his system support her. I feel also to say that those who dressed trashy and were filthy and dirty represent the masses who follow her. They love her and are intoxicated with her promises of a new national economy and other freedoms. I believe that the trashy clothes and filthiness do not represent the poor of the land, but the wretched filthiness of total sin and depravity.

The blackness in their soulless eyes, as well as the satanic, feral-like wild behavior was because after taking the mark, it turned them into that. I saw that they were doomed. They sold their souls and were filled with that darkness … the darkness of hell. The mark sealed their eternal destiny.

This dream was spiritual foresight into a prophetic event that is very soon to come upon this world, and in the short future. I want to say in circling back around about it being Canada, that God is trying to show us that when the mark becomes globally required it will happen first where everyone will least expect it or in a nation last on anyone’s list. Do not be fooled. This is going to happen in nations that no one is paying any attention to at that time.

The dream was meant for us to be aware and look in places where you would never have thought of looking before. What does the government of Canada know? What do they have planned? Is this mark of the Beast already slated for a date around the corner?

The feeling of fear and danger growing meant that when this takes place there will be a period of celebratory hysteria. However, when that dies down, which will be quickly, the Christians who refuse to take the mark will stand out. There will be incredible life threatening circumstances for them. They will feel this same terror, accompanied with the need to run for their lives.

Joanie S.


I find this dream to be really interesting. I am not sure why Canada was chosen specifically. What interests me most is that the people are celebrating the new Mark of the Beast “chip” or DNA implant, or whatever it is. It is a reason to party. They love it! That is what I get from this. See, most people think the Beast FORCES people to take the mark, but that is not what the scripture actually says. It says he CAUSES people to take the mark … BIG difference! It does not necessarily mean that people will be forced into a social security line and coerced into taking an RFID chip implant that they do not want.

I think many people have that type of picture when they envisage the Beast 666 system. They imagine bedraggled citizens lined up to be “chipped” because they do not want to starve or be unable to buy or sell and participate in daily commerce. However, The Beast may introduce people to a seemingly “wonderful” new technology that alters their DNA, promising great benefits (trans-humanism?). The majority of people may want, and love (at least at first) this implant. Therefore, for them it is party time!

Joanie Stahl did not know this, but when she sent me the article of her dream, that very same day I interviewed Doug Hamp for the A Minute to Midnite Show covering that very topic! Here is a link to that discussion in a video.

Tony K.

I agree in that the Mark will not be something FORCED. It will be a system that societies will gladly and willingly accept. I see it as anything else technology related in this world. Change just happens. It is no different from when eight-tracks seemingly overnight turned into cassette tapes. VCR’s turned into DVD players. Cassette tapes were replaced with CD’s, and the list goes on. This is all part of the normal flow of a technology-based society. How many of us were excited and could not wait to have the newest technology on the market? As I said, it took no time before the old became useless so everyone had no choice but to switch over to the new.

Look at how our currency has changed since earlier centuries. We went from specie (coins), commodity money, and little paper money to eventually the currency used today. Yet, as time and advancements marched on, people just went with it and were excited about new changes. At some point, credit cards became a way to replace cash and majority were elated to have such an item. Next came the debit card that no one is without. Yet, we have all just gone with every change that has come along.

I see the Beast System as far as what the Mark will do to be no different. It will be just like any other advancement. What we have done is to make everything more readily available and easy. I have no doubt that since the beginning, this has all been used to create the desire for people to never question change. Nothing like the harm in what the mark of the Beast will do has ever occurred, so why would anyone without the Biblical knowledge of it not fall into its eternal soul-losing trap? As far as Americans, they want everything that will make life as simplistic and easy as possible. Therefore, a “chip” or “mark” embedded under the skin will be something people will run at the chance to receive. How much you want to bet that it will be made to where every economic class can get it easily – possibly even free or little charge for some groups.

The “force” will occur when it comes to Christians who are prepared and understand its consequences and a mandatory system we refuse. This we know will turn into the slaying of countless of God’s people becoming martyred for their refusal of the mark. I believe it may come on a voluntary basis … at FIRST. Just like anything else. I also believe that Christians had better have their discernment in high gear as it may not all come into play like we might expect (This is just a speculation from experience).

Just like in the dream, the Bible tells us this mark will be IN the right hand or IN the forehead. It does not say that it will be “on” either one. Many modern translations have changed that to “on”, so I am very cautious of this. There is already so much technology that can be implanted in the skin; therefore, I do not foresee this coming in decades up the road, for it is already here. There is still a chain of events that must take place, but it is foolish to believe this is nowhere close to fruition. It could be another 25 to 50 years before this comes to pass (which I cannot see as too far down the road due to the state of this world and the signs of the End Times already upon us). Yet, considering the 2.5 thousand years since Jesus was crucified, as well as the thousands of years since John was shown these events in the book of Revelation, that would still be considered “SOON”!

We already barely use cash anymore, and most transactions take place online. Some schools accept fingerprints as a method to pay lunch. Whatever the case, prophecy is being fulfilled NOW. We cannot afford to become lazy and stop spiritually preparing for the inevitable. No matter how this all plays out, if we are here when the Beast System arrives, never let fear, hunger, or even death cost you your soul.

Brook A.


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