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Prophetic Dream Global Amnesia Planned During Great American Eclipse by Worshipping Aphophis – Michelle w/ husband David Orts

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Prophetic Dream Global Amnesia Planned During Great American Eclipse by Worshipping Aphophis

April 8, 2024 1:04 PM
Michelle w/ husband David Orts

The Lord Jesus being Merciful had given me “time off” so to speak from publicly sharing my dreams. In fact for several months I was unable to remember any of my dreams. At first I thought perhaps I was perhaps being disciplined for some unconfessed sin or? So every day I would repent for anything in my past that I could remember. I would be quick to repent for momentary lapse in my behavior such as a short tempered unkind word toward my husband or even a bad thought or two.

Then Jesus reminded me. I already forgave you. Your sins are no more. You are IN ME and I AM in you. I don’t remember what you remember. I washed you clean with My Word. With the Washing of my Word.

Then I had a dream. I only remembered one theme. It was Global Amnesia. Jesus said just two words given to me with accompanying understanding of what it meant by His Holy Spirit. “Global Amnesia.” Tell them. Tell them to pray for USA. The Enemy wants them to forget about Me and focus on him. The SERPENT aka APEP aka Aphophis.


Global Amnesia is being planned by The Enemies of Mankind. Those who hate Creator God and those who desire to depopulate the earth down to their randomly chosen arbitrary number of 500,000,000 plan to somehow influence mankind’s collective memories.

Please be in prayer today especially during the #GreatAmericanEclipse I believe based upon code words chosen by NASA that it has nefarious meanings. NASA is going to shoot 3 missiles towards the eclipse and the project’s name is APEP which means SERPENT or Aphophis. I have previously shared (here on Prophecy444News) an extremely important warning dream about Aphophis and being I my dreams in Washington DC which is our nation’s governance Capitol. We do NOT want to be governed by Dark Entities who wish us to forget Our Creator.

Please my Precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus be in prayer today especially during the Great American Eclipse. My prayerful suggestion to all, and my husband David Orts is in agreement with me about this, is to NOT participate in watching the eclipse or to celebrate it in any way for by so doing one may be indirectly or directly actually worshipping a pagan sata_ic false god or deity called Aphophis.

May The Lord Jesus receive ALL Glory Honor now and forevermore.

In King Jesus Holy Agape Love and in His Service,
Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove wife to my loving husband Ordained Apostolic Minister David Orts

Photos courtesy Depositphotos & Commons.m.wikimedia.org


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