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Prophetic Dream about Trump, Pelosi, congress, and coming events – Tim Dixon

Prophetic Dream about Trump, Pelosi, congress, and coming events.

February 4, 2021
Tim Dixon

Trusting the Lord and making a note that we are in a very critical time, here is one prophetic news, a shaking, a political storm, given to Bro. Tim Dixon on 2021-01-24. This prophetic word is more or less the same as what is given to Dana Coverstone and many others. Take this too to the Lord.


1. Capital Building-The Mighty Glorious Lion came out, made a loud Roar.
2. The Seven men blew seven Trumpets, one by one.
3. Trump declared 4 more years as King, as a President
4. The storm came.
5. The two on the back of two Donkeys, the donkeys died. The man on the back of the donkey died and the lady ran.
6. The Storm came into the capital-blew everything inside.
Many disappear, no more, few revived unscathed
7. The storm went out and passed through the field.

Auto Generated Transcript

praise the lord
my name is timothy dixon
i am a minister a preacher
of the gospel of jesus christ i am
also an over-the-road truck driver
a lot of the minister friends i have
um has encouraged me to record this
i’ve had about four nights ago
all through my years first
for quite a while of serving the lord
i’ve had a number of dreams
and god speaks to me that way
without further ado i’m going
uh i want us to say a prayer and i pray
that this video
gives you hope and gives you courage
and uh maybe someone can uh
you can interpret it how you will i’m
read the dream as i’ve had it let’s pray
lord i thank you for
your saving grace i thank you for your
mercy i
got to thank you that you’re able to
do the impossible
god when we can’t do it you can
lord i ask you to bless all the
listeners anoint their ears
god open up
their understanding god that they can
hear the word in the name of jesus
christ i pray
i had a dream that i saw the capitol
and the steps
that went down was real long had a patio
leading out to the steps back to the
and like two pinnacles on each side of
the steps
out of the doors
of the capital came a lion
and this lion it run out cross the patio
when it did it it’s it run out on top of
one of the pinnacles and it stood and
throwed its chest up and
raised its head and it looked so
so majestical and so chernobyl
and it it it
roared with a real loud roar
and i seen from the up to from the front
they they were seven men that come out
and started walking down
the patio through the across the patio
towards the stems
these men looked like some kind of of
rabbi or
priest from but i knew that these seven
that they were from the tribe of judah
of israel
and each one of them had a chauffeur
a ram’s horn and as they walked out
that lion was standing
on that pinnacle and they had roar they
they walked out and
each one they separated themselves like
maybe eight nine foot something like
that apart
but i knew for some reason that they
exact if you took a tape measure
they was exactly the same distance apart
seven sprawled out and one by one
they blew their horns
until all had blowed the seven horns
and when that i looked out
and in the front was a crowd of people
that looked just like a sea just as far
back as you could look towards the
george washington the washington
you could just look back just as far as
you could see and there was people
it just it looked like just i don’t know
how to number the people but there were
so many
way beyond just as far as you could see
down to where that
that pool is even just way back
just as far as your eyes could behold
and i’ve seen the washington monument
and there was a door in the bottom of it
and out of that door it opened up and
swang to the outside
and out of that door came president
and what he did he walked up through the
crowd of the people
and the people just went crazy
they they started lifting up their hands
and praising and magnifying god
and and you could hear them all of them
was saying lord i
thank you for your mercy i
thank you for four more years
and as he walked on up towards the front
towards the stamps
there was a man come out from up around
the capitol like
like he was heared from from people you
couldn’t you couldn’t
you couldn’t see him but when he when he
come out he
he like he manifested himself and he had
a staff in his hand
and he walked out with the staff
and them seven other uh priests
rabbis from judah
they screamed with a loud voice
the seven did and the man with the staff
didn’t say
but the 7 said that the lion
of the tribe of judah has
prevailed then
the man with the staff they were
standing at the bottom they gave a white
mule to president trump
and they were standing there and all of
a sudden a
great storm like a like a hurricane
it blew up and it started
just so violent and out of the hurricane
came a whirlwind
and that whirlwind it come down and set
down on top of the
the patio and it started spinning out of
the whirlwind came a man
that man walked down to the front he had
a horn of oil in his hand
and he anointed president trump over his
poured it on top of his head and and
and said the man with the staff
and the man that come out of the
whirlwind told
president trump said i anoint you king
i anoint you president of the united
four more years
after that i looked to the right and it
was like a alley
over to my right and i looked
and there was two donkeys with two
sitting on the donkeys one was a woman
and one was a man
and the man with the staff he jabbed his
staff down
on the ground on the bottom step just
jabbing on the ground and when he did
the man that come out of the whirlwind
went back up inside the whirlwind
and over to my right the two donkeys
right there in the streets
and the man that was sitting on a donkey
grabbed his chest
and he passed away fell dead with a
heart attack
the woman run inside the capitol
she had daggers like
like some kind of throat knives that was
hidden you couldn’t see them
nobody in the public you she had like a
purple dress on
and she ran out and started running in
when she got inside the capitol
the senate and the house and
the congress all the politicians
she was pulling those daggers out behind
her back and just throwing them
just throwing them and throwing them and
throwing them and throwing them
and and she had one she walked up to
nancy pelosi
and nancy was standing at that little
and her hand and the woman
jabbed it down in her hand to the
to the podium
and when she done that that tornado
that had the man it blew inside the
doors and come inside the capitol
oh thank you jesus and when it blowed
inside the capitol
it was such a chaotic pressure it
it’s like one of these news videos you
see where a tornado was hit a
hit a residential area and just tore all
the pieces
that’s how the inside looked
the storm after it blowed inside
it left back out the doors and it moved
on through through the land it was just
like a tornado does but it blowed on out
through the land
and the man with the staff started
walking out through the land he was on
i went back inside the capitol
and nobody man there was so many people
that was gone
nancy she wasn’t she wasn’t there no
schumer so many other people they
weren’t there they were gone
and then i looked around
and i was i was amazed because there was
there was a a group i don’t know how
but there was a number of a little
smaller number
of people that their ties weren’t even
messed up
their hair was not blowed one piece out
of place
they were kept through this storm
and the two men
had said
uh actually before the two men had said
before they went
before the man stabbed his
staff on the ground and and the
other man was caught up in the whirlwind
they both had said at that point said to
stand still
and see the salvation of the lord
that god is fixing to work wonders
and then all this started taking place
and and it just
it just it was so
so powerful that when i woke up i was
sick in my stomach i
uh weak
just sick just plum shook at what i’d
i pray that this finds you to be a
blessing to you
you can interpret it as you will
i believe god has his eyes on the
devil satan will not have this country
not now
god’s gonna move
it’s gonna be a great biblical
a power of god that no one can stop
may the lord bless you and keep you
i pray for all our leaders i pray for
i pray for all that is
in our country
i pray for everyone across the world
because god is fixing to move he’s
fixing to send
great revival across this land
god bless you is my prayers pray for me
when you pray god bless

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