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Interpretation: Erin’s Prophetic Dream 445 The First Sunday after the Election [by Tim Foster]


Prophetic Dream 445 The First Sunday after the Election

Received on Sunday, November 8, 2020
Dream by Erin http://sparrowcloud9.com
Interpretation & Summary by Tim Foster

Full Length Original Article Can Be Found Here

Because dream is copyrighted below is a summary and interpretation by Tim Foster

1st Sunday after the Election & interpretation of her dream below:

The first sub-dream is a very detailed dream of a bull fight where Trump is the bull and being left for dead – take this to the LORD – the result of this dream is different than what some are saying – take this to the LORD – I am only passing along another prophetic voice. Time will tell which set of prophets are correct.

1. The bull fight represents the election and the fight on Trump’s part to prove voter fraud in the election.

2. The 42 matadors appear to be 42 Senators or deep state operatives fighting against him.

3. The Bull (Trump) is stabbed and practically left for dead, but in their celebration, the matadors fail to give the bull the final blow – they mistakenly assume that the Bull (Trump) is dead – BUT HE IS STILL ALIVE !

4. There is a king and queen in the crowd who are celebrating who appear to be Biden and Harris.

5. During the celebration, there is a group of judges (Supreme Court) that actually stop the fighting and pull out an orange flag which in real bull fights does occur occasionally where the judges of the fight allow the bull to live.

6. The judges say that the Bull (Trump) has 15 minutes more time to live and raise himself up, if he can.

[Note – Currently the electoral college will meet to certify the election on December 14, but if Trump has valid voter fraud claims – and Biden does not have enough votes (270) to win, then, Supreme Court could delay the Electoral College vote on December 14. The extra 15 minutes appear to be 15 extra days taking the vote out to Dec 29 – Giving both Biden and Trump to finalize the lawsuits and either of them obtain the 270 needed for victory]

7. The king and queen are FURIOUS at the judges and want to have them removed from the event.

8. The judges now decide to allow the bull (Trump) another 7 minutes to live or die and if he can pull himself up within the next 7 minutes, he can live and remain.

[Note: This extra 7 minutes appears to be another 7 days where Trump is given extra time to prove voter fraud and prove that the close states were actually won by him, instead of Biden – another 7 days appears to be January 5, 2021.]

9. Four donkeys show up to drag the bull from the fighting ring. These four donkeys appear to be four ex-presidents. This is how a real bull fight ends – see the picture below. The ex-presidents appear to come to Whitehouse to persuade Trump to concede and quit the voter fraud court cases.

10. Just as the bull is being dragged out of the stadium, a huge shaking – earthquake occurs and all of a sudden the bull comes to life and stands up – which implies Trump wins the fraudulent voter case and then has enough votes to win in the electoral college. See the actual dream link below for the ending – it’s will surprise you.

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