Prophetic Alert – William Tyrone Jackson

Prophetic Alert – William Tyrone Jackson

The Holy Spirit said that the enemy is distracting people through Trump and Putin… while there is secret demonic activity by the enemy going on that isn’t being promoted in the media. It is almost as if I see a dirty house and within the corners and crevices I see roaches running, fleeing as soon as light hits them. I see roaches attempting to relocate into other places in this house, however I see a light shining upon them and they keep attempting to find new places to hide until there is nowhere else to hide. The Lord says that these roaches represent the corruption in the U.S. and His exposure will continue to hit it RELENTLESSLY. Out of fear the enemy will continue to try to promote stories that will distract people from what God is doing, however I saw a foot hit the floor board and I heard God say, “ENOUGH!”… The Lord has set a trap for the enemy and the enemy is RUNNING RIGHT INTO IT! This is BIGGER than Trump, Trump is a chess piece in the hand of God for a bigger purpose in connection to the Kingdom of God. Continue to pray for Trump and our government!

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