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By Prophet Dr. David Owuor


By The TWO WITNESSES of Revelation 11 & Zechariah 4, Prophesied Live via, April 8th, 2018.

Jehovah has spoken with me. Jehovah the LORD of all Hosts. The LORD of Lords, and the King of all kings, Jehovah Yahweh, Jehovah Elohim, The LORD God Adonai, He has spoken with me this past night. And there are several conversations all the way up to a few hours ago, about two hours ago.

But I see the U.S. flag. I see the U.S. flag and I see it has been shredded into small, small, small strips. It was quite destroyed. The LORD showed me someone lifting, someone was lifting a U.S. flag but it was shredded, shredded into small small strips, small, small strips. And someone was trying to waive it, but I see the U.S. flag in small, small, small pieces.

And then I was also walking by. I was going through some places–the LORD took me some places where the conditions were not very good, after I had seen the U.S. flag. Then I saw now people and the LORD makes me know it is Sunday and they were going to church, but things were not good, it was filthy. The church was very filthy. I see a lot of dirty water and all these things all over.

But I see the U.S. flag shredded, shredded into very small, small pieces, I mean strips, and dirty and shredded. And then the LORD takes me now to people –after He shows me that flag– He shows me people going to church and one of the pastors says, “Thank you for giving me these scriptures. I am going to read them in church.”

But there was a lot of water. I see a lot of dirty water in the churches the conditions were not very good: dirty filthy water, very, very filthy water almost like human waste. It was very bad, very very bad. I was trying to see if I could walk there; it was bad.

I could see this. I could see that people were from church. I knew it was a Sunday. This was the condition of the church the places they were worshipping from. This is what the LORD has as shown this night and spoken with me about.

And so there is need for the United States of America to repent. There is a need for the entire church in the USA to repent to stop these games they are playing.

They are pretending that they are not aware that the LORD has sent a Messenger to minister to them the instruction of Heaven; the instruction of Jehovah Yahweh, the instruction of the Owner of Heaven that they may change their ways and purify their worship and return to righteousness, and holiness.

They are pretending; but all of them are aware now that the Two Messengers are now Ministering unto the nations.

They need to organize themselves very well, and invite The Two Witnesses of the LORD that the nation of the United States of America may also start repenting and returning to righteousness, and holiness and turning away from nudity, immoral dressing, anything immorality.

The Bible speaks very clearly about this: that the sexually immoral be it in dressing or what will not enter the Glorious Kingdom of God. This grace they are abusing. They are teaching “grace, grace, grace” that does not see sin. Grace that is immune to sin that is numb to sin. They are lying to this nation. You see it all over their churches, all over the Christian TV’s: you see the dressings you see the messages they preach.

The LORD this past night has spoken with Me about the United States of America. He showed me the U.S. flag; and the US flag was shredded, it was dirty and shredded.

Then He made me know that it was a Sunday. So, He took me to the churches and there was so much filth, water, a lot of filthy water it was very difficult for me to walk across. They were dressed you know? They were from church but their usual dressing short mini skirts, the tight trouser you know? Women showing their chest, and so forth, and then the LORD showed me that in the house the kind of worship immoral, you know? Dressing and dancing and worship.

So, the LORD is calling onto the nation of the United States of America to repent! Repent in Christ Jesus and return to the LORD. The LORD He is Holy and He is also calling upon the church in the United States of America to recognize the fact that the Two Witnesses are already ministering to the nations. They are now headed to Sweden. And if you will not obey it will be tragedous, it will be a tragedy. Nobody can ignore them!


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