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April 29th, 2018.

The LORD Jehovah, well, the LORD Jehovah has spoken with me, blessed people, inhabitants of the Earth. The people that live on this planet Earth and the angels of Heaven, the Heavenly Hosts. I just want you to know Jehovah has spoken with me, this past night.

And, I see the LORD take me to a place. And I go to a place and then there is a very tall building, a very tall building. And, when I get to that place, I see that there is a tall building, another building in the area. Then, an earthquake takes place, a very severe earthquake takes place and the tall building goes down. And, the LORD places me in the elevator.

So, the earthquake happens when the tall building. He places me in the elevator of the tall building. So, the earthquake happens when I am in the elevator. The LORD shows me the elevator; it’s a horrendous scene. The most unbelievable, terrifying, terrorizing moment anybody can ever go through.

And, the tube, the tube in which the elevator is, the tube, the tube that flows the elevator up and down begins to fall now with the building. And, you can see the elevator free falling now. It was bad, it was very bad, very bad when the LORD took me there this past night. And the tube in which the elevator is flowing that allows it to go up and go down, to close and so forth: also, that is falling with the building. You can see it is tilted. I could see that it is tilted, tilted as the earthquake was happening and the building was collapsing and people were running and that elevator goes all the building goes down and, you know the LORD put me in that elevator. And then, I was able to come out after it banged down. I was able to come out with people there. And then I saw a lot of terror consume people.

You know, the LORD normally takes me to the place of the scene and I leave that day even before the day happens. So, this is what was happening there, beloved people. And so, in that place, I was there and then going through this tremendous earthquake took place.

But before the earthquake took place, the LORD had taken me to that land. And, in that land I see women. I see women, they are dark skinned women —maybe colored or dark skin— whatever the description, and I see one of them is sleeping with a man on the bed. And, the next bed has another woman who is also sleeping with another man. And, I thought that was her mother also. I got more information that that could be her mother also. Someone was in sexual sin with the mother and she is also in sexual sin with a man.

And, The LORD took me across that land and I saw sexual sin in the land before the earthquake came. And, after he showed me sexual sin in the land, then the Voice of the LORD spoke and asked me to pass judgement on that land. And, when I spoke judgment and lifted up my left prophetic finger and pointed at that land, then there you go, the historic earthquake now takes place.

And the tall building that tumbled down, so then I find myself in this building in the elevator running out trying to get my way out and the tube in which the elevator —the concrete is built like a tube from zero floor all the way to the top— is also falling and I was in. Meaning people will be in the elevator when this happens.

And the elevator goes at high speed at free flow and banged and crashes with the whole building down there. And, I don’t know whether the entire building went down, or it just shook and part of it broke.

But, when we reach down, then I hear people saying, asking, “Are there still people up there?” “Are there still people up there in the building?” And then, I don’t know, I see how the building has fallen now, I still see it now, I see it now. Actually, I’m seeing it now, the LORD is showing it to me live —live, live, live— the LORD is showing me that building. That this day windows, the windows are reflecting on the sky. So, that means the building has fallen now, facing up, has fallen.

And, they’re asking, the reason I’m saying this is I hear people asking, “Are there people still caught up, up there, stuck up there? Then, they said, “Yes, there are people stuck on the 17th floor.” It’s really a tall building. I hear them now as I speak to you. I’m hearing that conversation, people running around saying, “Yes, there are people stuck on the 17th floor.”

And then, I see many cars. It is a terrible situation. People trying to run out with suitcases, what, everything. Chaos! It is very chaotic, mayhem. And then, in a moment, as we looked on, then next in front of us there, there were some, now the army and the soldiers responded. And, when the soldiers responded, a building in front of us, again collapsed. Another building collapsed in front of us this way.

And, I saw a special squad of soldiers. And, those soldiers are tall soldiers. They are black people and they are wearing overalls, they are wearing overalls… overalls, it’s an overall they are wearing. Which means, the trouser and jacket together and they are a special squad, they are tall people, they are rushing there.

So there is a situation when that earthquake takes place. And, I see as if —I don’t know whether it’s a black country— it looks like black people.

The LORD is saying that this is the time for nations to repent. The LORD is speaking about sin, and the need to Prepare the Way for the Glorious Coming of The Messiah.

Now, its absolutely clear that the LORD is speaking directly to the nations from his Throne Room. Even now, as I was speaking this, then He was showing me that building, I see the glass windows reflecting in the sky. I could see the building that is collapsed. The building that is shaken violently.

And so, this is the time at which the LORD is now calling on the nations to repent. Because sexual sin is everywhere. I’ve just come back from Europe where homosexuality is big, big, big. Transsexuals, homosexuals, and lesbians, it is a big thing, You could see them everywhere and it is all over the world.

And immorality, women are running around with men, men with women, boys with girls, girls with men, boys with men, everything. It is a very filthy world right now. And, the LORD is looking, seeking for your attention. And, He is saying that the Bible in the Book of Matthew 24 verse 7, it says, there would be famines and earthquakes in various places.

So, these earthquakes have a Biblical basis. They became the landmark. When the disciples came before the Messiah and they asked him, LORD when will you come back and what will be the signs of your return. Then among the signs was the earthquake, and of course the crisis, the famines and name it. But the earthquake that I am talking about now they were embedded unto the Bible. They were engraved unto the Bible. Inside the Bible are some of the major landmarks, the major spiritual landmarks, the signs that the Messiah is Coming.

So, beloved people, Prepare the Way.

So it may be a real going, it may be a country I will go to. I see more details I am not sharing here. So, in one of the places that I am going to looks like —the LORD— I’ll arrive like this and immediately the LORD will shake the land violently because of sin.

Beloved people, The Messiah is Coming.

Prepare the Way.

Be holy, turn away from sin. Turn away from this rampant sexual sin that has killed people. There’s even no benefit. You can see that dying of HIV AIDS, it’s breaking marriages, it’s making them vain, they are losing their personal integrity; this sexual sin that you see rampant, globally, today. Please turn away from sexual sin. Turn away from lies and the false prophets that you see all over your TV and in all your churches.

This is the hour when the LORD has now established HIS Servant. And, there is no question whatsoever, globally now, that everybody must submit unto this Voice to see the Glorious Kingdom of God. If you don’t submit, the LORD is waiting for you at the gate.

So, this is the hour to be holy and righteous, to turn away from sin, lies. To approach GOD with reverence, fear of GOD. Be wise! Remember the wise virgins —they enter Heaven. The fear of GOD. Change the dressing of women, the short skirts, the tight trousers, the immorality you see left and right, young men.

The LORD is clamoring and crying out to the nations to Prepare for the Coming of The Messiah. The stairs have been lowered. I have seen the Messiah Come: I have seen the church taken.

And He made me so huge. I was very big, I was very, very big. I don’t know how many hundreds of meters or so —big and tall and huge. As I stood there in the cloud and I saw HIM pulling the church from the soil, from the ground as they were lifting up and I was seeing both the entrance and my hand could almost reach the soil down there.

So, I have seen the entry of the church and the role of He that speaks with you, unto their entry to their safe exit from here. Things are bad after this. Get out of this scene! This is going to be a very dreadful place to be. There is going to be the destruction of the Earth.

Shalom. Todah Rabah.


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