Prophecy Message 413 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 24, 2017
Prophecy Message 413

I had a dream last year that I saw a wall of water coming on a city, I also knew there was a big earthquake that ripped a bridge from its cables and rippled just like if it were a towel being shock out. I was next to the water and started to run up hill. I also was with a dear sister in Christ.
We were not afraid and came across a young girl with her father, he was not afraid but his daughter was, she did not know what was going on because her father had not told her about the things to come.

We told her that Jesus was coming to take us home and to not be afraid, that He would protect her and if she was unsure she could always call His name and He would come to her right away.

Then the sister I was with was not with me anymore and I came across a few more fathers and told them that I needed to tell their children what was happening. They told me there was no need because they already had.
I also noticed that the ground was broken, the sidewalks and streets. People were on foot because you could not drive a car over them.
I had thought that I was in Quincy IL, because the bridge was similar to the style of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Lord later pointed out the size and color difference and that the one I was thinking of did not have a big hill to climb. The hills were telling of the landscape of San Francisco.
My Children, the things that I have shown to many in dreams, visions, and messages, are soon to all come to pass. Some already have as the sister that was with Terri has fallen away from her calling from Me.
I do have her in hand and will bring her through as there are many that love her and have kept her in prayer. This part of the prophecy of Terri’s dream has happened, and this is why suddenly she was no longer with Terri telling the people of Me and My coming.

The things to come will come very soon and many will die, many will also come to Me when they see for themselves that it is happening.
Many will have the chance to call My name, but many more will not and now is when everyone needs to tell everyone I Am Coming.
Tell your children as they too need to know, do not cause them to have fear as they and no one that is within Me need to fear what is to come.
I Am a great and merciful Father and I will protect thee and thy house hold. Trust in Me, come to Me and repent, make sure your heart is ready for My coming, and keep all souls in mind as you pray.
If you do not know My salvation call My name and receive Me now as there is no time to waste.
Don’t lose focus now, keep your eyes on the Lord and trust He has it all under control as He does. God bless you all.

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