Prophecy for 2020 and Beyond: “This Is the Time of the End” – Noelia ama a Jesús

Prophecy for 2020 and Beyond: “This Is the Time of the End”

April 23, 2020 6:28 PM
Noelia ama a Jesús

2 January 2020

And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are

closed up and sealed till the time of the end. (Daniel 12:9 KJV)

My children, those who listen to My voice:

I Am before the ages began, and all things are in My hand. I have a plan, a plan of redemption of all things, a plan of perfect restoration where sin and death will not reign anymore, because love prevails over evil, and light over darkness (1 John 1:5). I am moving My hand stirring up all things. I am awakening that which was sleeping, I am bringing everything to light, so that My own can be aware of the things that remained dormant for ages. Not everything is what it appears to be, not everything is how most understand it. The world is deceived by the evil one and he is moving his puppets fast to accomplish the agenda that was prepared before the ages. I am aware of everything. There are no secrets for Me (Daniel 2:22), but there are for you, and there are many things you don’t know, there are many things you’ve been unaware of for a long time. But this is a time when I will bring many of these things to light, and I will open your eyes so you can know them. During this time, I will remove the bandages from the eyes of many people, and I will even wash their eyes with eye- salve. And when this happens, many of you will feel like someone who was blind and can see for the first time, because you will realize that you thought you know something when in reality that something was just a little crumb.

These are the days prophesied by Daniel. I showed him the last days of man on the earth. I showed him many events that are prepared to happen in these times (Daniel 12:9), because everything has a time when it must happen, and everything has an appointed time. Everything has an order, because in My plan there is no confusion. Everything is perfectly orchestrated.

These are the days in which I will cleanse your garments so much that you will shine more brightly than the sun and the stars that I formed with My hand (Daniel 12:10), because I am separating the wheat from the tares. I am making you shine even more than you do. I am lifting you spiritually. I am giving you more knowledge. I am giving you new and powerful spiritual weapons so you can overcome, because the looming war will also be great, and the one who is not ready will not be able to endure what is coming for those who believe in the Son of God.

Be ready, My people, because I will keep moving My hand over the Earth. The volcanoes will still continue to erupt. There will be earthquakes in various points of the planet. I will shake all things. I will move the foundations of the Earth. The water of the oceans will move from one side to another. The Earth will reel like a drunkard who has no control, and the order that reigns among the celestial bodies will not reign anymore (Hebrews 12:26), because as man loses control over himself, the same will also happen in all creation. This will be gradual. Like the birth pains of a pregnant woman, which are increasing, and the contractions are more and more frequent, the same will happen with the chaos and the turmoil, and they will be greater and greater (Matthew 24:7-8). I will put everyone in a position in which they will feel the pressure to finally make a decision for righteousness and truth or for wickedness and the dishonoring of the Son of God. Everyone will choose to go one way or the other, and even those who think they can remain neutral will be part of one or the other group, because I am polarizing everything. Understand that the half measures will disappear and everything will become more extreme, and the neutrality of the people and the society will be weakening, for everything will be so clearly marked and differentiated that the only thing left to do will be to decide for one kingdom or the other. The gray options will vanish, and gradually only two kinds of options will remain, those that go toward white and those that go toward black (Revelation 22:11). Imagine how many things need to change for this to happen! To reach this point, cordiality will disappear. The conciliation between people will no longer exist. People will lose their patience and will fight for their demonic ideals that are now fairly well implanted in their perverse minds (Timothy 3:1-4). Thus, the laws will reflect this mentality that disobeys the laws of God. And then those who say they are Mine will be tested like the three Hebrews when they entered the fiery furnace but then they were rescued (Daniel 3:21). Understand this, My little children, that you will NOT be rescued before the test, but you will first have to demonstrate that you are truly willing to give up your lives out of love for the One who loved you first. Then it will be seen who are the true soldiers of Jesus Christ, who are those who truly trained for that moment, and for, if necessary, resisting to the point of shedding their blood.

Do you love Me? Then obey My commandments. Let yourselves be refined, because those whom I love I correct and prepare for resisting the final test (Matthew 24:13), because you will be here, seeing how the things prophesied by the prophet Daniel are unleashed. The last days are here. You are the last generation of brave soldiers of the army of the living God.

Leave behind the things of the world and the pride of life, all of you who hope to reach the end of the road in Me, and you will obtain the crown of life that I have prepared for those brave warriors who opposed the forces of darkness.

2020 is a year of redemption, is a year in which I will redeem much people. The power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out like the latter rain that was waiting for the glorious era of the Holy God to arrive. 2020 is a golden year before My eyes, for I will refine you like gold (Isaiah 13:12). I will make man more precious than the beautiful precious stones. I will clean the garments of many. I will open the eyes of multitudes. I will pour out My Spirit and many will know Me, and many who were sleeping will awaken from sleep. I will reveal many mysteries hidden from before the foundation of the world, truths that I prepared to be revealed in the time of the end (Daniel 2:47).

I will open treasure chests that I will give to those who let themselves be refined, to those who let themselves be broken to the very depths of their being, to those who cry and suffer because of what is going on in the world. To them I will give precious stones, which are these mysteries that I long to reveal to My children, to the faithful and loved ones who dedicate themselves to suffer until exhaustion out of love for My Son Jesus, my only begotten companion, in whom My soul delights. Those I will invite to enter My heavenly chambers that are full of hidden treasures ready to be handed out in these times. And many will oppose these new things that I’m going to teach you, not understanding the times they go through. Those hearts that will remain hard because of sin and lust will not understand what I’m doing (Daniel 12:10) and will throw stones at those who understand My actions.

2020 – a year of revolts, a year to understand many things, a year to give knowledge to My people, a year to open the hearts and prepare them for the final battle that those who die to selfishness and to self, will have to fight.

Rejoice, My little children, because glorious times are coming, times in which My power will be seen multiplied in those who dedicate themselves without hiding any corner of their hearts from Me. While the evil generation advances and develops, My own will be superior, and will perform new creative miracles, and will turn water into wine, will divide the waters like I am dividing them, will raise the dead, and will flow in the stream of the

power of the Holy Spirit of God. The words of knowledge will increase, and the prophecy will flow like streams of living water that spread among My people (Joel 2:28-29). Those who are willing to pay the price will be like a walking fire, will be like a burning flame that emanates the power of God abundantly. They will walk full of the Holy Spirit, full of power, full of boldness. They will wipe out the evil like a bulldozer that advances and levels everything that remains under its wheels.

During this time, connections will continue to be formed between kings and nations. There are secret plots, there are plans of war that are being put together on the tables of the powerful. There are covert telephone calls between presidents. Armies are being formed. Soldiers are training. New weapons of destruction are being developed (Matthew 24:6). All want to get the crown. All want to be number one in the world power. And the world leaders are willing to pay any price in order to obtain this title.

You My children, don’t be ignorant of all this. Know the times we are in! Don’t be ignorant of these times. Study the scriptures. Advance in the spiritual. Arm yourselves too, but with wisdom and understanding. Ask Me for knowledge, because I certainly want to give it to you (Daniel 1:17). Don’t hide in a cave waiting for the end to come. Stop hibernating and move outward, because a soldier doesn’t remain forever in the trenches, but he moves forward to attack his enemy. This is the only way victories are won, not only defending yourself, but also attacking. The cowards will NOT inherit the kingdom. Know how to distinguish the era we are in and ask for discernment, because many of the things you see are just a great charade, a façade for what’s in reality behind, a sham so the multitudes will remain deceived and hypnotized, a forged painting, a scam to keep the eyes of the people entertained, fake bread that cannot be eaten, fairy tales that are far from reality, for behind this grand show that the cynics are staging there is a giant secret plot that is being shaped, and you are the main target. The “game” consists in trapping the followers of Christ and make them desert, all those who don’t consent to follow the antichrist (1 John 2:18). Like in a game of chess, each piece has as its goal the elimination of another, the white ones eliminate the black ones and the black ones to eliminate the white ones, the same happens in the spiritual. The “game” advances and is getting more and more complex and dangerous. And that’s where we are now. The groups and the lodges are moving their chips to shackle more and more strongly the citizens of various nations of the Earth. Be awake and don’t sleep! Watch! Because the time is near. Amen.

Note: I recommend you to study this prophetic word in the light of the whole book of Daniel, asking for understanding and revelation, because while receiving this word, the Spirit made me understand that it is intimately related to this book, not only because the events prophesied by Daniel have to do with the last days, but also because the various events that happen in Daniel’s story are a parallel of those that we will go through during these end times.


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