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Prophecy Continuing to be Fulfilled, “32 Hours From Now” and “The Worm Has Turned!” – Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophecy Continuing to be Fulfilled, “32 Hours From Now” and “The Worm Has Turned!”

March 25, 2022 2:53 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Today is now, Fasting Friday, March 25th, 2022

Dear 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan,

I am submitting these two relevant and consecutive posts for your prayerful review for publishing. The first is a fulfillment and continuing fulfillment of the previously submitted and published Rhema Word, “32 hours from now” and the second Rhema Word was received Thursday, March 24th, 2022. It is a brand new and relevant Rhema Word from Jesus’ Holy Spirit called, “The Worm has Turned!”
A personal note is included to publicly share with all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. My younger and only sister Eva, died last week.
In Jesus’ Perfect, Mighty and Holy Agape Love,

Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,
I must first say this before I get to what I, and others, believe is the fulfllment of “32 Hours From Now” prophecy and a brand new Rhema Word received just today called, “The Worm Has Turned!” that I am in deep mourning. I lost my younger and only sister Eva, last Wednesday, March 16th, 2022.

I know she is with Jesus.

I was not prepared and not expecting her sudden death though she had been suffering in hospice, unbeknownst to me. I am openly sharing the reality of my very personal deep pain and anguish since she and I endured many years of trials together. Eva was just fifty years old, two years younger than myself. Eva and I weren’t always the best of friends but when we were, we were very, very close. For years, she was my solitary and faithful trusted prayer partner and confidante. Satan tried to steal our friendship many times trying to instill bitterness and to entrap the both of us with misunderstandings, jealousy, competitiveness and harsh words spoken resulting in deep wounds of unforgiveness for many years for a variety of reasons which, are now, wholly unimportant.

A word of advice to my Dear Precious Forever Family in Christ Jesus, LOVE one another. FORGIVE. Seek to be forgiven and forgive one another QUICKLY!!!

In the end, Satan has LOST!

Forgiveness and Love, God’s Healing Agape Love, has WON!

Jesus’ Love never fails. Eva and I had recently sought forgiveness and had forgiven each other. God has given Eva true and Final Victory over the enemy, Eternal Life in Jesus has no equal. I believe she is now singing with The Holy Angels in Heaven Worshipping Our Lord God and King, Jesus, Yeshua God made flesh.

Would you, please keep me and my family in your prayers in Jesus’ Name? On behalf of myself and my entire family, I sincerely thank you from the deepest and most sincere part of my heart.

Now. The fulfillment of “32 Hours From Now” Prophecy given March 12th, 2022:

Regarding the 32 hours from now prophecy which I received on March 12th, (1:00PM-1:30PM Central Time 2022 in USA), I believe Jesus is telling us He, The Lord is speaking to us in mathematical sums of numbers and “in code” because our Enemy speaks in sums of numbers and in numerical codes. Prophet Robin Bullock has received a Revelation on why the enemy, The Anti-Christ, has chosen 2022 to begin to reveal himself. Prophet Bullock has written a book called “The Pool and The Portal,” in which he has shared a template, a sum of all the years and key windows or portals of time in which The Anti-Christ will Biblically have to arise. God has Apppointed all Seasons, all Future, all History, ALL TIME.

In times of war, historically all armies use codes which must be “cracked” to avoid detection of strategizing and to avoid monitoring of active on field or in-house communications by the opposition.

We are all at war now. We, Saints of Jesus, The Endtime Warrior Bride, The Remnant, all who know Jesus, are ALL in God’s Royal Army. Jesus gave me a Name for us a couple of years ago. This is what He is calling His Chosen right now as His Endtime Remnant for “such a time as this” based upon Esther 4:14.

We are ALL soldiers on team: “GREATEST” = God’s Royal Endtime Advanced Team Equipping Saints (in) Tribulation

Please always go directly to Jesus’ Holy Spirit and to God’s written Word for understanding. I am Jesus’ Servant. Jesus is The Potter and I am but dust. I know Jesus loves me. I know Jesus loves you.

And if any of you receive further understanding in God’s Word and Revelation led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit regarding anything I have personally shared, please do share with all of us to prayerfully and to corporately consider:

March 13th 2022 COVID announcement Tweet by Barack Obama:

Link to Barack Obama’s COVID (19) Tweet:

Key Facts:
Some are saying that Barack Obama has Coronated himself on the third month, the month of March, 13th, 2022, through The Announcement that he, Barack Obama, is positive with The Corona, with COVID, specifically COVID-19.

I took it to Jesus and Jesus said, “Yes. The Anti-Christ Barack Obama has publicly declared and is publicly declaring and “Crowning” his public identity centerstage in the world as The Anti-Christ.”

I was instructed by Jesus’ Holy Spirit to look at the timestamp, date and details of the tweet out out on Twitter and subsequently highlighted parroted out by a multitude of global news networks on all nedia platforms. Does not the bible, the written Word of God declare that Satan is, “The Prince of The Power of The Air” as one of his titles?

COVID is known as COVID 19

Barack Obama’s Name is known and sums up as = 666

When one adds the Timestamp of Barack Obama’s COVID Tweet adding the Date of the Month of the tweet plus (19) from the year COVID began and is known as = 32 which is the exact number that Jesus gave me in the Rhema Word I received called “32 Hours from Now.”

2:35PM + 03 (Month of March) + 19 (COVID)
02 + 03 + 05 + 03 + 19 = 32

When one adds the exact timestamp of Obama’s COVID tweet plus the month of March (03) plus the day (13) plus the year (2022) one gets an answer, the sum of 32

2:35PM March 13, 2022
02 + 03 + 05 + 03 + 13 + 02 + 02 + 02 = 32

When Rabbis or Hebrew speaking people say this in the Hebrew language,
“I saw Satan Fall” they say, “Barack Obama.”

Now I must add this new Rhema Word from Jesus Holy Spirit, which I just now received today, on the date of this submission, Thursday, March 25th, 2022:

Now I must add this new Rhema Word from Jesus Holy Spirit, which I just now received today, on the date of this submission, Thursday, March 24th, 2022:

The Worm has turned! You will begin to see the “rc” changes.” -Jesus’ Holy Spirit

I was shown these words Jesus spoke to me pertained to the Plans of The Man of Perdition, Satan Lucifer The Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ has plans to Destroy Humanity, to Change, Pervert and to Kill as many humans who are created in The Image of Creator God Yeshua.

I was then instructed to search online for processes of change which take 32 hours. I do not yet know what “rc” (rc) (RxC) stands for or what “The Worm has turned!” yet means. I believe it is related to Time and it is an equation, or constant of some sort. My late father, AJ Meyer II, was a theoretical physicist and a mathematician. I was raised by two very loving and intelligent parents who also loved Jesus with all their hearts. Thankfully my mom is still alive and well. I believe this latest Rhema Word “TheWorm has turned!” has much substance encoded in it by Jesus Himself.

I will research further but I am compelled by Jesus to release this now. I was given an urgency by Jesus to release and I was shown that this new Rhema Word from Jesus ties into the last Rhema Word about Time and “Hours” that I received on March 12th, 2022 @1:00-1:30PM Central Time USA. The time change for Daylight Saving Time which pushes time forward one hour must be accounted for. Please always take everything directly to Jesus in prayer and for confirmation. I will continue to pray and to research all received Rhema Words and Revelations. I invite all in Christ Jesus to prayerfully join me as led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit. All Glory goes to God always for everything in Jesus’ Mighty and Holy Name. Amen?

Since receiving the March 12th Rhema Word “32 Hours From Now,” I have researched the literal, historical and Biblical roots of the definition of “Hours” and I was not familiar with some particular and rarely applied usages of the word “Hours.” Please dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, research alongside me. There are many treasures to be found in God’s Holy Written Word in The Bible and very special “NOW Words”, Hidden Truths which Jesus has chosen to reveal through The Holy Spirit of Prophecy through Rhema Words spoken to and through His Own Prophets and Prophetesses all over the world and found in and out of all “Denominations.” God’s True Church is living built by Himself as The Cornerstone. We are Jesus’ Living Stones and Jesus’ Holy Spirit is The Mortar.

We are becoming, we are collectively The Rebuilt Temple awaiting our permanent dwelling with the arrival of The New Jerusalem spoken of in Revelation 21. All Rhema Words, when truly True, will ALWAYS be confirmed by The Holy Witnesses = Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By the way, The Spirit of Elijah and of Moses is derived directly from Our Triune Creator God Yeshua! and by The Word of Jesus’ Holy Spirit in Jesus’ written Word and by Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Presence revealed by Jesus’ Holy Anointing. You will know that you know that you know And yes, always test whatever is spoken, written or stated against God’s Holy written Word. The Rhema Word will not contradict The Character of Creator God and will always direct you toward Jesus, toward repentance, toward bearing Holiness, towards bearing Good Fruit, the Greatest of these is Agape Holy LOVE towards the unlovable and unlikable among us and of course will promote our sincere Love towards God Himself.

We will WANT to obey God if we truly love Him!

Let’s dig into the word “Hours” which was shared from the Rhema Word “32 Hours from Now” a bit further by simply defining the word hours and hour. Shall we?

Please note: The following are all my own paraphrased definitions in my own words based upon what I have researched:

Hours can be interpreted as:

1/24 of a day/night cycle

1/12 of a day as Jesus said, “Are there not 12 (twelve) hours in a day?”

A Canonical Hour or a Vigil of Hours set aside for a specific Holy Purpose within The Liturgical Consecrated Sanctified Catholic Church services held for the public as in The Celebration of The Eurcharist (The Body of Christ receiving Communion.)

Please Note: Regardless of a Christian’s unique choice of a chosen particular Church doctrine or choice of church attendance, ALL True Believers in Jesus being God in the flesh, are taught by Jesus Himself via the Holy Scriptures in The Written Word which we call The Holy Bible, to “do this in Remembrance of Me” in regards to taking Communion = eating/breaking Bread (Jesus’ Body) and drinking Wine (Jesus’ Blood.)

Hours or Hour can mean a specific span or a unit of time which is momentary, passing, unique and non recurring such as in “the Hour of his/her birth” or “the Hour of his/her death” or “The Hour of Trouble” as referred to in The Bible.

The Last Hour, I believe, encompasses The Missing 70th Week of Daniel and is referred to as The Time of Sorrows before the arrival of The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord which is The Day of The Return of King Jesus as The Warrior King of Kings and Lord of Lords to rescue Israel= All Tribes of Israel which includes all Grafted=Adopted by God, Gentile Believers in Yeshua Ha Mashiach= Jesus=Yeshua Ha=The Mashiach= Messiah from her global enemies at the Final Battle at The Mountain= Har of Meggido=Mageddon in the Final Moment(s) of Time= at A Day and Hour only The Father knows.

Hours can also mean a period of:





Wake Time







Hours can be monumental such as:

In Coronation

In Birth

In Death

In War

In Victory or

In Defeat

In Heaven there will be or there is or there was “Silence in Heaven for a space of about 1/2 hour (one hour = 60 minutes (divided by two)= 60 minutes/2 equals one half hour=30 minutes

In Eternity, time as we know, understand and experience it, will cease to exist.

Time in Eternity will become Forever.

Jesus wants me to now ask,

“WHERE will you be?

In Heaven?

In Hell?”

There are ONLY TWO (2) DESTINATIONS once a soul (spirit) leaves this physical, earthly realm. After being Judged by their/our Creator they/we will either be found GUILTY or INNOCENT. The Truth is without accepting Father God’s Pardon by God’s only (begotten not made) Son Jesus’ Sinless Blood Sacrifice, without Jesus’ Righteousness covering them/us, we will ALL BE FOUND GUILTY.

The ONLY way to be found WORTHY to enter and remain forever in Heaven is to REPENT, HUMBLE ourselves admitting we have all, each one of us reaching the “age of accountability” has sinned. That means all conscious, thinking humans who reason and who know right and wrong NEED GOD, NEED JESUS to SAVE US FROM our innate CORRUPTION which is SIN. SIN was introduced In The Garden to Eve, and then subsequently to Adam by Eve, by The Serpent called Satan. Satan Lucifer was, and still is, a LIAR from the beginning.

No one, on their own and apart from Jesus, can be “good enough” or “do enough” or “earn enough” to get access to Heaven or to God Himself.

Only Jesus. The only WAY to God is THROUGH Jesus. Jesus is God. Jesus is God made flesh. Jesus is NOT dead. Jesus IS alive!

In Jesus’ Holy and Agape Love,

Mrs. Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts


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