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Procrastinations Steals Away Your Valuable Time

June 29, 2024 10:55 AM


The time to quit your sins, before the tribulation starts, dwains (runs out).

Dwain” is a term used to describe an individual who is typically seen as a loser or a failure in life. They are often viewed as incompetent and incapable of achieving anything worthwhile. Dwains are usually known for their lack of ambition, drive, and motivation, and they tend to be content with living mediocre lives. (I had to look it up)

As time moves forward, all your procrastinations, have stolen this precious commodity, of time from you. Now you are faced with satan’s luggage, that weighs you down, that you wear like a tight body suit, clinging to your flesh. The only way to peel it off is “cold-turkey”, for all other methods haven’t worked for you.

Your procrastinations will ultimately bring you to the wrong destination. Stop everything and evaluate, is your continued sins worth an eternity of pain and suffering? I have told you that sin will not and cannot make it to Heaven. I do not lie.

You envision a God who is so kind, he will break all rules so “your sins” will be acceptable in his Kingdom. But you are wrong!

If I wanted sin to be in my Kingdom, I would just let all stay on Earth, in its current condition.

My Holy Bible tells what is acceptable and what is not. I cannot help those who refuse to read and follow those rules. I’ve told you through my prophets what is expected of you, but how many listen?

So much change will be coming upon your world, now. I will be the only place you will feel comfort. Get close to me and far from sin. For sin makes your flesh weak and unable to withstand all that is coming upon the Earth.


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