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Proclamations of the beginning of the end of the nation United States of America by the Adon Yahusha ha masheach – Olasubomi Williams

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Proclamations of the beginning of the end of the nation United States of America by the Adon Yahusha ha masheach

April 9. 2024 9:52 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Ezekiel 28:1-10, psalm 91, Isaiah 57, 59, Ezekiel 14 and 16, Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 7:24-30, Luke 17:1-4, 5:10.

America, all of your idols will fall. They will all be destroyed. I have given you grace but you have squandered it. My grace and covering has now officially left you. As you have celebrated the time of the eclipse, a spiritual darkness has hovered over you and covered you. Soon, the thought of the wicked will be fulfilled in this country. To my people who have trusted in me and have made me their fortress, I will never leave you not forsake you. I am with you till the end of days.

Trump is coming back to power. However do not celebrate for he will rule for a short while but his exit will be one of chaos and destruction. His death will signal the end of this free nation called USA. The land of the free and home of the brave. Shortly after, certain epidemics will fall on this nation and soon FEMA death camps will be instituted into law by the united States government.

They will do this to at first isolate the infected, but during the civil war which is to come soon after trump’s death, they will use it to curb every and all insurrections. Then, the mantra of peace and safety will fall upon the nation.

Overnight, the United States of America will become a totalitarian state and government. This news will shock many nations as the nation that is meant to be the beacon of hope and freedom has become every free man’s nightmare. The land of new beginnings will become the land of crushed dreams and nightmares. This will cause many governments that are already in agreement with the totalitarian ideas to now go full force with their plan. All this will happen soon. The warning signs which was the eclipse has passed and now you all are in it for a ride.

Children, prepare for persecution like you have never seen before. This is the time of great sorrows, the era of the great madness. To those who are with me and follow my will and my ways. I will shield you and protect you from the calamities that is about to unfold. Just trust me in all things. When I say leave your homes and do not pick anything from your homes, you are to obey without questioning. When I say to leave the big cities and enter into communities and towns, you must obey. Satan is mainly going to focus on the metropolitan cities and areas with dense and large population at first before going for the small communities.

However when I tell you to stay and not go anywhere, it is because I will want to use you for my glory. Some will become martyrs overnight while some will be hidden by me until it’s time for the revelation of my son’s and daughter, my bride and 144000. I will never leave nor forsake you. The road to salvation is getting narrower by the day.

Seek me now in all things. Prep yourselves and stock up on food and necessary essentials for you will need it in times to come. Buy food in bulk now rather than smaller scales. I will provide the money and assets needed for you to be able to get these things. Order from Amazon the things you will need to survive now before the grid goes down. Because once it goes down, it’s light out from hence forth.
America, you are about to officially become a third world country.

Your facade has ended and now it’s time for all to see who you really are on the inside. Time for me to uncover your nakedness to the world. A kingdom divided against itself shall and will not stand. Ephraim will fall. Thus saith the Adon YAHUAH.

Subomi write this. Many of my children that have celebrated this eclipse are celebrating death. They are foolish and ignorant of my signs and do not see the warning signs until the fence electrocutes them. In this case, the coming of the son of man. Many who say that the eclipse brings about the rapture, are nothing but liars and deceivers. Those who claim that the world will end during this eclipse do not know me nor understand my words. The so called proclaiming Christians are the most ignorant of the bunch and are being brainwashed by the media and witches and warlocks who are having a field day with them.

Those who have looked up and expecting the eclipse are not of me. This goes to show the hearts of men and unfortunately many are not ready to receive me yet. Because in that time, I will be a rock of offense to them, a stumbling block. I will disprove and destroy many of their falsities and it will be up to them whether to choose me or not to choose me and unfortunately, many will not and give heed to deceivers and liars who will teach them the doctrines of demons and the fallen ones.

I will destroy many misconceptions about me and unfortunately many will genuinely hate me with all of their being. I am the rock of offense. You either accept the rock or be crushed by it. You have been living in too much comfort oh humanity, time to wake many of you up from your slumber. Jesus Christ, Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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