I Will Humble YOU NOW!- Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

Barbara Francis


Daughter speak of man’s pride . Proud and arrogant. Proud and arrogant. Men of earth this will be your downfall. You believe you are GODS ,and you are not held accountable . Your thoughts are evil continually. You don’t consider anyone’s needs except your own. Money and power is your idol. Proud and arrogant. Sitting in your high places making plans .You have forgotten me. You lean on your own understanding and you don’t come to me in prayer. You don’t worship me you worship money and power. I will shake your land to wake you up. I tell you this now so when it happens you will know I AM THE LORD. I will have no idols come before me. I will throw down your high places I will burn your cities I will wipe away the abominations with a covering of water. You refuse to humble yourself before me so I WILL HUMBLE YOU. I WILL HUMBLE YOU NOW ! I Will Humble YOU NOW!

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