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January 4, 2022
Fritz Artz Springmeier

(4 JAN ’22)

This post is the result of 2 things. First, I asked my wife what is not being talked about, and would be a good topic for a post. She said, “Preparing for the unexpected.” Also today, in my interview with Eric, he said that he’s telling people to get rid of most of their cash in the next 2 months because you could potentially lose it. I can’t give financial advice, but I can share my thoughts in the hope it stimulates others to think. Nor do I see the financial meltdown happening in these next few months. Here are my thoughts on preparing for a financial meltdown.

SAFE INVESTMENTS, SAFE LOCATIONS. First, one has to live somewhere. I’ve already written about 2 arks of safety for God’s people: the Ozarks (MO & ARK) and NE WA, ID panhandle area. What kind of living situation will suffice will vary from person to person. Stay out of big cities. So a person has to think first of where to locate & what living situation will do. All this is common sense. A place where you can homestead & raise food may end up to be vital.

GOLD, SILVER & LAND. These things will hold their value. People should as a rule of thumb invest 10 percent of their assets into gold & silver both. Each metal has its advantages. Avoid collectable coins, which are pricey. You want the physical metal, because paper contracts for the two will be terminated in a meltdown by banks & exchanges, leaving you a check for the last closing price (which may be skewed to their advantage). If you still have assets to invest after locating your place to live, then consider undeveloped land where people will want to develop and where taxes are low. Many people in the great depression lost their land because they couldn’t pay their taxes. The elite quietly bought land up pennies on the dollar, at times using proxies. Since farming will be dicey in the coming years you have to be careful if you buy farmland. Sure if it will make a profit, then great.

CASH. Cash has the advantage of being “liquid”, in other words flexibly useable. Unfortunately, the government can seize most of your bank account in a crisis. They already have that power, & you unwittingly agreed to it in the fine print of your account, where you said you’d cooperate with the government. So you want to leave yourself with some cash.

THE GOVERNMENT. While most of us are unprepared, and those who have studied economics in the universities have been taught bogus ideas, the elite & our secret government are totally prepared. In a meltdown, the government will implement “the day after plan” . Civilian leaders will go to the underground facility at Mount Weather, VA & the military to an underground facility 30 miles away at Raven Rock Mountain, PA. In contrast to the rubbish taught in schools they have used the Bayesian model, complexity theory & “causal interference” to have a fairly good idea how our complex system will progress in a meltdown. It is important to realize that all this is imputed into computers to give scenarios–not a single outcome. The progress of the meltdown will be tracked to see where it’s headed. This is all beyond us common people who will bear the brunt of the meltdown. Don’t forget the elite’s stated goal: “You will own nothing & be happy!”

FINAL THOUGHT. Our treasures are in heaven; still we are going to need food & shelter. God will want you to be wise.

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