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Prepare yourselves for what’s to come – Anne Jackson

Prepare yourselves for what’s to come

September 6, 2021
Anne Jackson

In prayer this is what I heard:

“There are strange phenomenon things taking place in the earth. Be not shock nor surprise about what you may see or encounter. Some may encounter different kinds of alien forms, and no your eyes are not fooling you”.

This world is no longer the same world we use to know. Many strange unprecedented things are about to take place. Things will never go back to normal like it use to be. Draw closer to God! Pray and ask God to strengthen your heart. Many people hearts are going to fail them because they won’t be able to handle what’s taking place or what they are seeing. As always please take everything to God in prayer.

I just heard the Lord say, Prepare yourselves for what’s to come.. Shalom!

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