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Prepare To Meet Your Maker! – Cryptic1

Prepare To Meet Your Maker!

March 22, 2020 3:06 PM

Message given 3.20.20

Daughter, the day of tribulation is at hand – it is nearer than you know. I have told My children that the days would move swiftly now. The lack of supplies and panic and chaos are but the beginning of the End of Days. Time is accelerating so we must be about My Father’s business. Soon you will see the manifestation of My glory as My church works to bring in the Great and Mighty Harvest. It will surpass even the work of My servants of old who walked in My authority, power and might. You too will walk in that same power – those who are attached to Me and abide in Me. Stay in My Word – it will avail you much. Stand on My Word – it will be sorely needed in the dark days ahead. Draw comfort from My Word – for it is life and health to the struggling and sorrowful. I come soon My children. Prepare yourselves to walk in My Word and to rebuke the evil that descends upon your world. You will be standing even as those around you fall one by one – for without Me there is no hope or salvation.

I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM. I SPEAK TO THE HAUGHTY, THE ARROGANT, THE BOASTFUL, THE PRIDEFUL. JUSTICE IS COMING! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER! PRAY FOR MERCY AS THE POWERS OF DARKNESS AND THE EVIL OF THE DAY OVERTAKE YOU! YOU HAVE BLASPHEMED AND MOCKED ME FOR THE LAST TIME! JUDGMENT COMES SWIFT AND SURE! I have waited and bided My time – hoping against hope that you would repent and turn from your evil ways and turn to Me – the LORD your GOD. I have waited enough. The time of grace and mercy is over. NOW YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY WRATH and MY JUDGMENTS THAT WILL SOON COME UPON THIS EARTH. The corona man made virus is Not of My doing – but I use what the evil one brings down for My good. I make all things good – even these judgments children that you see falling upon the earth. You cannot believe that anything good will come from it and yet I say I use these judgments to bring the lost and those in the dark into My glorious Kingdom.

I AM THAT I AM. I have waited for this hour of judgement to come for the time draws near to gather the faithful into the fold and to separate the sheep from the goats. Prepare your hearts and your abodes children. I see that only now you have begun to take the warnings I have given to My messengers and prophets seriously for the first time. Be warned that the judgments will move swiftly now and you will NOT be able to keep up with the judgments as I mete them out to the earth and to the sinners of your fallen world.

Prepare for dark days, for darkness surely will come upon your land. Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. I speak of your spiritual house. Many in the world will be looking to My saints for answers as the world around you slowly disintegrates. Any sense of normalcy will be gone and they will be looking to you My children for help, as like never before. Prepare your hearts to reach out to the lost for I have raised you up for such a time as this. My Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Be ready to work the Great Harvest where many will be brought into My Kingdom of Kingdoms. DO NOT DELAY- DO NOT PUT OFF WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY! Time moves swiftly and My church needs to work the Harvest as never before. I will speak to you in that hour. Do not brush me off or second-guess whether it is I the Lord calling you. Be ready to answer My call – for the enemy too is working his own harvest of destruction to take back what belongs to Me and that the Father has given to Me.

I come My children soon – in the clouds of glory!

Your Mighty Prince of Peace who is preparing for war upon the earth!

I come soon My children!

Be ready to receive Me in your pure white robes!

Your beloved


Scripture Reference:

Psalm 9:16 The LORD is known by the judgment He executes; The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Selah.

1 Peter 4:17 For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

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  1. Rita

    This video is from today, March 22, 2020- A Christian guy I follow on YouTube, he knows a few guys in the US military. He says that maybe within the next week, the whole US will be under Lockdown. They are ushering in a One World Government, (Dictatorship) their aim is to have everyone microchipped by October 2020.


    We are headed into very serious times

  2. Anna


    That’s contrary. Is it NOW or SOON?
    In your last message you said the saints will NOW rise to power and now you are talking about soon.

    Now=without delay
    Soon=undefined maybe several thousand years

    I’m asking because I’m greatly afflicted, grabbing every straw of encouragement. It’s most important for me to know if my rescue comes NOW or SOON(=unbearable suffering, maybe suicide)

    God bless you

  3. Sarah

    Anna, it helps to know that “without delay” can also mean in its own time, but I don’t know whether this is legit word or a mixture. I know for sure that the time to the end is very close, but no one can give you the time.

    In terms of your suffering, please just focus on your relationship with God. Go to Him in faith and believe His Word. He is always with us, even through the things and testings we endure. Draw near to the Lord and He will to you. Seek out His love and comfort and give yourself to Him. I know He has compassion for your pain, however long or short of it you endure. Be strong. I wish I could give you a hug. If I feel this way and I don’t even know you, what about our God, who is love, abounding in goodness, compassionate and merciful? He is perfect and wonderful.

    Be blessed, Anna

  4. Eleyma


    I’m feeling with you. I’m so greatly afflicted, so worn and weary, at the end of myself. I reached the point where I can not bear it any more. I’m freaking out. I lost all hope and trust that God would ever rescue me. It even feels that God would hate me, because he handed me in the devils hand and left me. I trusted the Lord with all I am, was obedient in everything, keep his commandments as good as I can. I’m giving the best I can to please God. But it seems like I’m not good enough that he would have mercy on me to rescue me. The persecution is killing my body and my soul. I surrederd everything, lost everything and God leaves me in this desolate state and let the enemy have his way. When I heard God will act NOW, will come NOW, beings vinidication NOW, ect I got encouraged and bleieved it. But it never happend, instead more persecution and torture came. It’s so unbearable. Nobody can understand it but those who are enduring it.
    Now when I hear NOW for me it means probably never in my lifetime and SOON means in many thousand years.
    I’m so lost in desperation. What can I hope for when my so loved God is a liar and never keeps his promises and gives his people into the devils hand to destroy them. I understand nothing any more. For me God is not good at all. I can’t describe the hopelessness, helplessness and desperation when God almighty is not FOR me.

  5. Cryptic1

    We believers and non believers are living in and experiencing a time like no other. Jesus warned us what these times would be like but I don’t think we totally understood what He was trying to convey to us. Fortunately, He is still warning us.

    Many of us would prefer not to be here at this moment, but according to what Jesus says, we have all been specifically chosen to be here for this time. If you listen to the many messages out there, you will see the Lord is telling us to prepare our hearts (spiritually) and our abodes (physically). He seems to be telling us to prepare for the things that are coming because He wants us to be ready.

    We don’t know when He is returning or when the rapture will take place but we know for certain we are in the last days. Jesus gave each of us a mission to fulfill and it is up to each one of us to discover what that is and to walk into it. I have read whatever we focus on is what will manifest in our lives. If we focus on Jesus I think He will draw closer to us and we will experience His peace and strength. He is already telling us what we need to do – repent, pray, spend time with Him, read His Word, put on the armor of God and to walk in love and love those He puts in front of us. If we focus on what’s happening in the world, it’s easy to get into fear because what’s out there is pretty fearful.

    May the peace of the Lord be upon you.

  6. Sarah

    I think it’s important to remember that when it seems the Lord is taking “too long”, it is so that others can come to the Kingdom of God. If the end came 30 years ago, how many of us would have made it? What about a hundred years ago? We wouldn’t have been born. If He came back right now, all the suffering would end for believers, but what about those who end up in hell? It is only in the Father’s hands the timing of these things and we don’t know, but we do know that He is good and perfect and wise and He certainly never lies, unlike Satan who, from the beginning, slandered God’s character to Eve.

    I know it sucks. I certainly don’t enjoy it and I struggle to “rejoice” through trial. We have to be really careful that the enemy doesn’t use our trials as a pretext to plant noxious weeds of doubt, fear, and unbelief. This is the parable of the sower.

    They can turn into horrible strongholds. I have had to deal with compulsive blasphemous thoughts – leading to condemnation. It is very dangerous and I have wondered why God allows this to happen. Well, it’s partly my own fault. I can go into more detail, but for now, what is most helpful to you is that God uses suffering to test us, to help us grow. Jesus said that in this world we’ll have much tribulation but He is always with us. You have to believe that. You have to stand on that. Thank Him and praise Him through. Believe. Just believe, even if you feel as if you are barely holding on. The enemy is a liar and is constantly trying to tempt God’s people away through his minions – whether to destroy your faith or just render you ineffective for what God has for you to do. There is value in the fight and sometimes fighting is just resting and praising God and just deciding that you will stick with Him. I remember when I used to go for my long jogs and it really hurt and I was so fatigued, and sometimes, I’d look at a tree or a pole and decide, “I’ll keep going this far. I’ll focus on this far” and it helped my endurance because it let me know that I can push on even if my entire body was screaming to ***stop***. Live one day at a time. Live today. Do what you are called to today. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit. And then over again tomorrow.

    God isn’t a liar. He is faithful and true. Speak His word. And *rest* in Him, just quietly trust Him instead of trying to clue into the “whys” and dwelling on the pain. I know it’s not easy. I’ve been told often that I need to rest. There is an aspect here where I think that if I hold onto it, it will help keep me. But that’s a lie, too…because whenever I do that, it feeds into the noxious weeds threatening to choke my walk. What those weeds need is to be pulled out. You don’t pull them out by dwelling on them.

    As you do this, it will likely be very difficult. It might even ramp up, but just keep pressing through. God is with you and will help you. It’s the enemy who says “God has left me and won’t help me” and he will sometimes remind you of things from your past, “God didn’t help you then”. Well, let me tell you something, when things were really hard, I know firsthand that the enemy can cause you to **forget** the ways you have been helped. He says “God didn’t help you” and when you get through the trial, you think back and remember, “Yes, He did!!!”

    It’s tough, but it will be ok. Trust Him.

  7. Daniel Noah

    To Timelines: …But exhorting one another: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25 What day? Obviously, the Day of the Lord…which is now upon us. ” Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”..Isaiah 5:20 The majority in the USA…, “They say to the seers, “No more visions,” and to the prophets, ” Do not prophesy to us the truth. Speak to us pleasant words; prophesy illusions.” Isaiah 30:10 The mores, the fixed boundries of: this far and no further have been abolished. Everyone doing what is right in their own eyes…Judges 17:6 A world in rebellion has finally taken pause with this MM virus…Quarantined introspection ? Or another round of everything and anything but God and his rules. The rapture/3 Days of Darkness will finally get their attention…April showers and those not raptured cowers. Be careful, those who call the Trinity rapture-doctrines of demons- you may get what you wish for…no rapture.

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