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Oct 30, 2019, 4:30 PM

Received 10-16-19

In the early morning hours of 10-16-19 I awoke with this Word in printed letters before my eyes, “PREPARE TO EVACUATE THE TIME – SPACE CONTINUUM.” A few days went by before I even realized the grand imminent importance of this Word. In fact, upon awakening I was kind of joking when I said to myself- “I don’t talk like Einstein, so I better look up the meaning of these words online.” A few more days went by when I decided I better pray over this Word & ask for confirmation? I finally found that in Julie’s Word posted at 444, on about the 28th, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN ARMY LIKE YOU AND THE ENEMY IS TERRIFIED AT THE SIGHT OF YOU – by Julie Whedbee. See my comments below her post for more info on the meaning & history of this phrase, & indeed, I discovered these words were coined by Einstein, much to my surprise, & the Lord used them in her post too. After reading Julie’s Word, the importance of these Words began to intensify on my heart until I felt very drawn to finally post this short Word…
I saw an article at Hal Turner’s news site yesterday alerting all concerned that Israel has suddenly shut down all of their consulates, worldwide. An unheard of move? Hal also asked the question if this weekend might be the time for the so-called false flag nuclear bombing of a couple west coast US cities? Is he referring to what we know as the prophetic ‘kick-off event’? If so, in recent days Jeff Byerly has posted some awesome Words at his Holy Spirit Wind site helping to reveal the general timeline of events unfolding now. Without giving out any dates, the Lord has shown us that He will come for the First Fruits Bride SHORTLY after the ‘kick-off event’. He also told us that right after the US is struck by this false flag event, then Israel will be hit next. Is this why they closed down all of their consulates? Are they preparing for attack? If so, then the Lord will come shortly thereafter for His First Fruits, making this Word I’m sharing today, very, very, imminently alive & important!



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