M Goss

On 8-7-18 I received the following words to be passed on to the body;

Tell My children the dark clouds are forming. I am preparing My children for battle. Put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD. Repent and prepare for battle. Use your VOICES in the name of Jesus to overcome. Step forward and I will prepare and cover you with my Spirit. I will prepare. Use your voices AT ALL TIMES! Speak truth, seek truth, love truth.
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  1. ron berry

    Praying on the full armor
    Lord Jesus, I come to you now, by faith and I put on Your belt of truth this day. I reject any thought, suggestion or pretension that does not line up with Your truth, regardless of what my feelings or senses tell me. I bind my will and desires to Your will and desires for my life, Lord Jesus.
    I cover my heart with Your breastplate of righteousness. I ask that you, Holy Spirit, now guard my heart, my mind, my will and my emotions. Guard me from impurity and temptation in order that I might live up to the righteousness that you have provided for me.
    I now set my heart and mind on what is true and good and pure and I bind my heart to Your heart, Lord Jesus.
    I put on the sandals of the gospel of peace, so I can walk with a sure step, keeping in step with you Holy Spirit and not being tripped up by the enemy.
    I pray that I will display Your peace wherever I go. I bind my feet to the path of righteousness. Help me to not focus on the path but on You, Lord Jesus.
    I take up the shield of faith, taking my stand against the enemy. I claim Your promise to give me the strength I need to repel the incoming “flaming missiles” of my adversary.
    Lord Jesus, You are the author and finisher of my faith and I trust You to meet all my needs. I bind myself to the finished work of the cross.
    I take my stand under the Authority of Your life, Lord Jesus, the sinless life you lived before me, the sacrifice of your Life on Calvary’s Cross for me, the resurrection of your life delivering me and the ascension of your life now leading me.
    I place on my head the helmet of salvation, which is the confidence of my deliverance. Thank you, Lord, for this piece of armor, which protects my mind from evil.
    I bind my mind to Your mind, Lord Jesus, taking every thought captive under the obedience of Christ that my thought life will be pure and blameless.
    I strap on the sword of the Spirit which is Your word. I covenant to spend time in Your Word today to increase my arsenal of truth. I bind myself to the truth of Your word and ask that your Holy Spirit quicken my heart, guide my study, and give me strength for my day. Your word is life to me and I ask that you enlighten the eyes of my heart with a love of Your word as I wield it as my weapon and live under its authority. In Jesus Name, I now ask this and apply it to my life, AMEN!

  2. Don

    July 14th Russia takes down New York City , Babylon , God revealed that to me. Revelation 18 My cereal was on sale for $4.44 and the band saw at Princess Auto was $444.44 4 kings together start this. Wall of water comes in later on the east coast. Same as Doctor Patricia Green saw also. Praying on the full Armour

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