PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! – Jennipher Williams

PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! – Jennipher  Williams

Hello everyone, this is Jennipher Williams. I was going to post this update
on my Facebook page, but the more I wrote, the more it grew and realized
it was best to record it instead. This message must be really urgent
because I can’t seem to get away from it. Also I’m used to writing not
recording, so please bear with me because I have to obey the Lord. Well,
here goes…

At the end of 2017, I asked the Lord about the upcoming new year 2018 – if
there was anything in particular I should be aware of or do. He spoke two
words: “WAR” and “STOCKPILE.” Although I knew what both words meant,
“stockpile” isn’t one I hear often or use. So I googled it to see if the Lord
was emphasizing anything in particular. He was. Stockpile means “to
accumulate or gather a large amount of goods or materials, especially held
in reserve to use a time of shortage or emergency.” In a nutshell, He was
conveying to me that something major is about to go down and to get
On January 28, 2018 I posted on my Facebook page about the “red horse”
is now riding, and how the Lord told me war was on the immediate horizon
this year. On Tuesday Feb 20, He led me to Zech 1:8; 6:2, expounding
further there are multiple red horses riding. Not sure what this all means,
but it may signify multiple nations about to get at it and not just one nation
attacking. In any event, there’s a super strong urgency about war coming
like never before. He also gave me specific instructions at the end of
December on how I should prepare my household. We believed God,
trembled at His word and immediately took action. And now, even though
everything still “looks” normal outside, we’re continuing to prepare.
On Wednesday Feb 21, I asked the Lord if we had enough supplies
because I was strongly impressed to stockpile more food. My husband not
knowing I had asked the Lord this said we needed more. (That was
confirmation!) The Lord also impressed me to invest in a solar-powered
fan for our home. I thought, ‘wow…that makes alot of sense’ because we
live in Phoenix aka the desert where the sun is plentiful year round, yet the
summers are extremely brutal. Since I’ve been here, the temperature
climbed up to 120F one time. Even Spring can be in the 90s. Our Winters
are very pleasant and the envy of the nation. (Yep, we love it!). However,
because of the extreme heat, cold air is as essential here as cold water is!
Can you imagine an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or power grid failure
disabling fans and air conditioners here in the desert? Not only we’d fry
outside but we’d bake indoors!
So I went on Amazon and lo and behold, found a solar-powered indoor
floor fan on a tall stand. I read the product reviews and saw this was such
an excellent product that many people had ordered this solar powered fan
for family and friends in Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane
Maria’s power outage. But the price tag was over $200! I absolutely didn’t
have the money but I ask the Lord that if this was truly Him telling me to get
this, and truly urgent for me to get it right away, to please make a way for
me to order asap to allow time for shipping. Again, that was on a
Wednesday. The very next morning, before I got out the bed, my phone
began giving off notifications of money coming to one of my accounts.
Shortly thereafter, it did it again, and then again. The money came from
three different surprise sources! I ordered the fan right away and still had
plenty left over to stockpile more food and emergency supplies as He
instructed. I also found a 4-pack of those little camping lanterns you just
pull up and this super bright light comes on. This was only $20 and are
solar-powered as well. You can also use AA batteries or plug in a wall
outlet to charge. They even have a USB plug to charge your phone. What
a deal for $20 bucks! The fan and the 4-pack of lanterns arrived shortly
Ok, Jen, so why you telling us all this? Glad you asked! Get your Bible
and take a look at Matt 24:37 where Jesus is describing the similarity of
Noah’s day to our day. Why did Jesus emphasize the judgment of Noah’s
day instead of other judgments God did in the past? Because what’s
coming soon and in the days ahead won’t be regional like the different
judgments that happened in places like Sodom and Gomorrah and Egypt,
etc, but will affect the whole earth in one way or another at the same time,
like the flood did.
Speaking of our hero Noah, in Heb 11:7 we see God warning him of
something Noah couldn’t see yet. But yet he did “see” with his faith the
moment he feared God which caused him to do something. But I thought
God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear? You’re right! That type of fear is
unholy, unrighteous and ungodly. The Fear of the Lord is a holy
fearlessness that removes all other unholy fear types (fear of man, fear of
the unknown, fear of failure, fear of death, etc)! Obviously Noah wasn’t
fearing the people or he would have stopped because of their relentless
mocking. He wasn’t fearing the unknown as there hadn’t been any rain or
flooding before, so he had no point of reference to make him afraid. So
what fear moved Noah. He feared God, which caused him to believe God!
Noah not only believed God, Noah feared God. Noah got off his behind
and “put the pedal to the metal” in obedience. He didn’t lolligag or
procrastinate, nor did he ask anyone their opinion! His actions showed
God that he feared who God was to the point of believing what God said.
That holy FEAR plus BELIEF produced faith. THIS is the kind of faith God
is always looking for. Take a look at Psalm 19:9. God’s fear is clean and
it’s the only fear we should have. How about Abraham, the father of faith. I
always thought God got all happy because Abraham obeyed Him when told
to offer up his only son Isaac. But if you look at Genesis 22 again, in verse
12, God said “now I know you fear me.” He was delighted Abraham feared
Him. It wasn’t until later in verse 18 we see God giving Abraham the
covenant promise of blessing because of his obedience which was the fruit
of his godly fear. Again, we won’t obey God unless we fear who He is.
Believe it or not, we only obey who and what we reverently and respectfully
fear, and we do it everyday. For example, do you run red lights and stop
signs when no one is around? Why not, ain’t nobody looking. We don’t
because we have a reverential fear to obey the laws of the land or else…
Let me ask you this: When you got out of place with your parents, did they
remind you who they were? How about all the times we crossed the line
and all they had to do was give us “that look.” We straightened up
immediately because we knew what could happen next. What were they
trying to convey to us? RECOGNITION! They were reminding us to snap
out of our foolishness and RECOGNIZE who they were and the authority
they carried. God, too, even more than them, wants us to snap out of our
religiosity, churchianity and foolishness and RECOGNIZE WHO He really
is. He’s not just a loving Father, but GOD ALMIGHTY, THE MOST HIGH
GOD, OUR CREATOR, the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE who has all power and
holds our eternal fate in His Hands. He does NOT want us to take that
lightly so much so that He came down on Mt. Sinai to introduce Himself to
the Israelites immediately after they were delivered from Egypt. Why? So
that His fear would be in them to prevent them from sinning against Him.
(See Exodus 20:20). Fast forward to the New Testament, He came down
again and introduced Himself through His Son, Jesus the Christ to not only
restore us back to God, but to put the fear of Him in us. That’s why He
used miracles. It was to prove His power — there were miracles to provide
(remember the 5 loaves and 2 fishes), miracles to protect (remember he
calmed the storm) and later when God judged Ananias and Sapphira in the
Book of Acts. That was a miracle of judgment God used to get His point
across reminding all who He was. As a result, the fear of God fell on the
church. Don’t be surprised if you see or hear of these judgment miracles
taking place across the land in some of our churches in the days ahead,
because God has had enough.
Back to Heb 11:7 “By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen,
moved with godly fear and built an ark to save his family.”
Just like Noah, we, too, have been warned about things not yet seen. But
are we moving as Noah did in godly fear to prepare ourselves and our
families? If we fear God, it will be demonstrated by our actions…not by
running our mouths. Our faith will MOVE and give God something to work
with! As Noah stood on the brink of judgment then, so we stand on the
brink of judgment now. God has sent (and is still sending!) warning after
warning after warning for us all to not just repent, BUT ALSO PREPARE
because judgment is right at our door!
In 1 Peter 3:20, it says the longsuffering of God WAITED in the days of
Noah, while the ark was being PREPARED. Notice after God warned
Noah, He literally waited patiently on Noah to prepare, and didn’t say
anything further to Noah (that we know of) until the ark was finished! Some
say it took over 100 years. (I dunno as I wasn’t there.) In whatever time it
took, God didn’t say another word until it was time for the next step. He
could have told Noah the whole plan up front, but only told him enough to
see if Noah feared Him enough to obey Him. (Why should God give the
second step if we don’t OR won’t do the first?) It wasn’t until Noah did what
God told him to do, then God told him what to do next. Do you know God is
literally waiting on us as well? Can you discern His patience with us? Yes,
there are times God will actually wait on us before He executes judgment.
Remember Him waiting on Lot to come out of Sodom before He allowed
fire and brimstone to come down? Remember Him waiting on the Israelites
to finish crossing the Red Sea before He dropped His “hammer” on
Pharaoh’s army? Yes, God waits for us to get in position. But that
longsuffering doesn’t mean He’s gonna wait all day or that He necessarily
changed His mind about judgment. Nope. All that “silence” is His patience
wrapped up in His mercy and kindness to give us more time to repent AND
PREPARE…not debate and speculate.
I’m reminded of the QuikTrip app’s commercial where everyone stops what
they’re doing when they hear the app’s notification encouraging them to
download some “deliciousness.” When God speaks of judgment, there’s
an appointed time for it, and He has an “appointment calendar” like we do
(let’s call it His “app” for short). And just like we share our apps, He shares
His app with His prophets, watchmen and whoever has ears to hear. Our
apps give off notifications and so does His. Those notifications are called
WARNINGS! Because of WHO God is, we must seriously stop everything,
listen up and “download” some holy fear and obedience and immediately
PREPARE for God’s appointments. Throughout the Bible, we see His
appointments have no dates, yet they were and are scheduled on His
calendar. Therefore, because we don’t know His dates, we must prepare
by faith when His app goes off. I’m not talking about the wrath to come at
the end of the world, because we’re not appointed to God’s wrath (1 Thess
5:9), but we DO have an appointment for judgment to begin at the house of
God! “For the TIME is come that judgment must begin at the house of
God… (1 Peter 4:17) Time is a “calendar” term and even though God is
outside of time, He’s never late because He occupies the past, present and
future at the same time, which is why it’s always now with Him.
Noah must have been greatly mocked, cussed out and ignored for being
obedient to God’s warnings, just like many are being today. But as we can
see, it was worth it as he feared the GREATNESS of the Judge of all
judges who said judgment was coming. Noah was safe…not sorry, and got
the proverbial last laugh.
In Jeremiah 5:22, God asks through the prophet: “Fear ye not me? saith
the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence…”
God is still asking. Do you fear God enough to believe Him even though it
looks like everything’s fine? For those of you who don’t, you can go ahead
and turn this message off now because the remainder is not for you.
For those who DO fear God, are you preparing for what’s coming? Prov
1:7 says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools
despise wisdom and instruction.” We play the fool when we despise God’s
wisdom, instructions and warnings, thinking “it’ll never happen to me or to
America” You know why we think this? Because, just like back in Noah’s
day, we don’t have a point of reference! We’ve never had bombs drop on
us or been invaded by foreign nations. We’ve never experienced a
nationwide electrical blackout to the point we’re suddenly plunged into
darkness without any power. Just think of all the stuff we need electricity
for that we take for granted. We’ve never experienced a super volcano
erupting, yet the one in Wyoming is thousands of years overdue and
according to the geological experts monitoring Yellowstone National Park, it
could be any day now. Just look at all the volcanoes around the world that
are suddenly waking up that have been inactive for years.
No, judgment on the whole nation of America has never happened before.
We’ve never seen death tolls in the millions or unimaginable destruction up
close and personal. We only hear about it in other countries. So we really
can’t relate, and because of this, countless people, particularly Christians,
are self-deceived thinking that just praying and quoting scriptures only will
automatically exempt them from being affected in any way. Imagine what
would have happened to Noah and his family had they reacted the same
way. They would have all drowned wondering why quoting Psalm 91 didn’t
work. But instead they acted on God’s specific instructions to prepare an
ark for his safety.
Remember, “…without faith it is impossible to please God…” If we’re not
receiving God’s warnings about impending judgment or doing anything to
prepare, we are in doubt and unbelief and therefore NOT pleasing God. It
also shows God we take Him as a joke and don’t fear Him or tremble at His
word! Ever do that with your earthly parents? How did that work for you?
THAT’S WHY JUDGMENT IS REALLY COMING! It’s not just because of
all the gross sins and abominations…it’s because WE DON’T FEAR GOD
LIKE WE SHOULD. That causes all the gross sins and abominations. The
Church doesn’t fear God. Our government doesn’t. Society doesn’t. Our
families don’t either. Our disregard, disrespect, irreverence, familiarity,
rebellion, disobedience, idolatry, lawlessness, doubt and unbelief has
continuously provoke God to His face. We are so used to His grace and
blessings that we take His mercy for granted. We’re like spoiled children
who want our way and expect God to jump when we pray or wink when we
sin. And because He doesn’t punish us immediately, we think we’re getting
away with stuff. We forget God is the ultimate Father, and like any good
father who really loves his children, He’s about to get His holy belt out and
give us the whooping of our lives. Why? So we will fear Him enough to
prepare ourselves in true holiness for Jesus return because most of us will
be left behind otherwise. God loves us so much and wants us to be with
Him forever. But He’s so holy that He sent Jesus to reconnect us, and the
Holy Spirit to perfect us. Instilling the fear of the Lord is His job. Again, see
Isaiah 11:2-3. Reverential godly fear is so important for obedience, that in
Leviticus 19:3, God commanded that fear to be towards our parents, too.
That’s why it’s one of the 10 commandments and has a promise attached.
Speaking of parents, when you were growing up, when did you fear your
parents – when they gave you gifts or when you got your butt whooped?
How about in school? When did you feel a dreadful fear – when hanging
out with your friends or when called to the principal’s office? Ever been at
work slacking off and suddenly straighten up when the boss was near?
When you see a police officer, do you feel that certain reverential fear
come over you as a reminder to be a good little citizen? Ever walk into a
courtroom and there’s this awesome solemn atmosphere in there even
before the judge comes in? And when the judge comes, all must rise to
honor him? We don’t even speak to the judge before we’re spoken to, and
when we do, we address him as “Your Honor.” If we disobey the judge’s
orders, we’re held in contempt of court, get fined, go to jail or get punished
some type of way. We most definitely don’t use our cell phones in a
courtroom, yet we blatantly disrespect and dishonor God’s house when we
talk and text at church!
I gave all these examples because these are earthly people we reverently
fear and honor because of their position, delegated authority and the power
they carry. Shall we not fear God all the more who not only holds all these
people in His hands, but the whole world? In Malachi 1:6 God says, “A son
honors his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is
mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear?”
My point is God told Noah what was coming and how to specifically
prepare. My other point is you won’t believe and obey what God tells you
without first fearing who He is. And for all those who say fearing God is old
testament stuff, you’re absolutely right. It’s both old and new testament
stuff. In Isaiah 11:2-3 it says Jesus walked in the fear of the Lord and out
of all the attributes of the Spirit, the fear of the Lord was His delight. In Matt
10:28 & Luke 12:5, He taught us to fear God. And we see in Hebrews 5:7,
the secret to getting His prayers heard and answered was because He
feared His Father God, not just because He was His son.
Let’s not forget that our Lord and Savior Jesus even said in John 14:28 that
the Father is greater Him, and greater than all in John 10:29.
Believer, if you’ve been hearing God’s warnings and taking them lightly
thinking they are just “the sky is falling” messages from prophetic chicken
littles, please repent of your doubt and unbelief, and any other sins He
brings to your attention. Seek the Lord how YOU should prepare for your
location and financial situation as there’s no “one size fit all” strategy.
To those who’ve never acknowledged Jesus Christ as God’s Son and that
God raised Him from the dead, do this right now as this is the only time you
have. You’re not promised your next breath. You don’t have wait to go to
church first. Right where you are, ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior
and baptize you with the Holy Spirit.
Everyone look at Prov 1:29. God gets really ticked off when we don’t
choose His fear and there’s major consequences when we don’t. Yes, the
fear of the Lord is a choice, but it’s not caught. It must be taught See
Psalm 34:11. The main thing God wanted to teach the Israelites, before
their deliverance and after their deliverance was to fear Him so they
wouldn’t sin against Him. See Exodus 14:31; 20:20.
Remember, Jesus invited us to ask so we could receive. Ask Him to teach
you the fear of the Lord so you will always stay close to God and depart
from evil. It will cause you to love God and cleave to Him with all of our
heart and to love your neighbor right. The fear of the Lord causes us to
depart from evil and love what God loves, and hate what He hates and,
according to 2 Cor 7:1 it’s how we are to perfect holiness.
Lastly, I often wondered about Matthew 7:21-22 how all those who
prophesied and did mighty works in Jesus name were turned away by the
Lord as strangers. He said he never knew them. Then a couple of
revelations came. First, you can’t intimately know God without first fearing
Him. Second, the gifts worked because of Jesus name. Sort of like using
a stolen credit card. A thief can charge up all kinds of stuff without ever
knowing the cardholder for the card to work. And if the thief gets caught
and ever faces the cardholder in court, the cardholder would say, I don’t
know you.
So what is the will of the Father? Jesus summed it up in John 17:3; that we
might know God, not just Him. We can’t know God until we first fear God. I
love Proverb Chapter 2. It says when we really seek God for wisdom,
knowledge and understanding as if we’re looking for silver and treasure,
we’ll begin to understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of
God. He wants us to know Him, not just His son only. That doesn’t mean
we’ll know all that God knows, it means He’ll begin to reveal Himself more
and more to us intimately, and begin showering us with preferential
treatment. Go throughout your Bible and see all the special blessings and
promises specifically to those who fear the Lord. For instance, in Exodus
1:17, He built houses for the midwives who feared God more than
Pharoah’s command to kill the male children. In Malachi 3:17, God
promises to have a book written for those who fear Him, and make them
part of his jewelry collection. These are just a couple of examples. Isaiah
33:6 says the fear of the Lord is God’s treasure. I encourage you to go on
your own “treasure hunt” in the Word of God and see for yourself.
As I close, we must all fear God and give Him glory. It’s the only way we
can love Him and others the way He commanded. According to Eccles
12:13, this is our WHOLE duty. Again, this is Jennipher Williams urging
you to be prepared…not scared. And don’t just stockpile supplies, stockpile
God’s Word. God bless you and feel free to share this message.


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